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Fans of 'Lucifer' on Netflix have a lot of questions about their beloved series. Here are iconic Lucifer Morningstar quotes.

Lucifer Morningstar: Get to know ‘Lucifer’ with these iconic quotes

Fans of Lucifer on Netflix have a lot of questions about their beloved series. When will we get news of the first part of season five dropping? When will we get confirmation about Lucifer season six happening? 

Will we see more of Tom Ellis baring it all (literally) as Lucifer Morningstar? Or will Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer get together with no obstacle whatsoever?

It’s a lot of questions plaguing the minds of Lucifer fans everyone. While we swoon over Lucifer Morningstar himself (and binge the series for the 30th time), it’s time to look back on some of our favorite quotes. So here’s some wisdom from the Devil in the blue suit, Lucifer Morningstar. 

“People don’t have power over us. We give it to them.”

“That’s why I don’t lie. It’s hard to keep track of who knows what.”

“People don’t arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning ‘till something comes along and diabuses them of those notions.” 

“Sometimes we are what we are, and we should embrace that.”

“All I ever wanted was to be my own man here. To be judged for my own doing. And for that? I’ve been shown how truly powerless I am. That even the people I trusted, the one person, you, could be used to hurt me.”

“I’ve met your type before, so desperate to control their lives, they forget to enjoy it.”

“Desire shouldn’t be contained, it’s unnatural.”

“The best thing to do is always to follow your greatest desire.” 

“Life’s too short to hold grudges.”

“Sometimes betrayal comes from the ones that we expect the least.”

“One thing I refuse to hate about myself is my style.”

“Do I get a code word? You know, for when you take her down. If so, might I suggest “monkey bottoms”? ‘Cause trust me, I can work that into any sentence quite naturally.”

“The good news is that whilst all dogs go to Heaven, you’d be surprised how many pigs are waiting for you in Hell.”

“I’m now an official civilian consultant for the LAPD. Not that there’s anything civil about the Devil. What fun would that be?”

“Now, I’m not one to get into the feels, usually, but . . . you seem genuinely distressed. You okay? Do you want to—I don’t know—chat about it or something? Sex is always on the table.”

“You . . . You cruel, manipulative bastard. Is this all part of Your plan? It’s all just a game to You, isn’t it? Eh? Well, I know punishment, and he did not deserve that. He followed Your stupid rules and it still wasn’t good enough!”
“So what does it take to please You? Break Your rules, and you fall. Follow them, and you still lose! Doesn’t matter whether you’re a sinner! Doesn’t matter whether you’re a saint! Nobody can win, so what’s the point? What’s the bloody point?”

“Yes, my first startup was a sex club, actually. Little place called “Eden.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it.”

“You deserve someone better. Because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So, you deserve someone worthy of that grace. Someone who knows every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’d never admit it.”
“Someone who actually appreciates your impossibly boring middle name, “Jane”. And more importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you. Because, well, you’re special and I’m . . . I’m not worth it.”

“Well, welcome to the club of parental deceit, child. It’s a lonely place, but that’s the price of being clever.”

“It’s no fun when they torture themselves.”

“There was this, uh, soul that I used to torture back in Hell. And like a good masochist, he’d call the shots. “Burn me. Freeze me. Hurt me.” So, I did. And this went on for centuries. Until one day, for some reason, he missed his daily punishment. And when I returned, he was crying. “Please, my King,” he said.
“Don’t ever forget me again . . . I promise I’ll be good.” It was then that I realized he was so full of self-loathing, void of any self-respect, that no matter the depth of my cruelty, whatever minuscule attention I paid gave meaning to his . . . pointless existence.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re all doing here, but I imagine it’s something to do with the fact that I wasn’t. And the truth is . . . I went to Las Vegas. And even though it was for a very good reason, I didn’t tell you because last time I went on a Vegas jaunt, there were some very unpleasant feelings involved. For both of us. And, well, I didn’t want to dredge any of those up again. So, I bluffed. But I’ve come to realize that perhaps bluffing is the same as lying, and that’s, as you know, something I never want to do.”

“You send yourselves, driven down by your own guilt, forcing yourselves to relive your sins over and over. And the best part? The doors aren’t locked. You could leave any time. It says something that no one ever does, doesn’t it?”

“Well, I’m the Devil! I ruled Hell. Bad people were sent to me so they could get what they deserve, and it is my job to do the same here on Earth, because when I don’t . . . When I don’t, bad things happen.”

“There is something rotten inside of me. I find it near impossible to drown out the constant cacophony of voices whispering in my ear, telling me “I. Am. Evil.” I’m drowning, Doctor! And I can’t stop asking myself . . . Why do I hate myself so much?!?”

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