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One major question people have been asking for the past few years is . . . who was Jeffrey Epstein? Could this financier actually have been a spy?

You've certainly heard about him, but who really was Jeffrey Epstein? Uncover the gruesome details of the financier's crimes and seedy personal life.

Ghislaine Maxwell is paying the piper for her and Jeffrey Epstein's crimes. See what's happening to her New Hampshire home while she's behind bars.

We all know about Jeffrey Epstein, the sex trafficker who was responsible for a vast criminal network. Check out a new dossier that was just unearthed.

Have you ever wondered how Ghislaine Maxwell is doing now in jail as she awaits trial? Hear about the living conditions she's been complaining about here.

London-based Channel 4 News recently released an investigation surrounding Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell. Have their young victims come forward?

Did girls who were sex trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein become physically ill? Delve into how one of his victims reported contracting a rare bone disease.

The guards on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died just took a plea deal. Delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Epstein's death right here.

The guards on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died just pleaded guilty to falsifying records. Here's what we know about the deal and Epstein's death now.