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Reader of words and people, Jorge enjoys the simple things in life – like a cloud, or Whitehead's process philosophy contextualized within modern digital systems. He loves watching arthouse and independent films, but isn't too proud to root for the baby mamas on Maury Povich.


Netflix has come under criticism for their marketing of the new French movie 'Cuties', scheduled for release in 2020. Is Netflix marketing to pedophiles?

Months after Epstein mysteriously died in his jail cell, the Lolita Express was decommissioned and stripped of its engines. What does it look like inside?

There's news that a court filing was submitted late last week in New York City accusing Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing a 13 year old girl in 1978,

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim alleges Epstein's family lawyer engaged in a "coordinated effort” to delay her lawsuit. Is Epstein's estate stalling justice?

You see Karen memes online so much you'll forget they exist in real life. Here are some stories of Karens in the wild to blow your mind.

Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painter singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek has been accused by three women of sexual misconduct. Read their stories here.

Images appear to suggest Bill Clinton spent time with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. From pictures with maids to Clinton in a dress, see what we found.

Jenna Jameson is outspoken about abuses in porn and has started to draw attention to the issue with the #Traffickhub hashtag. What is she saying?

As if things couldn’t get any weirder, the Pentagon has officially created a new task force to investigate UFOs. What does this mean?