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The Netflix show 'Lucifer' has five seasons and may get a sixth, with so much content things can be hard to keep track of. Here's a guide to help.

Get to know Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’: The ultimate character guide

Netflix’s Lucifer is one of those shows that will keep chugging along. Despite Fox cruelly cancelling the beloved series at the last minute, the Lucifer fandom outpouring was so strong that Netflix saved the series. In 2019, Netflix released Lucifer’s 10-episode fourth season, which was fantastic. It was so good Netflix renewed Lucifer for a 16-episode fifth season.

Now, while the fifth season was supposed to be the last, there has been talk with WBTV, Netflix, and the Lucifer cast & crew for a potential sixth season. While we don’t know when or if that’s happening (though everything looks quite hopeful), we’re all still waiting for Lucifer season five to drop.

When? We don’t know. We do know that the season will be released in two eight-episode parts. So, like, c’mon Netflix, please drop part one?

While we wait, and while many of us are still trying to keep safe and healthy during this time, if you’re thinking about checking out Lucifer here’s a handy character guide of everything you need to know about the series. We’re doing all of the current characters on the series here.

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis)

Our protagonist, everyone, the Devil himself! Lucifer, as he prefers to be known, has ruled over Hell for a millennia with brief trips to Earth to break up the torment of the damned. In 2011, five years before the series began, Lucifer came to Earth and decided to “retire” from his duties in Hell. He opened a nightclub called Lux, indulged in all sorts of fun, until a young starlet he knew named Delilah was murdered. 

The act reignited Lucifer’s desire to “punish” those responsible for her death and placed him in the orbit of Detective Chloe Decker. Over the course of four seasons, Lucifer has been on a sort of journey of self-discovery as he grapples with his myriad of issues, thanks to his therapist, Doctor Linda Martin. He believes deeply in free will and gets testy when he feels like it’s being infringed upon.

Lucifer “fell” to Hell, where he was installed as its ruler after a rebellion against God. His relationship with his siblings is . . . awkward at best and bad at worst. Still, he’s come to care deeply about Earth and those human friends that he’s made over the years. After the demons of Hell broke his rule over possessing humans and tried to kidnap his nephew Charlie, Lucifer returned to Hell willingly in order to protect his loved ones, especially Chloe, the first “true” love of his life.

Lucifer has three forms. One is his normal form. The other is his angelic one, where he has a pair of big white wings. The third is his “devil form” where he has bat wings and his body is burned and a scarred mess of skin. He uses the devil form or flashes his red eyes to scare the guilty. In addition, he also has a power to “draw out desire” from a person. Mostly invincible, except when Chloe Decker is around. He also does not lie.

Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German)

A former actress turned LAPD detective, Chloe Decker is no nonsense, focused, determined, and highly capable at her work. When things get tough, Chloe often proves that she is tougher. Lucifer becomes her partner at the start of the series due, largely, to lack of options. After accusing a fellow detective of being on the take (and said detective ending up brain dead), Chloe is pretty much persona non grata at the station.

Despite this, Chloe and Lucifer prove to be an effective team over the course of the friendship. Eventually, the truth comes to light over the years as well. Chloe is vindicated and brought into the fold. She dates and gets engaged to the biblical Cain. She finds out Lucifer is the Devil and reacts poorly to it. Chloe is human, imperfect and fallible as any of us. 

She’s also a miracle. Her parents had trouble conceiving and Lucifer’s brother, Amenadiel blessed her mother. As a miracle, Chloe is immune to Lucifer’s power of desire. Whether or not this affects his vulnerability around her is up to debate. Chloe has a daughter, Trixie, and an ex-husband Dan Espinoza. Her claim to infamy is Hot Tub High School, where she emerged naked from a hot tub.

Her mother, Penelope, is an actress known for B-movies and her father, John, was a cop who was murdered. Chloe has “officially” known about celestials since the final moments of season three.

Doctor Linda Martin (Rachael Harris)

Linda Martin is a therapist in Los Angeles. More specifically, she’s Lucifer’s therapist, dealing eons of trauma and self-loathing. She has her work cut out for her. Originally, she and Lucifer had a mutually beneficial arrangement. Lucifer paid her in sex, but, eventually the sex stopped and the two settled into a friendship. 

Through season one and the first couple episodes of season two, Linda believed Lucifer was talking to her through a set of complex metaphors. Eventually, Lucifer revealed to her his Devil Face and Linda has been a Celestial Insider ever since. Linda was also previously married to Reese Getty, who died during a serial killer case and currently resides in Hell.

At the present, Linda is in an on-off again relationship with Amenadiel, Lucifer’s brother. She is also the first human in history to have a half-angel baby, Charlie, conceived during when Amenadiel was fallen. Her best friend is also Mazikeen, Hell’s top torturer and the best bounty hunter in the LAPD.

When demons kidnap Charlie to raise him to be King of Hell, Lucifer sends them back down, rescues his nephew, and returns to Hell in order to protect his loved ones.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside)

Lucifer’s older brother and the first born of the angels, Amenadiel has had some loose morals over the season. Originally, Amenadiel wished to return Lucifer to Hell by any means necessary. This includes bringing back a damned soul, manipulating others, stealing Lucifer’s wings, sleeping with Maze, and more. Due to these actions, Amenadiel fell, losing his angelic powers and becoming human.

He got better. Amenadiel’s powers returned to him at the end of season three and he flew up to Heaven after the death of Charlotte Richards. During his fall from grace, Amenadiel grew closer to Lucifer, became friends with Dan, and fell in love with Linda. During this time as not an angel, Amenadiel fathered a son, Charlie with Linda.

After an incident of racial profiling, trigger happy cops, Amenadiel’s eyes were opened, so to speak, about being a black man in America. Wanting to protect his son from that life, he originally planned to raise Charlie in Heaven, but decided against it at the last moment. At the end of season four, he plans on co-parenting with Linda and keeps an eye on those he and Lucifer cared about when Lucifer returned to Hell.

Amenadiel has a domain over Time. He can stop time, slow time, etc. He’s also one badass warrior. The necklace that he wears is a gift from God to His favorite son and part of Azarel’s blade. Due to Amenadiel’s intervention on God’s behalf, Chloe was able to be born.

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt)

Beautiful, deadly, badass, Mazikeen is one of the most fearsome characters within the series. Formerly of Hell and born of the Lillim, Maze loves anything dangerous, any chance to fight, and the various pleasures to be found on Earth. She also misses Hell a lot. She tends to flip around whether or not she wants to go home or not.

In season one and season three of Lucifer, Maze wants to return to Hell and actively works against Lucifer to do so, betraying him in order to manipulate him to return to Hell with her. Neither time works, though – Lucifer is usually quick to forgive Maze, who has been his longest companion.

In Hell, Maze was the best torturer there. On Earth, she’s drifted a bit, working as a bartender before settling on bounty hunter for the LAPD. Maze is very, very determined when she goes after her quarry. Like Lucifer, she has a hard time understanding human emotions, but, over the seasons, she’s grown into them.

Currently, Maze is “Auntie Maze”, living with Linda and helping raise Charlie. She was left behind on Earth when Lucifer returned to Hell. During season four, Maze fell in love with Eve (Inbar Lavi), but the relationship didn’t work out well due to Eve’s obsession with Lucifer. She also has a very close relationship with Trixie Decker and was Chloe’s roommate for a time.

Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro)

Detective Daniel Espinoza has not had a great run over the series. Originally, he was Chloe’s annoying and douchey ex. While Dan has been a detective longer than Chloe, he’s made more than his fair share of mistakes, looking the other way while other cops were on the take. To his credit, Dan did try to make things right and in subsequent seasons tries to be a better cop, friend, and father. 

Dan and Lucifer have an odd sort of adversarial relationship with each other. Dan thinks Lucifer is going to get someone killed. Lucifer thinks Dan is a douche. While things did turn friendly, the death of Charlotte Richards changed things. In season four, Dan returned to his douche-tastic ways and even tried to get Lucifer killed. Dan is not a celestial insider and has no clue about the truth of, well, everything.

Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) 

Introduced in season two, Ella Lopez is a bright and sunny breath of fresh air. Hailing from the streets of Detroit, Ella initially moved to LA because her brother did so. She was quick to fall in love with the city and make a tight circle of friends in LA. Back in Detroit, Ella had a bit of a past – like stealing cars. For most of seasons two and three of Lucifer, Ella was deeply faithful and believed in God.

Following the death of Charlotte Richards at the hands of Marcus Pierce/Cain, Ella gave up her faith in God. During season four, she’s tried to reconcile her new worldview and figure out what to do with herself. It’s led to her snorting drugs and keeping an illegal chicken in her apartment. 

After helping hide Dan’s involvement with the attack on Lucifer in season four, Ella and Dan slept together. But at the end of season four, they seemed to agree not to pursue anything. Ella usually greets people by giving hugs and is a huge geek. She’s also friends with the Angel of Death, Azrael. Though she only knows her as her  ghost friend Rae-Rae.

Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza (Scarlett Estevez)

Trixie is the only child of Dan and Chloe. She loves both her parents and has a wide variety of interests, such as one day being President of Mars. Trixie considers Maze to be her best friend, who has trained the “little human” in the art of knives and fighting. Lucifer, despite claims otherwise, is also secretly fond of the “spawn”. 

Trixie, despite her young age, is a pretty perceptive kid. Though the adults in her life try to shield her from what’s going on around them.

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