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Mae enjoys reading books, getting hooked on a good story, hanging out with her friends, and spending time with her pets. Mae has a thing for horror movies and novels, loving the thrill of a good scare. She's also into K-pop and often sings along to her favorite songs.


“In the center of Manhattan, where dreams come true or are put on hold, our play talks about the honest reality of immigrant life mixed with chasing the

Chou Tattoo (Daye Kang) has found a niche in tattoo artistry through her mastery of microrealism. This intricate style, characterized by meticulously detailed and hyper-realistic designs rendered on

  All cinematic dreams, from paper to screen, take their coveted first steps in the heart of Los

One does not have to be a storyteller by profession to share a gripping and emotional tale. However, it does take a special kind of filmmaker to translate