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'Lucifer' released the first half of its long-awaited season 5 on Netflix. Here are all the very best moments from the latest 'Lucifer' season.

All the very best moments from ‘Lucifer’ season 5 on Netflix

Lucifer released the first half of its long-awaited fifth season on Netflix days ago. Oh boy, a lot happened, Lucifans. Since so much stuff happened, especially with it all being absolutely amazing, then we should reflect on the best moments from season 5 of Lucifer so far. With that in mind, though, we just want to throw up a bit of a spoiler warning

Seriously, we’re talking about everything that happened with Lucifer on Netflix. From the Deckerstar moments that made us swoon to the insane Devil face reveal to those final moments, all of the very best Lucifer moments are being talked about in this post. So if you haven’t seen it, then don’t read it.

Chloe turns the tables on Michael

In episode two of Lucifer season 5, Michael (Tom Ellis) spends most of the episode pretending to be Lucifer (Ellis). While many people chalk up his flubs as due to spending time in Hell, Chloe (Lauren German) doesn’t and turns the table on the master manipulator Michael. When she comes over for her “date with Lucifer”, she shoots him to confirm that he’s not Lucifer.

It’s utterly awesome to see Chloe’s detective mind in action. More importantly, she keeps Michael in the dark about how much she’s figured out. Plus it’s a nice callback to the show’s first season when Chloe shot Lucifer. 

Michael tells Chloe that she’s a miracle

#Michaelisadick, everyone! The big dickish move that keeps Lucifer and Chloe apart for most of the season is that Michael drops the bombshell that Chloe is a literal Gift from God. The whole scene between Ellis and German is excellently performed. The implications of the scene are felt throughout the rest of the season. German’s facial expression just sells it though.

“It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”

Can a “best moment” last throughout a whole episode? Because, honestly, this whole list would just be moments from the 40s style Lucifer tale. From The Princess Bride storytelling session to the cast in their 40s roles, it’s all fantastic. One thing that really should be appreciated is just how much the episode looks like a movie from the era from the lighting to how they film the driving scene.

On top tier Lucifer episodes on Netflix, this is definitely one of the top ones. Add in that heartbreaking ending of Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) going to see Lilith (L Scott Caldwell)? Oh boy, it’s honestly a perfect episode of the series.

Amenadiel’s explanation

“Detective Amenadiel” showcases that Lucifer really does need Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) to function as well as it does. Given his character arc in angel self-actualization, Amenadiel is the one to help put Chloe’s doubts about her feelings for Lucifer to bed. In a touching scene, he tells Chloe that since Lucifer’s mojo doesn’t work on her, then she’s the only one who sees Lucifer as he truly is.

You can see the exact moment where it lands for Chloe the implications of it. She herself is not the gift. The fact that she is the only person who could fall for Lucifer as he is is the gift. 

Maze and Linda

Maze and Linda (Rachael Harris) had a ton of great moments this season. If we had to pick one, then it will also be in “Detective Amenadiel”. Just all of their moments in the episode from Maze listening to Linda about why she left her daughter at the hospital when she was 17 to Linda comforting Maze when she learns about Lilith’s death? It’s all payoff for how their relationship progressed over the series.

Lucifer’s biggest strength is in character. So it makes sense that character moments will lead to some great moments. 

Dan finds out

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) has one of the most interesting character arcs in Lucifer with plenty of highs and lows, good deeds, and bad decisions. Unfortunately, the poor guy is being used as a pawn by Michael to make Lucifer’s loved ones hate him. As baby Charlie needs Lucifer’s Devil face in order to sleep? All it takes is a phone call at an inopportune moment to reveal it all.

Alejandro plays the reveal wonderfully. In the course of seconds, you can see the dawning horror on Dan’s face, the fear creep into his eyes, the existential dread as he runs to the car and turns the key. You know that Dan is never going to be the same. Each Devil reveal is played so differently and they all nail it.

Deckerstar sex and the morning after

We’re lumping the end of “BlueBallz” and the start of “Our Mojo” together because they work best in tandem with each other. We won’t get too into detail here because both scenes really need to just be watched to be believed. From the moody and steamy lighting of “BlueBallz” sex scene to the playful morning after that opens up “Our Mojo”, we see a glimpse of a happy Deckerstar.

You know, before everything goes to pot.


The end fight scene of “Spoiler Alert” is one of the most ambitious that Lucifer has given us. Three angels and a demon going at it in a police station with time frozen? It’s . . . wow. Everything is smooth and perfectly timed. Plus it’s just a lot of fun to see something blatantly so supernatural in action on the series. 

And then God (Dennis Haysbert) shows up. Damn, what a good cliffhanger.

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