Daisy FranklinDaisy Franklin

Daisy Franklin is an adventuress, rabblerouser, and all-around snarky bon viveur. She worked in the music business for ten years and it made her absolutely miserable. Now she works as a freelance writer and is working on her first book, 'Live to Fail Another Day'.

Amy RobertsAmy Roberts

Amy Roberts is a freelance writer who occasionally moonlights as a hapless punk musician. She’s written about pop culture for websites like Bustle, i-D, and The Mary Sue, and is the co-creator of Clarissa Explains F*ck All. She likes watching horror movies with her cat and eating too much sugar.

Daisy WebbDaisy Webb

Daisy Webb is an outspoken, opinionated writer with a passion for all things horror and cult comedy. When she's not watching films, she likes listening to music, cooking too much food, and writing short stories with unhappy endings.

Simone BarbonSimone Barbon

Simone Barbon's ghostwriting resume is long and illustrious, though you'll never see it. She is also a screenwriting teacher and freelance script reader. Her grandson is her favorite thing to watch, though.

Bethany WadeBethany Wade

Bethany is a recent graduate who dreams of making her own award-winning film, but for now writes about other media. She’s a child a heart specializing in hot takes on animated family movies (and sometimes other films & TV).

Bianca PiazzaBianca Piazza

Bianca Piazza is a film geek and writer who obsesses over extreme horror films, intelligent twist endings, LGBTQ content, and really any indie flick making noise on Twitter. Creepy-cute is her aesthetic and when she’s not boring someone with her film knowledge, she’s likely boring someone with her makeup industry knowledge. She tries not to be too pretentious. Give her a follow on Twitter where no one listens to her pop culture opinions: @biancamiss_

Adam BairdAdam Baird

Adam writes comedy for The Daily Mash and Succubus Magazine. He also wrote jokes for both series of the BBC 2 show, The Mash Report. He's written and produced 2 plays and won a couple of awards for his short films. Top 3 films, 'Mirror', 'Eight and a Half' and 'A Short Film About Killing.' He spends most of his time watching his neighbours cats in the back garden just going about their weird, daily cat lives.

Sam CornerSam Corner

When not writing articles and blogs, aspiring filmmaker Sam Corner writes and makes his own films, all due to his love of all things entertainment. From the works of David Lynch to the onslaught of naff Netflix Original movies, there is nothing that Sam doesn't have a passionate opinion on.

Alan KellyAlan Kelly

Alan Kelly is the author of the pulp fiction novella 'Let Me Die a Woman'. He has contributed to FEARnet, Rue Morgue, Dread Central, Gay Times, Peaches Christ and ran a queer fear series at Blumhouse.com.

Karl HughesKarl Hughes

Karl Hughes is a pop culture journalist who spends too much time on Twitter. Can often be found at comic conventions whilst dressed as someone else, has strong opinions about things that few people care about, and is always on the lookout for a Lament Configuration.

Philip Michael VinePhilip Michael Vine

Philip Michael Vine, LA-born and -miseducated, got a BA and an MA in theatre and worked as a stage manager and an entrepreneur before turning his hand to the pen. Now he goes on auditions and bombs at standup while scribbling occasionally.

Georgia DaviesGeorgia Davies

Georgia is a third-year English student and expert at Netflix procrastination. The master of the box set, Georgia loves to watch classic series like 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Parks and Recreation'. When not writing, she enjoys travelling and (surprisingly) watching historical movies.

Garrett CookGarrett Cook

Garrett Cook is a journalist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When not working and spending time with his wife and 1-year-old daughter, he tries to squeeze in old movies recorded off TCM, keep up with the latest and greatest in television, and read a book or two.

Lucas Hill-PaulLucas Hill-Paul

Lucas is a film nerd who's usually found in London cinemas, cafes, and bookshops, buying books he'll never read. When he's not watching or writing about movies & TV, he's asleep.

Steve GallasSteve Gallas

Steve Gallas is a recent MFA graduate from Chapman University in Orange, California. Apart from TV and films, he enjoys travel, reading, writing, and foreign language study. He did a scene on a Korean soap opera once.

Anushae FectoAnushae Fecto

Anushae is a freelance writer and vlogger based in London. She is passionate about film/television and has written and directed a few short films.

Peter ThompsonPeter Thompson

Peter Thompson is an English freelance film writer with an American soul. He has a passion for director driven cinema, coming of age movies, horror films and cult classics. He likes rock music, poetry and eating good vegan food.

Karly StillingKarly Stilling

Karly Stilling is a Canadian writer living in London with her very
fluffy cat. She has degrees in film and writing, and her work has won
a couple of awards and been published in a few zines. When she’s not
working on her novel, you can find her cuddled up with her cat
watching movies. You can follow her cat on Instagram @mottylthecat if
you’re into that sort of thing.

Ian ForteyIan Fortey

Ian Fortey has written on 78% of all sites on the internet and enjoys a nice ham.

Leslie HattonLeslie Hatton

Leslie Hatton has written for Biff Bam Pop, Diabolique, Everything Is Scary, Rue Morgue, Vague Visages, and more. Obsessions include meeting new dogs, weird Goth music, thrift store shopping, old Tanith Lee novels, and watching horror movies.

Taylor ThomasTaylor Thomas

Thomas is the owner of the film self-help website Cinema Bandit, a published author, and freelance filmmaker.

Tom BedfordTom Bedford

Tom is a recent graduate from the UK, who loves to write about about entertainment in all its forms. He also loves his cup of tea. He's never far from a screen- his favourite film is Eddie the Eagle also has a soft spot for monster movies, sci-fi or anything with Chris Pratt.

Marisa La ScalaMarisa La Scala

Marisa LaScala is a writer living in Brooklyn. She has written about pop culture for Bustle, The A.V. Club, and PopMatters, among others. Her favorite movies are crime dramas with the smallest possible stakes. Follow her on twitter @mar_to_go.

Leonard HeldermannLeonard Heldermann

Leonard likes films, in that he has not one, but two different film degrees. And neither of them is creative. Besides flaunting his bad life-choices on the internet, he works as a freelance writer, script reader, and occasional screenwriter. He thinks shitty B-Movies are the real Arthouse and believes Magic Mike XXL to be the most important film of recent history. Yikes...

Eve LytollisEve Lytollis

Eve Lytollis is a recent graduate and aspiring TV writer/producer. She watches more television than is healthy, and likes to imagine that her weird sense of humour could one day actually get her somewhere. You can find her on Twitter: @EveLytollis

Patrick EllisPatrick Ellis

Patrick Ellis is a filmmaker originally from Colorado whose work has received acclaim and exposure through numerous film festivals. In addition to making films, Ellis devotes himself to studying the craft and history of cinema. Whether it's making or writing about film, everything that he does centers around getting closer to the heart of cinema.

Andrea SmithAndrea Smith

Andrea Smith has been writing stories since she was a young girl. The mother of two is a freelance writer living in Pennsylvania. She is constantly inspired by celebrity culture and her enjoyment of true crime television. In her free time, she watches a compelling documentary or foreign film. She has decent cooking skills given the right ingredients. She prefers sweets to fowl or flesh. You can follow her on Twitter @JeopardyQueen

Isaac HartIsaac Hart

Isaac Hart is an screenwriting graduate, so works part time as a balloon salesman. He knows every Doctor Who story off by heart, is an amateur historian and once got sucked up a pipe in Turkey. Currently working on proposals for four different TV shows, all of which seemed like good ideas at the time.

Daniel Stephen RobertsDaniel Stephen Roberts

Dan is a freelance writer from the UK who works for a number of online publications. He also reviews the latest flicks on his blog 'Curious Rookie' and critiques them for his local radio station. His all-time favourite is 'Jurassic Park', but he has a particularly unhealthy obsession with 'Ghostbusters'. He's even working on an ambitious 'dream novel' inspired by his love for sci-fi and adventure films.

Mariel CookseyMariel Cooksey

Mariel Cooksey is a writer, author, ancient history enthusiast, and aspiring horror director. Her work has been featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, on the El Rey Network, and in Rod Serling Books’ “Submitted for Your Approval”.

Matthew MallinsonMatthew Mallinson

Matt Mallinson is a self-confessed dork who is likely to be found in a dark room reading a comic, playing games or binge-watching something on Netflix. Occasionally whilst he’s not doing these things he will write articles on film and TV.

Sarah DurnSarah Durn

Sarah Durn is a professional actor, freelance writer, swashbuckler, filmmaker, and dark-chocolate lover. She’s a conflicted-feminist addicted to rom coms and period dramas, a lover of any films that delve into the strange, whimsical, or fantastic with a soft spot for any films that feature Kiera Knightley or a young Hugh Grant. See the latest at: https://sarahdurn.ninja/

Tyler PetersonTyler Peterson

Tyler is a freelance writer and musician. His work has appeared in Cracked, The Agony Booth, and Robot Butt. His interests include bad action movies, cats, tattoos, bicycles, codebreaking, Bigfoot hunting, and waffles.

Stacey NguyenStacey Nguyen

Stacey is a California-based freelance writer who loves all things pop culture, from Netflix originals to Shondaland projects. Personal heroes include Terry Gross, Nora Ephron, and coffee.

David StephensDavid Stephens

Dave Stephens is a London-based freelance writer who became obsessed with the cinema at an early age. His first love is horror, and he became hooked on the genre when he saw his first Universal Monsters double-bill (when he was far too young to be up that late and watching TV with no supervision). But he's also just as happy to watch the latest action blockbuster or wild Indie sensation, and sometimes bad films can be just as entertaining as good ones.

Isaac TomiczekIsaac Tomiczek

Icey is a writer/director from Brixton, London with over 100+ million views on youtube for his award nominated promo work. His screenplays have include feature and TV projects long listed and read by the BBC, e-One, Lionsgate, and CH4. He once saw 30 films at LFF on his own dime, read the entire Black List 2016, and shot a very Meta sequel, to his very Meta horror short “Shut Eye”, at Cucalrous film festival in North Carolina on the day Trump won. His desert island DVD is “The Incredibles” or a Kim Jee Woon Collection. His cocktail is a Plymouth Gin Martini. Dry. Olive. His footwear of choice are Lecoq Sportif R900’s and if you still haven’t watched The Wire yet, then you and him won't be friends.

James PhoenixJames Phoenix

James is a writer and actor from Vancouver British Columbia. If he is not bothering his friends with theories about "Mad Men", he is busy writing down his theories on "Mad Men" or watching "Mad Men". He also has a weird obsession with Superman and thinks "Talladega Nights" is the perfect metaphor for post George Bush America.

Lerah Mae BarcenillaLerah Mae Barcenilla

Lerah Mae Barcenilla is an English Literature graduate with an unhealthy addiction to caffeine, South Korean music and anime. She writes about South East and East Asian music and films at Metro, Culturefly, UnitedKpop and BeatCraze Events. You can usually find her highly-caffeinated self idly scribbling on a notebook in hipster coffee shops, scrolling through the astrology tag on Tumblr or taking photographs of cherry blossoms.

Bridget FitzgeraldBridget Fitzgerald

Bridget Fitzgerald is an upbeat actress-comic-model who writes for National Lampoon, Weekly Humorist, Allday, That's What She Said, and many more! She's the star and creator of sitcom Musie (Time Warner Online), a judge for the NYC Midnight Screenwriting contest, and has been in many films including upcoming SNATCHERS! Find her on Instagram @SmileyBridge

David DunnDavid Dunn

David Dunn is an award-winning film critic and journalist who holds a passion for all things movies and entertainment. Whether it's the newest summer blockbuster or the under-the-radar indie feature hitting theaters, David loves watching movies from all types of genres.

Roman ColomboRoman Colombo

Roman Colombo earned his MFA from Rosemont College in 2010 and has been teaching comics and movies at Philadelphia area colleges ever since, including Temple University and Drexel University. He has several publications in journals such as The Bookends Review, Monkeys Fighting Robots, The Rusty Nail, and monkeybicycle. He's also the author of Trading Saints for Sinners, his first published novel. Film is one of his biggest passions in life, from both the filmmaking aspects and the moviegoing experience. You can usually find him in a movie theater.

Pavin BrownePavin Browne

Pavin is in love with film and tends to talk about movies a little too much.
He usually ends up recommending Kubrick's Barry Lyndon to half of the people he interacts with.

Adele AnkersAdele Ankers

Adele Ankers is a freelance writer by day and a bespectacled blogger by night, kind of like a superhero without the conceited cape. She is also the proud founder of her own perpetual movie marathon, comprised of genuine greats, forgotten oddities and everything in-between. All words are her own, including any use of emojis, which is the only other language that she is fluent in aside from English.

Blair AhrendtBlair Ahrendt

Journalism and Design major in NYC gone rogue. Where is she now? Finishing up her studies in NJ as a Filmmaking student, of course! If she’s not writing, filming, or creating music, then she is probably exploring this world full of wonders.

Olivia GlikuOlivia Gliku

Olivia Gliku is an arts writer who currently studies Journalism, Media, Communications and Cultural. When she's not at the cinemas or curled up to a Netflix marathon, she's behind the camera, shooting her own stills.

Annie PatelAnnie Patel

Anviksha Patel is a freelance writer and amateur cook. Combining a passion for food and cinema, her favourite film is Ratatouille. When she isn't bingeing Netflix or experimenting new recipes, Anviksha hosts her own food podcast, At First Bite.

Monika MaurerMonika Maurer

Monika spent a decade in London as a journalist writing about film daily. Now she lives in Bristol and writes about film occasionally for Film Daily. When not sitting in a darkened room watching a flickering screen she mostly likes to attempt a headstand in yoga.

Sean ChristieSean Christie

Sean Christie is a recent graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University and freelance writer. His interests include: Film, TV, Videogames, Football and Music. Favourite films include: American Psycho, Pan's Labyrinth and the whole Star Wars series.

Alexis KustevicsAlexis Kustevics

Alexis Kuskevics is a freelance journalist currently based in Canada. Her interests include film, culture, travel and social issues. On the rare occasion she isn't writing, Kuskevics spends her time with friends and family, attending an abundance of country concerts, and re-watching every episode of Modern Family.

Jacob SheltonJacob Shelton

Jacob Shelton watches too many horror movies and owns an unnecessary amount of fake blood. He writes for Kill Pretty and is the creator of Minor Phrases, a collection of short stories about found photographs.

Ursula WheelerUrsula Wheeler

Ursula Wheeler is a writer and editor living in Chicago. Her work has appeared on Offbeat Bride, The Useless Critic, and a handful of lapsed personal blogs. Follow her on Twitter at @urspostrophe.

Joe PisarcikJoe Pisarcik

Joe is freelance writer in Manhattan working in television programming.

Roman SelezinkaRoman Selezinka

Born in Ukraine and residing in Berlin. Roman is a publishing and art history student who works in the music industry and is interested in global culture. He loves European cinema, Cohens and American films with a good soundtrack.

Richard MooneyRichard Mooney

Richard Mooney doesn't exist. If he did, he'd be a comic book writer from Scotland. He would be best known as the writer and creator of Daughter of Titan but would have worked on numerous other comics. Conspiracy theories about the origins of his articles populate forums across the globe.

David HarperDavid Harper

Dave Harper spent his childhood watching too many movies and TV shows. He now spends his adult life trying to make a living out of that hobby. His favorite type of film or series is one that went under the radar but deserves more than it got. Dave also enjoys analyzing plots, characters, and pretty much anything else. When not in front of the TV, Dave enjoys long walks on the beach and going out with friends.

Joshua CorinJoshua Corin

Joshua Corin writes novels for Random House and comics for Marvel (most recently SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL). He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Ciara RuaneCiara Ruane

Ciara Ruane is a wannabe screenwriter living in Manchester. She likes well-made blockbusters, black comedies, and niche documentaries. She studied creative writing and film for three years at university and all it got her was this lousy t-shirt. All of her articles are thinly-veiled cries for help.

Martine BoothMartine Booth

Martine Booth is a freelance writer-blogger and a ginormous movie, music and arts nerd. She can usually be found trapped in an internet vortex, silently jittering from consuming an unhealthy amount of terrible coffee. She also has a thing about train stations. No not trains, just the stations. Weird huh?

Patrick MellowPatrick Mellow

Born in England, Pat wrote about cinema and music for ten years whilst based in Dublin, Ireland. He also DJ'ed during that time around the country and still considers movies and vinyl his two loves. Working with various media, Pat is also an artist specialising in portraiture and abstract art. Catch his updates on Instagram '@jason__purple' .

Steph NewtonSteph Newton

Steph Newton is a self-confessed film geek who spends her time annoying friends and family with useless film trivia. Her favourite pastimes include overindulging in John Hughes films, binge-watching Gilmore Girls and trying to convince people that the Saw films are actually half-decent.

Victoria BlancoVictoria Blanco

Victoria Blanco is a journalist student who loves independent films that encapsulate art house and experimental themes. The Simpsons and Futurama connoisseur. When she is not writing, she is enjoying a glass of wine, writing poems in her head.

Michael KaminskyMichael Kaminsky

Michael Kaminsky is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who has written for such publications as Complex, A-Trak's Infinite Legroom, Taste Talks, Chowhound, 22Words, and Where Magazine; in addition to creating the music blog TheTheTarTarPits. When he's not writing, he's either listening to new music, attending concerts, watching movies/TV, playing basketball, or eating burritos.

Darren BrownDarren Brown

Darren Brown is a husband, father, and amateur filmmaker/writer. With a passion for modern-day storytelling, Darren has been involved in several film productions in the Philadelphia area from big budget to no budget, collaborating both in front of and behind the almighty camera lens. When he’s not filming or writing scripts, Darren spends his time raising awareness about human trafficking and enjoys hanging out with his superhero wife and his two boys who fervently argue about soccer and video games.

Ryleigh WalshRyleigh Walsh

Ryleigh Walsh is a freelance writer and editor in Vancouver, BC. When she's not picking apart other people's grammar, she's working on the novel that's trying to kill her or watching any movie with a 2 or, even better, 3 in the title.

Harry PagesHarry Pages

Harry Pages is a film graduate and avid screenwriter who is a fanatic for all things original or twisted. You can find him between existential bouts writing for film and music, obsessing over independent cinema, and making vague references from films that people have long forgotten about.

Alasdair BaymanAlasdair Bayman

Alasdair Bayman is a freelance film and culture writer currently based in London, or The Big Smoke. When he is not thinking about the brilliance of Isabelle Huppert, he can probably be found listening to a podcast whilst running.

Ethan YunEthan Yun

Ethan Yun is a writer who has more guilty pleasure films than legally allowed. When he has time, Ethan likes to dabble in gadgetry or indulge in violent sports. He scares easily but is trying to change.

Dakota TenhetDakota Tenhet

Dakota Tenhet is an American musician, writer and co-host of The Halfway Good Show podcast.

Nick HanoverNick Hanover

Nick Hanover got his degree from Disneyland, but he’s the last of the secret agents and he’s your man. Which is to say you can find his particular style of espionage here at Film Daily as well as the Austin music site Ovrld and the multimedia collective Loser City, which he co-founded. In the past he has contributed to Comics Bulletin, Spectrum Culture, the Cultural Gutter and more. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can also follow him on Twitter at @Nick_Hanover, his preferred platform for terrorizing friends with bad puns.

Caitlin Sinclair ChappellCaitlin Sinclair Chappell

Caitlin Sinclair Chappell is a filmmaker, theatrical director, and freelance writer. She was raised on classic sci-fi, horror, and action flicks. As a queer woman, she has a passion for films that empower female voices and LGBTQ+ voices. When she’s not on set or in a theater, Caitlin will often be reading comic books, sipping tea, or relaxing at the beach.

Dilara ElbirDilara Elbir

Dilara is from Turkey. She writes short stories, poems and screenplays. She's the co-creator of Much Ado About Cinema. Her interests are theories and practices of film, theatre, literature and photography. She is an MFA student of Creative Writing at University of Washington, Seattle.

Renee WiebeRenee Wiebe

Renee Wiebe has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and resides in Saskatchewan. She has a genuine love of analyzing different forms of fiction, and channels that into her school work and blog posts. Her hobbies include writing, sewing, and eating junk food while watching movies and tv shows. Her guilty pleasures are watching cartoons and listening to the same 5 songs over and over again.

Otis RobinsonOtis Robinson

Otis Robinson is a freelance journalist from East Yorkshire, England. If not devouring the latest popcorn horror flick or queer art house film, he can be found with an empty, foot-long cigarette holder with a glass of wine, talking to Google photos of feminist pop music icons.

Tae HaahrTae Haahr

Tae is a freelance writer who loves all things film, particularly of the Canadian indie variety. When she’s not watching or talking about films, she’s trying to pen one. She is one third of The Lady Dicks comedy trio and the founder of INDY ARTS. You can online stalk her via Twitter or Instagram @taehaahr where she posts copious amounts of dog photos and inspirational quotes.

Nathan HardistyNathan Hardisty

Nathan Hardisty is a screenwriting student, 'Blade Runner' obsessive, and all-round consumer of everything even vaguely not-mainstream. He likes to pretend he's not a hipster. When he's not writing about himself in the third person, he's walking his dog or writing a story that goes nowhere.

Daniel BenniferDaniel Bennifer

Hailing from England, Daniel Bennifer shares FilmDaily’s vision to support independent film and its goal of bringing it to the widest possible audience. In his free time, he enjoys reading, tinkering with technology, and regular weekly trips to the theatre.

Chris ParkChris Park

Chris Park has a day job but he’d rather be writing. He writes for two cultural websites in England as well as having a go at his own stuff since he got a Masters in TV and Radio Scriptwriting, he’s also a fledgling blogger, parkslife.blog. He has a ridiculous love of Star Wars and in particular C3P0 as well as all things Marvel and loves a Brit flick too.

Russell NewmanRussell Newman

Russell Newman is a London-based film enthusiast, technology enthusiast, music enthusiast and is generally enthusiastic about everything. He is most effective at room temperature near a power socket.

Anastasia MarshallAnastasia Marshall

After a hectic few years working in TV drama, Anastasia was seduced away from the bright lights of London to travel & write around Europe. Now she blogs about her adventures and encourages people to think that her life is way more glamorous than it actually is.

Petar PetrovPetar Petrov

Petar loves stories in all shapes and forms, whether they take place on the small and big screen, on paper, or in our imagination.

Katy ColeKaty Cole

Katy Cole is a festival administrator, pop culture addict, and writer of the latest goings-on. In her free time she sketches cats and bakes fabulous pies.

Dash FinleyDash Finley

Dashiell Finley is a film journalist and screenwriter based out of Los Angeles He has worked on several screenplays involving talent such as Bruno Barreto (Dona Flor and her Two Husbands), Stanley Weiser (Wall Street), and Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), interviewed entertainers and wrote reviews for sites such as Moviepilot and Slate, and directed music videos that have been featured on sites like Spin and XXL. He currently lives his two guinea pigs, Otis and Randall.

Frances LevyFrances Levy

Frances Levy is a nomadic writer and editor.

Myles HuntMyles Hunt

Brooklyn, NY based visual artist and lover of all things creative who simply loves to chat about it all.

Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson

Paddy is most proud of noticing that Luca Guadagnino used ‘Love My Way’ for the dance scenes in Call Me By Your Name because the first line is, ‘There’s an army on the dance floor’ while there is an Armie on the dance floor.

Reece WebbReece Webb

A freelance journalist and feature writer with a passion for historical drama flicks and insane movie theories.

Marisa PatwaMarisa Patwa

Marisa Patwa is a entertainment reporter, creator of the blog 'popcultureprincess' and is currently studying for her masters in screenwriting. She loves watching anything on The CW or created from the genius mind of Quentin Tarantino. But most importantly, she is a mom to baby Sansa — and yes, she was named after Lady Stark herself from Game of Thrones.

Tim FujioTim Fujio

Filmmaker, writer, and the founder of settingmind.

Luke DelaneyLuke Delaney

Luke is a screenwriter in a love affair with the art of storytelling. He buries his head in books, watches all the best TV, plays his Playstation until his eyes go square – despite him being terrible at video games – and pretends he understands politics.

Mitch EivenMitch Eiven

Mitch Eiven is a freelance writer who covers politics, business and movies. He believes great films can solve all the problems our politicians and business people inadvertently create. He also likes to travel around the globe with his family.

Steve JenningsSteve Jennings

Steve Jennings is a freelance culture and football writer with a hankering for cinema. You will usually find him in front of a screen, either watching films or writing about them to an unhealthy degree.

Rubik RoyRubik Roy

Rubik Roy is an arts journalist who contributes to a variety of publications.

Edward JonesEdward Jones

Edward Jones is a freelance journalist and aspiring novelist. On the rare occasions that he’s not writing, he reads, watches horror movies, and plays video games.

Katherine SandersonKatherine Sanderson

Katherine Sanderson is Los Angeles-based freelance writer with an MBA, who covers all things entertainment-related. An avid late-night talk show attendee, she loves adding to her list of celebrities that she has seen in person. She is also abnormally passionate about historical dramas and 80s sitcoms.

Daley James FrancisDaley James Francis

Daley James Francis has been writing stories since he was a kid. The only things that have changed over time is his spelling and the size of his beard. He graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism in 2012, and since then, has written for countless websites, written and produced short films which have been shown in festivals all over the world, and released several novels to critical and commercial indifference. He lives in Loughborough in the United Kingdom, with his wife and addiction to Netflix.

Ciaran McGibbonCiaran McGibbon

Ciaran is a Film Studies and Film Production graduate who avidly enjoys watching truly awful films. Through seeing so many films, Ciaran now has the super ability to push valuable and happy memories from his brain and replaces them with useless film trivia. He spends most of his time discovering films that no one has even heard of and forces his friends and himself to watch them to gain possible new powers upon this adventure.

Jack BeresfordJack Beresford

An avid film fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of '90s cinema and the work of Jeff Goldblum, Jack has written about film and TV for loaded, Screenrant, Lad Bible, Beamly, Here Is The City and the Ultimate Action Movie Club. His guilty pleasure is Kevin Costner's The Bodyguard.

Eric MichelEric Michel

Eric Michel is a graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis. When he's not losing himself in his favorite TV show, you can find him reading a book or working on his novel. Follow him on Twitter at @errrrrrk, where he talks incessantly about baseball and literature.

Robert TiemstraRobert Tiemstra

Robert Tiemstra is a writer and hermit who lives somewhere behind the Hollywood sign. When not on a movie set somewhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, he spends his time writing short stories (mostly horror, with a few fantasy thrown in for good measure), screenplays, and plays. He also directs video essays for the Youtube channel Wisecrack and co-hosts a podcast with his twin brother Matthew. He doesn’t sleep much.

Kristi ShimekKristi Shimek

Kristi Shimek is an LA-based filmmaker and lover of cinema. When she's not editing at a nearby post-house, she can be found on her couch with a bowl of popcorn and her cat taking in the latest TV show, or at the nearby movie theater watching the latest & greatest.

Nick SpakeNick Spake

An estimated 90% of Nick’s thoughts revolve around film, television, and award shows. After writing movie reviews since age 15, his love of journalism & entertainment has only flourished.

AJ FreemanAJ Freeman

AJ Freeman is chairman of the Department of Enthusiasm. In this self-appointed, publically confirmed role, he is tasked with enjoying life and making damn sure others do too.

Dave LewisDave Lewis

Dave Lewis is a massive cine-file from Rahway, New Jersey. If he isn’t watching a film, he is either writing for Irish America Magazine, his own YouTube channel’s movie reviews, or creating podcast ideas.

Nkhaya Paulsen-MoreNkhaya Paulsen-More

Nkhaya Paulsen-More is an English student who has written for The Prospect, and has also co-written a series of novels as a ghostwriter. Currently residing in Dunedin, New Zealand, she spends her time away from her studies either binge-watching anything she can get her hands on or reading screenplays or novels.

Jaret WilmothJaret Wilmoth

Jaret Wilmoth is currently a student and the university of Akron studying English and creative writing. He loves watching movies, but has a particular fondness for the 1960s. When it comes to specific knowledge, if you ever need anything on Rachel McAdams, he is your guy.

Lauren BradyLauren Brady

Based in London, Lauren works in Film VFX by day and writes about everything from indie film to musicals by night. She's currently writing her first novel, is addicted to yoga and won't drink decaf.

Morgaan SinclairMorgaan Sinclair

Morgaan Sinclair is a film mythologist and film school prof who specializes in the presence of Jungian archetypes and mythic mirroring in film--especially in the films of Guillermo del Toro. Like GdT, she delights in the rebellion of young screenwriters against studio script doctoring. Her not-so-secret mission is to expand the mythic and archetypal resources available to all writers. Monstrare, her book on Del Toro's Trilogía, and her textbook on film mythology are forthcoming from Diwali Press.

Charles EadesCharles Eades

Charles is a writer, actor, theatre and film maker living in Cheshire, England. When he isn't writing books, scripts, short stories and teaching creative writing. He is a patron of the charity Staffie Support where he campaigns for greater public awareness of Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Truitt HarshawTruitt Harshaw

Truitt Harshaw is an aspiring filmmaker and writer from New York City. He has a lot of SERIOUS AND VERY IMPORTANT opinions about film and television.

Wanda WatermanWanda Waterman

Wanda Waterman is a published poet, spoken word performer, musician, blogger, cultural journalist, digital nomad, graphic novelist, and art film junkie. She's lived in Maine, California, Vermont, Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, and North Africa, and is now settled in Montreal.

Kellie HaulotteKellie Haulotte

Kellie Haulotte is a freelance writer that has worked at Examiner and published articles on various sites like Thought Catalog, Ranker, All Women's Talk, and Workspace Digital. She also runs her own pop culture website called The Abstract.

Theresa HollandTheresa Holland

Theresa is a freelance writer and author of the comedic lifestyle blog The Taboo Textbook. She likes telling jokes, taking photos, and writing snarky movie reviews on Instagram. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband.

Jazz WatsonJazz Watson

Jazz Watson is a graduated film student with a passion for all things film. When she's not watching a film, she's thinking of a film idea or ranting about a film to friends. One of those annoying people that points out continuity errors everywhere while sipping at her tea.

Joshua HodgesJoshua Hodges

Josh Hodges is a freelance writer and journalist who also writes for Folio Weekly in Jacksonville, FL. In his free time he enjoys reading science fiction, singing Beach Boys harmonies in the shower and sharing a king size bed with his girlfriend and their three cats.

Anna MoellerAnna Moeller

Anna Moeller is a freelance writer and blogger that isn't afraid to speak her opinions even if they are unpopular. She will often take the role of Devil's advocate in any discussion to explore the reasons behind other opinions.

Jason CreganJason Cregan

Jason is a writer from Ireland. His hobbies include procrastination, hitting a small white ball around a field, and endlessly deliberating over which film he wants to watch. When he does pick something, he tends to enjoy character studies and films from the 60s and 70s. His favorite movies are "There Will Be Blood", "Cool Hand Luke", and "Boogie Nights."

Georg CsarmannGeorg Csarmann

Georg is a writer, curator, content creator and media academic based in Vienna, Austria. As a professional film & TV nerd, he believes that stories and the contextualization of information are what give meaning to everything we do in life. He is a contributing writer for the website Short of the Week and passionate Netflix devotee.

Dee RayDee Ray

Dee is a writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. His writing career began with scribbling secret love letters to a girl who was two years elder to him. He was twelve then, and his passionate relationship with writing has thrived ever since. When he writes, his aim is to make the reader realize that if some black-and-white marks on their digital screens have the power to make them sit up and wonder, then their actions in the real world can give flesh to any fantasy.

Eldon GrahamEldon Graham

A philly kid who loves his roots but are not defined by them. Lover of classic movies and proud of it. In his spare time he works on his novel series and loves reading the books that have been turned into movies. P.S. Huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Shianne EdelmayerShianne Edelmayer

Shianne Edelmayer is a freelancer writer and illustrator based in BC, Canada. When she’s not working as a content provider for social media platforms – or appearing as a co-host on the podcast Metamashina, where she talks about genre fiction from the feminine gaze – you can find her writing very long novels, binging Netflix series or talking too much Star Wars. She also tweets under the alias @Ohtze_O on Twitter.

Ben BusseyBen Bussey

Ben Bussey is a writer from Northern England, with an MA in Cult Film & TV from Brunel University. He is the co-founder of the site Warped-Perspective and has written for such websites as Yahoo! Movies UK, What Culture and Age of Dad, as well as dabbling in horror fiction. No amount of education has changed his lifelong view that The Monster Squad is the greatest movie ever.

Lane OliverLane Oliver

Lane Oliver is an extreme music enthusiast and lover of pretentious film. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.A. in Journalism and has contributed to various heavy music publications over the years, including New Noise Magazine and the now defunct American Aftermath. He now currently owns and operates his own underground music blog, Svbterranean. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and splatter films.

Taylor HolmesTaylor Holmes

Taylor Jordan Holmes is a freelance writer/editor who believes all films with "blue" in the title are masterpieces. She is a lifelong lover of storytelling, and gravitates toward emotional depictions of every day life.

Carolyn JenkinsCarolyn Jenkins

Carolyn Jenkins is a freelance writer, podcaster, and lover of television shows from the nineties. The good ones, at least.

Erich GillespieErich Gillespie

Erich is a writer/editor for the Tiger Group, a leading financial services firm. After a tremendous showing in his 5th grade spelling bee, Erich resolved to share cultural accounts of his unique upbringing through film and screenwriting. He, much like Issa Rae, is rooting for everybody black.

Grace HallGrace Hall

A film buff with weak arms, Grace Hall hovers over black and white keys ranging from laptops to pianos. She has written with Edinburgh International Film Festival/Screen Prism and performed with ‘Outlander’, ‘One of Us’ and Scottish Design Exchange.

Hanna BHanna B

Citizen of the World, Hanna spent the last 10 years studying and working in 7 cities around the globe. Watch 300+ Films &TV Shows yearly that she ranks and reviews on her blog What2watch2night. Likes finding inspiration getting trapped in the Wikihole and taking pictures of the odds & unusuals.

Alexandra StephenAlexandra Stephen

Alexandra is a literature graduate, pop culture aficionado, and TV devotee. When she's not in front of a laptop or cinema screen, she's exploring the local music scene, buried in a book or trying to keep her plants alive.

Raj SawhneyRaj Sawhney

Raj Sawhney is a passionate film enthusiast who loves everything from Disney and Star Wars to indies and Oscar movies. His all-time favorite movies are Toy Story, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Before Sunset. He also loves basketball, and writes about the NBA at VAVEL USA.

Amy MackeldenAmy Mackelden

Amy Mackelden is Weekend Editor at HarpersBAZAAR, where she writes about entertainment, celebrity news, beauty, and fashion. She recaps Riverdale and American Horror Story, and has also written for Marie Claire, ELLE, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and The Independent. She’s ready for a Dawson’s Creek reboot, and keeps ordering way too much from Kylie Cosmetics.

Jamie LeslieJamie Leslie

Comic Book Film Enthusiast. Also enjoys picking up heavy things and putting them down.

Yasmin OmarYasmin Omar

Yasmin Omar is a film journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Financial Times, and Harper's Bazaar. She spends most of her time at the cinema, binge-watching Netflix, and swotting up on Oscar trivia.

Andy FurlongAndy Furlong

Andy Furlong is a film critic from Ireland who loves art house independent films as much as he does popcorn Blockbusters. When he is not lurking in the darkness in various cinemas in London. He can be found with his four cats.

Steve WilliamsSteve Williams

Steve Williams is an award-winning queer writer from Yorkshire, England. When he is not writing his dark fantasy series The Umbraverse or performing poetry in venues across the North, he can usually be found swigging tea while watching films and TV shows with his partner and their cats.

Rae QuinnRae Quinn

Rae is a writer working on her MFA at Goddard College. She was raised in upstate New York and currently resides in Portland, OR.

Dawn HendersonDawn Henderson

Dawn Henderson is a freelance writer living in Florida.

Peter SzemmelveiszPeter Szemmelveisz

Lifelong filmgeek, bookworm and neurotic. Peter enjoys long walks (to the pub) and green tea (= Guinness). He's famous for bad hair days of epic proportions and a glorious (=ridiculous) inability to filter. Oh, well.

Samuel SpencerSamuel Spencer

Samuel is a freelance culture writer living in London who likes David Lynch films, Tilda Swinton and making up fake movie genres by adding -sploitation to random nouns. He writes reviews and features about culture for sites across the web.

Anthony PerrottaAnthony Perrotta

Anthony Perrotta is an American filmmaker, writer, and (un)popular culture journalist. His short film "21st Century Shuffle" premiered at the 2014 Big Apple Film Festival in Tribeca and features actor Themo Melikidze (Patriots Day, 24: Legacy). His short fiction has also appeared on Babbling of the Irrational and East of the Web. He works as a reporter for a number of local newspapers in his native Long Island, NY. His other writing has been featured on Entropy, Manhattan Book Reviews, PopMatters, San Francisco Book Reviews, ScreenPrism, Seattle Book Reviews, and The Untitled Magazine.

Gene KoprowskiGene Koprowski

Gene is an Emmy Award-nominated writer (2008) for his storytelling for a digital division of Fox Entertainment Group.

May MidgleyMay Midgley

A nomadic soul, May Midgley is currently settled in England having realized that she'd do better writing about it all than trying to be all. So that's what she does in poetry and prose when not busy parenting or pondering the meaning of life. Her favorite time-spending is getting hooked on movies and series or diving into words with or without a plot.

Darryl StephensDarryl Stephens

Acclaimed actor, producer, and writer Darryl Stephens is best known for his work on 'Beyond the Lights', 'Boy Culture', and 'Noah's Arc'.

Richard DeLaurellRichard DeLaurell

As a child, Richard DeLaurell was an avid reader of comic books, speculative fiction, and manga. He enjoyed all of them so much that he decided to remain a child...which turned out to be the only one of his life's ambitions which bore fruit. (Fruit, apparently, does not get bored easily.) His favorite literary quote is: "'Sapiosexual?' Hey, I like trees, but I don't really wanna f**k one, you know?" From Peatronius', The Arboricon.

Benjamin LasharBenjamin Lashar

Ben Lashar is a writer hopelessly obsessed with stories, ranging from Hamlet to Batman. In his spare time he enjoys quiet walks on the beach, a good book, and MMA fights.

Tom NaylorTom Naylor

Tom is a masters student at the University of Huddersfield and an avid fan of all things film. When he's not watching films Tom is either watching football or has his head in a book.

Jake HillsJake Hills

Jake is a voracious cinephile (especially horror), devout reader and writer, and lover of nerd culture.

David SandhuDavid Sandhu

David is a cinephile living in the Bay Area. He spends his time watching, reading about and obsessing over movies and, when he finds the time, occasional eats food. When he isn't writing, he is co-hosting on the Cinemust podcast. Catch him on Twitter at @fumonjo


James Luxford is a film journalist from London. With over a decade's experience, he has written on film for The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Metro, Little White Lies, and broadcasts regularly for the BBC. He is a devoted fan of all types of cinema, with a particular fondness for Quentin Tarantino.

Andy RayAndy Ray

Andy Ray’s interest in film began at an early age, but was solidified in college when he saw a midnight showing of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” He minored in film history & film criticism at DePauw University, and was president of the DePauw Classic Film Society his senior year. During the 1980s, Andy reviewed films on various radio stations in Central Indiana and for the local Edinburgh newspaper. After taking a long break to raise three wonderful children, Andy began reviewing for the Current In Carmel in 2005. He is now the film critic for Current Publishing, Arts Channel Indy, and the radio film critic for Indy Boomer Radio.

Graeme WilliamsGraeme Williams

Gray Williams is a freelance writer and editor plus Jack of all trades but, as yet, master of none, from Liverpool, England. A University graduate he has studied English, Film, and Creative Writing, makes a great cup of coffee, and can even change a lightbulb. He loves music and cinema and dreams of travelling more. He is kind to strangers and animals, and sometimes even people he knows.

Amal SinghAmal Singh

Amal is a screenwriter and an author living in Mumbai, India. When he is not watching movies, he moonlights as a writer of science fiction and fantasy. He is poetic when he needs to be and can challenge you in a prose write off. When he's not doing either of those things, he can be found beachside with his favorite brew, stout. His short fiction has appeared in Syntax & Salt and Mithila Review, among others.

Matthew SingletonMatthew Singleton

Matthew is a film critic from sunny Manchester, UK. He will happily watch the newest blockbuster or arthouse movie but either way having Ryan Gosling or Greta Gerwig in it is a definite plus for him. He has written for sites such as Film Inquiry, TiCGN and Review Avenue. In his spare time he writes fiction and hosts the podcast, Idiots Talk History.

Julia RossJulia Ross

Julia is a freelance journalist, copywriter and wannabe filmmaker with a passion for indie film, documentaries and Netflix teen series. When she isn’t watching, writing or procrastinating, she spends most her time being violently assaulted by a two-year-old, broken up with the occasional gig and run in the park.

Joanne EglashJoanne Eglash

Joanne Eglash is a UCLA graduate who specializes in writing
about all aspects of entertainment and pop culture.


Charlotte Grainger is a freelance writer with a full-time Netflix obsession. You can usually find her binge-watching each and every release while quietly telling herself that this is ‘normal’ and ‘okay’ behavior. Her words have been featured in Reader’s Digest, Beyond Words Magazine, The Bolde, and Taste of Home among other fine publications.

Alice BeattyAlice Beatty

Alice Beatty is an English Graduate and freelance writer based in the South West of England. A huge fan of thrillers, dramas and anything to do with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kristin KayeKristin Kaye

A spunky, gravity-challenged über-geek from Canada that loves anything to do with trivia, movies & TV with a long-standing admiration (obsession) Johnny Depp & 1993 Harley Quinn. Feel free to read some short ramblings on Twitter: @ging3rvix3n

Rae LouiseRae Louise

Rae is a horror author and cheerleader for women in film over at Horror Headquarters. She’s a fan of gore, martial arts and distasteful humour. When she’s not manically scribbling down novels, Rae can be found talking to animals and lurking in corners. Tweets @moonrae9 for entertainment purposes only.

Trent Ryan KatzenbergerTrent Ryan Katzenberger

Trent Ryan Katzenberger is an obsessive lover and creator of fascinating fiction and non-fiction alike. He is currently writing for Film Daily as well as working on a novel and several short stories. He loves what he does and really hopes you do too.

Josh PhillipsJosh Phillips

Josh Phillips is a screenwriting graduate with a passion for storytelling and narratives, particularly those that edge towards the bizarre. Speaking of the bizarre, he has a fond nostalgia with the 80s including films like Back to the Future and The Goonies, despite being born in the 90s.

Samantha TolsonSamantha Tolson

Samantha is a visual thinker who loves a challenge.

Lauren Lauren "Lo" Vanderveen

Lo received her bachelor's in arts/film studies from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Now as a freelance writer, she covers events and reviews plays for her local newspaper. One line of a Wesley Morris review inspired her to become a film critic and dare to be so commanding of the English language: She could pin a corsage on you with a sword.

Archita MittraArchita Mittra

Archita Mittra is an English major and a full-time fangirl who likes all things Gothic, science fiction and dark fantasy. When she's not reading fanfiction, dabbling in fortune telling or playing an indie game, she freelances as a writer and artist for several websites.

George EarwickerGeorge Earwicker

George Earwicker thinks writing about himself in third person is weird and a little egocentric. He likes movies and to think that his opinion is important.

Ross McindoeRoss Mcindoe

Basically what would happen if Chewbacca was a Scottish Hipster. Other bylines at Film School Rejects, Vague Visages, VICE, The Skinny and such.

Drew CowenDrew Cowen

Drew Cowen is a freelance writer and musician. He's written for The Breeze, Post-Trash, GrizzlyGround and Gardy Loo. In his off-time, he works on short stories and an ambitious Ronald McDonald concept album. He enjoys a damn fine cup of coffee and a good David Lynch film (not Dune).

Charisse LouwCharisse Louw

Charisse is a lapsed film scholar & globetrotter with a penchant for GIFs. She teaches meditation and hikes in the mountains around her home in Cape Town while binge-listening podcasts.

David HallDavid Hall

As well as being a freelance writer, David is a H. P. Lovecraft devotee who loves all things horror. David writes about music, gaming, film and culture amongst other subjects.

James PowellJames Powell

James Powell is a screenwriter, freelance writer, producer and former owner of a unibrow from Vancouver, Canada. His work as a writer has appeared on thescriptlab and a bunch of unproduced screenplays on his desktop that his mother thinks are amazing. Currently, you can find him on Twitter at @thejamespowell where you can find countless blurbs about his annoyance of Avocado Toast.

Lisa DiGiovineLisa DiGiovine

Lisa DiGiovine is a yacht owning, Ph.d with a trust fund and a penchant for lying--except when it comes to writing about the big and small screen. When not sipping wine with her BF, she can be found sitting in the dark losing herself in a marvelous adventure. Lisa is a non-fiction producer with (3) Emmy nominations and a wicked sense of humor.

Jose SotoJose Soto

Jose Soto is a freelance writer and editor who has worked for several publishing companies. He has a passion for most things sci-fi, comic books, superhero flicks, which he writes about on his blog. In his spare time he watches many YouTube videos, travels, binges Netflix and other TV shows, cooks and goes urban hiking.

Cal SCal S

Cal’s mind can be found wandering the screens of the nearest movie theatre, as it explores the big screen canvass in a popcorn-fueled quest to be immersed in the world of film. When its arch nemesis (overpriced concessions) manages to scare it away, it seeks shelter in the warm confines of Netflix, as it formulates a strategy to continue the cinematic war, one binged series at a time.

Chris AdamsChris Adams

Chris is a Texas-based freelance journalist/content creator and co-host of a talk radio program. In particular, he favors the directorial work of Ridley Scott, George Stevens, Michael Mann, and the words of Ernest Lehman.

Cole Webb HarterCole Webb Harter

Cole Webb Harter is a filmmaker and blogger from Southern California. He loves pretentious art films and surrealism. He can be found on YouTube making short films that make no sense.

Elliot SladeElliot Slade

A welsh filmmaker, "horror expert" and athlete. Elliot is constantly writing new screenplays, keeping on top of the latest film news and writing reviews daily.

Ezequiel BruniEzequiel Bruni

Ezequiel Bruni is a writer, designer, consultant, and general nerd who has made a career out of knowing just enough about a thing to get himself into trouble. He is an avid fan of television, as he likes his stories to be long, winding, and occasionally unfinished so he can pretend they never ended. His primary obsessions are sci-fi, fantasy, and cartoons in general, though he has been known to watch prestige television from time to time.

Owen DiplockOwen Diplock

Owen is a non-athletic, long-haired cinematographer with a love for observational documentaries – particularly the work of Frederick Wiseman and the Maysles Brothers. Away from set, Owen writes for the online publication Coney’s Loft, watches films whenever possible, and reviews every single one of them on his Twitter account, @filmic.

D'Lambert MensahD'Lambert Mensah

D'Lambert aka That Dude D'Lambert was that kid; who learnt to preset the video recorder (yes I'm that old) at a young age, just so he could watch cult, 'graveyard shift' shows. The type of US TV programs that if aired today, would definitely be on Netflix. Enlisted by his night duty, nurse parents, to record the likes of Dynasty, Dallas, The Colby's, Falcon Crest and a whole loada other stuff whilst they were at work, he was schooled by the TV itself, in its legends and lore. Growing up during the golden era of cult TV and cartoons, TDD is also versed in retro shows, as well as all the current shiznit. He likes peanut butter and hates marmite, a totally irrelevant fact that he dropped, just so he could find an ending to this bloody blurb.

Chris ShackletonChris Shackleton

Chris Shackleton is a London-based writer who spends way too much time watching films. When he's not knee-deep in a David Lynch marathon, he can usually be found hunched over a laptop typing out his thoughts on indie and world cinema. He's previously written for the Daily Express, Scribol and New Ravel, has a particular fondness for Milky Ways and thinks the new LCD Soundsystem album was "just OK."

Kay VandetteKay Vandette

Kay is a freelance writer who has covered everything from climate change to fashion tips to DIY dog treats, but writing about movies in her spare time has turned into a full-time obsession. She loves to critically analyze the nitty gritty of film and TV shows and has been featured in Stranger Views and Film Criticism, a peer-reviewed online journal.

Vinnie PennVinnie Penn

Vinnie Penn is a radio host and writer from New Haven, CT, a hop, skip, and run-your-ass-off from New York. He will emanate machismo as he sings the praises of all movies super-hero, but all who know him will agree rom-coms are his fave. Especially indie.

Brian SusbiellesBrian Susbielles

Brian Susbielles is a Florida-based freelance writer with a degree in Political Science but is a master of his own domain when it comes to old-time, foreign cinema with a side of Classic Rock.

Rebekah CarterRebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter is a professional writer, marketing expert, and technology enthusiast. She currently works as a freelance employee for numerous brands across the web, and when she's not working, she knows how to have fun too! Rebekah enjoys video games, graphic novels, and of course - keeping up with the latest cinematic releases.

Colin PikeColin Pike

Colin is currently a freelance writer. Obsessed with film, from studying it in uni to ranting to friends on the weekend, film is a staple in his life. When it comes to movies I dare you to tell him Toy Story isn't the best movie of all time.

Haley WeissHaley Weiss

Haley is a film buff that has been obsessed with movies since she was introduced to Mel Brooks at a young age. She enjoys horror, romantic comedies, and drama. In what little free time she has, she's a self published author and enjoys crocheting. She lives on the east coast and owns a small zoo of furballs.

Matt MaynardMatt Maynard

Matt Maynard is a freelance writer who works on both paper and digital platforms, writing about local news to blogging about health, nutrition and fitness. His favourite genre of film and television is sci-fi and he enjoys keeping fit and active!

Andrew SmithAndrew Smith

Andrew is a dedicated filmmaker, having studied significantly over the years, attaining his A ‘levels, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree at the London Film School.

Brian DegningBrian Degning

Brian is a recent graduate with a masters degree in Broadcast Journalism. Coming all the way from Scotland, he has written for various news outlets but his main passion is film, ranging from horror to fantasy to documentaries.

Ingrid CruzIngrid Cruz

Ingrid is an independent filmmaker. She enjoys travel, coffee, and spending time at the beach. She loves Martin Scorsese and Marvel equally, along with other movies and you can catch some of her sarcasm on Twitter: @ingridiswriting.

Elizabeth KonkelElizabeth Konkel

Elizabeth is a freelance writer with a passion for mythology and folklore that inspires her to tell stories with unique voices. Whether its binge-watching her latest TV obsession or re-reading her favorite book, she always finds time to enjoy the latest stories being told.

Michaela BartonMichaela Barton

Michaela is a freelance journalist who enjoys writing satire and opiniated rants no one asked for. She enjoys procrastinating from finishing any of her own film scripts by binging Netflix and video essays on YouTube.

Rene CatuRene Catu

A Longhorn alum and basketball stat nerd with 7 terabytes of movie scripts uploaded to his brain, of which any line can be recited on command, especially John Hughes flicks. Former Associate Producer at PBS-Houston and Script Coverage Reader at Summerland Entertainment.

Rocio Belinda MendezRocio Belinda Mendez

Rocio (Ro-sii-oh) is an author, video producer, and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. She's the founder of her own video production company - Filmagination. She independently creates a myriad of screen and media content, including music videos, bespoke branding, social media advertisements, documentaries and, of course - film.

Ellen ParsonageEllen Parsonage

Ellen Parsonage has been fairly Dazed and Confused since becoming the Graduate but it's About Time she stepped out of the Cinema Paradiso, to continue Good Will Hunting by avoiding Office Space and becoming a Freedom Writer - The Back-Up Plan is to move to the Isle of Dogs.

Tamara SchwarzTamara Schwarz

Tamara is a student who loves binge watching Netflix series or reading books.

James SpellinsJames Spellins

Born and bred in North London, James will watch next to everything and is guiltily inclined to anything with mutated animals. When he's not watching movies, he is either apathetic about Arsenal FC or following sausage dog accounts on Instagram.

Alex HoskerAlex Hosker

Alex Hosker is an Englishman with a Passion for all things Television & Film. Other than being an avid fan of Television & Film he is a writer, stand up comedy fan and enjoys the sports MMA, Boxing and Football (Soccer). Other hobbies include sampling ales and dipping biscuits into tea.

Taylor WalkerTaylor Walker

Taylor used to think life was a beautiful series of events. Then he started working on a local video store called The Bad Cinema Corner and film began to control his life one bad VHS at a time. Now, after being that one person who hated films for a long time, he ended up securing a position as Film & TV Analysis lecturer in a prestigious university. Irony exists, and its a heavy burden. He also enjoys gummy bears, walks on the beach, and cats. Especially cats.

Craig KercherCraig Kercher

Craig is a freelance Creative Writer, with a day-job as an Auctioneer. When he is not auctioning behind the rostrum, wielding swords, or dabbling in the art of writing horror stories, he happily delves into film and television, having written extensively for the Entertainment Section for FQ Magazine.

Caleb AguileraCaleb Aguilera

Caleb Aguilera is a cockeyed optimist and journalism student from Los Angeles. He has a special place in his heart for all things comic book related, with Batman being his favorite. Whenever he's not watching Seinfeld or writing about films, he spends his time reading literary classics by authors no one has heard of, but he does it with unbridled enthusiasm. He also likes to play the drums, but doesn't want to brag about it.

Elizabeth MacleodElizabeth Macleod

Elizabeth MacLeod is your friendly neighbourhood Canadian currently living in London, UK. She has written about the entertainment industry for The Playlist, Pajiba and Little White Lies, and is always on the lookout for her newest pop culture obsession. She loves going to the cinema, listening to podcasts at chipmunk double speed and eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Lisa IvesLisa Ives

There was a time Lisa dreamed of being on the big (and small) screen, now she has settled back into a cosy chair and watches, and writes, about all things entertainment.

Nickee De LeonNickee De Leon

Nickee De Leon-Huld is a freelance writer, book editor, and ’80s music junkie. She has seen High Fidelity a gazillion times and likes watching music-related documentaries. She unwinds by making block prints while listening to Bjork. She also loves pampering her spoiled English bulldog with baby wipes, eye drops and lip balm (for his nose).

Chad GlapionChad Glapion

Chad is a screenwriting student, novelist, comic book writer, Philosophy nerd and aspiring 3D animator.

Stefania SarrubbaStefania Sarrubba

Stefania Sarrubba is a film junkie based in London, UK. When she isn't sobbing over movies on international flights, she enjoys fighting the patriarchy one frame at a time.

James ReynoldsJames Reynolds

Author of fact and fiction, James Reynolds has been putting pen to parchment since before Gilmore Girls aired. Gin connoisseur and reader of tarot cards, James is working on his first novel and collection of short stories.

Charles ProceeCharles Procee

Charles Procee is a History graduate. Yes, he can remember obscure historical dates. No, he doesn't want to be a teacher. And maybe, he will tell you about the time a pirate was commissioned to rescue Napoleon from exile. When he is not voicing his unsolicited opinion on his website, you could find him grumbling about the logical inconsistencies and plot holes in the latest big-budget release.

Donna JenningsDonna Jennings

Donna is a writer and horror film fanatic with has been so inspired by the downright gory and nasty, she is writing a book about blood...once opened, it will be RED! Yep, she also loves a bit of comedy too :-)

Kelvin ChildsKelvin Childs

Kelvin Childs is a freelance writer, editor, actor, and raconteur who has written about TV and film for Comic Book Resources. He’s read comic books for more than half his life, fell in love with “Hill Street Blues” from the first episode, and thinks Gene Siskel was wrong when he said the best of television doesn’t measure up to the worst of movies.

Shaun WrenShaun Wren

Your favourite film writer's favourite dyslexic film writer. A fan of different films, minus horror (sorry), including being the only person who liked Guy Ritchie's King Arthur and a fan of DCU films with Batman v Superman as one of the best superhero films ever made.

Lex JurgenLex Jurgen

Lex Jurgen is the host of the long-running Last Men on Earth podcast, the long-time editor-in-chief of media satire site, WWTDD, and author of the book, "Man Rules: The Beginner's Guide to Manhood".

Susan JohnsonSusan Johnson

Susan is a modern magician, except she transforms complicated ideas into user-friendly content. She loves all things literature-related. When she is not on the job, she loves dancing her way through the house, working her way through every recipe in the family cookbook, and indulging her love for painting that perfect masterpiece.