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Reader of words and people, Jorge enjoys the simple things in life – like a cloud, or Whitehead's process philosophy contextualized within modern digital systems. He loves watching arthouse and independent films, but isn't too proud to root for the baby mamas on Maury Povich.


We've started wonder when Ellen is going to retire, as a 62 year old she's nearing the age when most people would be ready to call it quits.

Mia Khalifa has been an outspoken critic of the adult industry since her departure. Khalifa has grown her net worth to approximately $4 million.

Sure, the Karen memes are funny when it's just retail workers being harassed. But these Karens and Kens are putting real lives at risk.

As America continues to wake up to the reality of systemic racism every reality TV show is now facing a reckoning.

Amber Heard claims she filed for the divorce because Johnny Depp was verbally and physically abusive. Here are some shocking details from the case.

Over 100 black filmmakers have created a new initiative calling for an increase in black representation across all levels of media production.

If anything surprises us about Ellen DeGeneres it’s that she’s friends with former U.S. president George Bush. Here's what we know.

There are things to consider so that you don’t end up another statistic of roller coaster accidents. Here's what we know about reopening theme parks.

How much Ghislaine Maxwell will divulge? It’s no secret that many of her and Jeffrey Epstein's friends are celebrities. Here's what we know.