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For anyone who claims 'Lucifer' as their favorite TV show, here are a few devilish memes up your alley. Be prepared for laughter.

Is ‘Lucifer’ your favorite TV show? Use these memes to prove it

Netflix plucked Lucifer from the depths of cancelled hell and we are eternally grateful. Now we’ve been blessed with a fourth season of the TV show and are looking at a future fifth & sixth installment. What good deeds did we do in a past life to deserve this? 👼

Season five of Lucifer is set to release in August 2020 and while we wait we indulge in our favorite pastime: memes. Lucifer’s heavenly memes make us appreciate the dry humor of the TV show even more and let’s face it, any time looking at Tom Ellis’s face is time well spent. For anyone who claims Lucifer as their favorite TV show, here are a few devilish memes up your alley. 

Earth Angel

All we want to know is if it hurt when he fell from heaven? 

Prepare to die

You want to cancel a show where all the fans are satan stans? 😈 Ok, good luck with that. 

Just a list of pros

We’ll send over our 500-page dissertation on the subject. 

Deepest, darkest desire

All we want is Lucifer season five to be released! If 2020 would stop dicking around with our TV shows that’d be great. 

Will the real Lucifer please stand up? 

Why hide behind a top hat when you can embrace being a shoe?

Fool-proof plan

The Lucifer fandom is intense

A relatable hell-queen

Last we checked sixty-nine is higher than ten, so . . . 

The holy memes

As Lucifer knows, there are many things to desire in life.

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  • Loved this, thanks! Obsession playfully described!

    July 7, 2020

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