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Callum Bradshaw is passionate about literature, traveling, pop culture, and economics. His favorite time of year is when he visits his family back in California, escaping the Chicago winter for the holidays.


In the entertainment space, it’s not uncommon to find individuals who possess an exceptional gift for their craft. However, to encounter someone who pairs such raw talent with

The confluence of seas is where disparate waters meet, mingle, and form something greater than their individual selves. For filmmaker Vishnu Prasad, the confluence of seas is more

[Alt Text: Bill Pullman, Jody Savin, and Randy Miller from Bottle Shock (courtesy of Shocking Bottle).] Randall Miller, a longtime director, is known for his off-kilter comedic style and character-driven

Online casinos are flourishing globally, reshaping cultural perceptions of gaming with their varied offerings and accessibility. The digital age has transformed the industry, replacing limited land-based games with

Juliette Jean has emerged as a visionary artist, reshaping the landscape of contemporary surrealism. Her captivating and thought-provoking works have garnered widespread acclaim and have become sought-after pieces

For many people, transforming a hobby into a successful career is wishful thinking.  Yet Toronto-based Director and Photographer, Justin Abernethy, not only accomplished this feat but did it

With its fierce competition and a bevy of larger-than-life personalities, the entertainment industry can be a tough place to cast a large shadow. Joseph Pharoah, however, is a

Renowned musician and composer Stuart Ross Carlson is embarking on an intriguing new phase in his career. Having earned accolades in esteemed music competitions like the 2016 VSA

In the competitive world of animated films, capturing the attention of audiences can be a challenging endeavor. When StudioCanal set out to promote their animated version of Robinson