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There's news that a court filing was submitted late last week in New York City accusing Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing a 13 year old girl in 1978,

Jeffrey Epstein news: All the new lawsuit accusations

A new court filing was submitted late last week in New York City that accuses Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing a 13 year old girl in 1978. This allegation took place only 3 years after Epstein was hired to the elite Dalton School, likely by Donald Barr’s father. This news comes after eight other women have also started a case against the Jeffrey Epstein estate for abuse allegations that go as far back as the 1978 accusation.

Jeffrey Epstein accusations start after Dalton School

Students at the Dalton School remember Jeffrey Epstein giving persistent attention to the teenage girls in the hallways. A Dalton graduate remembers a night when Epstein showed up at one of the student’s parties and thought how wrong the situation felt. Another former Dalton student anonymously reported Epstein’s advances towards her and another female student before he was fired.

Epstein’s accuser filed her case last minute

The news of this accusation is the earliest known sexual accusation against Jeffrey Epstein to date. Normally allegations this old are precluded because they’re beyond the statute of limitations, but recently New York passed a series of statutory revamps. As of 2019 the Child Victims Act was passed that allows for survivors of child abuse to file lawsuits up until the age of 55. 

The oldest Jane Doe plaintiff against Jeffrey Epstein is just under the threshold of 55, and filed her accusation just in time. In total, nine women are suing Jeffrey Epstein’s estate in this latest news, who are represented by their attorneys at Merson Law PLLC. The lawsuit is scarce on details, but outlines 27 different claims against Epstein, his estate and its executors.

Nine plaintiffs sue Jeffrey Epstein’s estate

Each of the nine plaintiffs are suing Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate for one claim of sexual assault, one claim of battery, and one claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiffs have also been outspoken about their intent to seek substantial discovery in the process of the case. This means the prosecution will obtain evidence using a wide variety of tactics. 

The court filing states that “plaintiffs intend to take full discovery of the Estate and all associates, family members, and/or friends associated to the same to determine who knew what and when.” The plaintiffs allege Jeffrey Epstein’s abuses ranged from sexual assault to being “digitally penetrated”. One of the plaintiffs was only 11 years old when Epstein forced her to perform oral sex on him. 

Plaintiffs previously coerced from legal action

The plaintiffs go on to allege that Jeffrey Epstein and his collection of powerful friends actively worked against the survivors to scare them away from previously taking legal action against the pedophile. This same tactic can also be seen in the case between Virginia Robert Giuffre and Alan Dershowitz, where both Dershowitz and Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal teams have attempted to intimidate Giuffre into silence.

The filing against Jeffrey Epstein continues by stating, “At all material times herein mentioned, Epstein, and his associates, operated, transacted business, owned, used, maintained and/or possessed real and other property, equipment and apparatus within New York, which is utilized as the based of his operations for his sexual exploitation of underaged girls and young women.”

It’s likely Jeffrey Epstein’s abuses have been nurtured

The news of these accusations against Jeffrey Epstein highlights that his abuses were likely nurtured and groomed over the years. The fact that an individual could rise to such a high position of power while being so abusive suggests that there were others in his life that supported and nurtured this approach. We hope as all the Epstein related cases start to open up that more information will come to light.

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