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As 'Lucifer' heads to its swan song, we’re revealing our bucket list of what we’d like to see in season 5. A musical episode was even announced yesterday.

Musical Maze: Everything we want to see in ‘Lucifer’ season 5

Lucifer has died, risen, and will go out in a swan song with its final season. While we don’t know when the show takes it final (for real this time) bow, we do know if will be as heartfelt and ridiculous as the series itself. 

What else can we say about Lucifer that hasn’t been said before? The characters and interpersonal dramas are great. The acting, led by Tom Ellis’s charming title devil, is spot-on. The procedural element provides bizarre murders for the crew to solve. More importantly, Lucifer tells a surprisingly moving story about the power of love, friendship, free will, and self-actualized redemption. 

Lucifer himself needs therapy, gets therapy, then even benefits from it – a rarity in TV scripts. 

As Lucifer heads to its swan song, we’re revealing our bucket list of what we’d like to see in the series. One of them, a musical episode, was even announced yesterday. So if Lucifer writers are taking fan suggestions into account, we gots one or two or five for ‘em to take under advisement. 

Lucifer finally does a musical episode

Tom Ellis is a man of many talents. One of those many talents takes the form of a great singing voice. The man has a golden set of pipes on him. Over the course of the series, he’s covered songs such as “Sinnerman”, “I Will Survive”, and “Creep”. Hopefully in the final season Netflix will do us a solid and drop an album with all those covers on it. 

Fans of TV series with musical cast members will always request a musical episode; it doesn’t matter if it makes sense for the tone of the series or not. Usually such an episode will magically happen. Who is Lucifer to deny the desires of the Lucifans?

The upcoming musical episode will take place in an alternate universe in the 1940s. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) will be versions of themselves, while the mortal characters will play different roles. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson did confirm that events from the series will tie into the season in interesting new ways.

A confirmed duet of a 40s standard between Maze and Lucifer is confirmed so far. Maze will also be performing a solo tune. Brandt did a great cover of Oasis’s “Wonderwall” in the fourth season of the series, so we’re looking forward eagerly.

John Constantine makes an appearance

This is probably the least likely on today’s wishlist. Matt Ryan, the best Constantine, is currently filming Legends of Tomorrow for The CW. For years, there have been rumors of everyone’s favorite bisexual disaster warlock showing up on Lucifer.

Even if it’s a 10-second cameo, we’ll take it. We’d simply love the chance to see John and Lucifer share the screen together. After all, the characters do run into each other once or twice in Neil Gaiman’s comics. We just know in our heart of hearts Ryan and Ellis would have chemistry to burn on screen. 

If not, then a DC animated movie with Ellis and Ryan reprising their roles would do just fine. We just want to see these two interact in some capacity, especially since Ellis squashed rumors of him appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Endless are involved in some capacity

Lucifer doesn’t share many connections with its comic counterpart in terms of story, or even character traits. Ironically, TV Lucifer showcases way more free will over the Lucifer in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. So he has that going for him, at least.

The Endless are a group of powerful beings who embody powerful forces of the universe (Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium). Actually Lucifer’s sister Azarel (Charlyne Yi) embodied a lot of Death’s attitude, which is very happy and full of life. 

It would be great to see a little nod to the source material in the final season. Maybe Lucifer runs into Dream (as the pair would butt heads in the comics). Destruction, like Lucifer, gives up rule of his domain in order to live a different life. There would be something powerful in those two meeting each other due to this commonality.

A Maze spinoff

Just because Lucifer is ending, doesn’t mean we have to be out of the world forever. A spinoff centered on Maze would be a delight for Lucifans. Over the course of four seasons, Lesley-Ann Brandt created one of the most human demons in the history of TV. Watching Maze grow into a person has been a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing, but that’s how it is sometimes.

We don’t know what a Maze spinoff would look like. Maybe we follow our fave demon bounty hunter taking on supernatural and human threats while continuing to search for her place in the world? That sounds pretty badass, actually.

What we do know is Brandt’s a dynamic actress with a ton of talent who can handle drama, comedy, and stunt work in an effortless manner. She would approach leading a television series with such grace that we’re about ready to fund the thing ourselves.

Let’s go to heaven

We would be pretty surprised if God actually makes an appearance on the series in its final hour. Even so, it feels like there should be some kind of resolution between Lucifer and the heavenly hosts, on a whole. If you know the story of Lucifer (or have seen season five of Supernatural), you know Archangel Michael is the one who cast Lucifer out of heaven.

In the comics, Lucifer and Michael are actually twins. Together they form the Demiurge who helped create the universe, the Will (Lucifer) and the Power (Michael) of God. While Tom Ellis has absolutely nailed the role of Lucifer, it would be a really great test of his acting ability to see how he would tackle the role of Michael. 

This plotline would also give Lucifer some closure, as Michael in most traditions is in charge of Heaven. We may not see God, but seeing these two make up would be something really special. If not that, then maybe we could see some more of the Heavenly Host; Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is pretty cool, but we’re just so curious.

We’re just insanely curious what the Lucifer version of heaven looks like. We’ve seen earth and the Inferno, but not Paradise. Lucifer is barred from going there as the Devil, so we suppose it’s logical. Even so, we just want to see how the producers imagine heaven.

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