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Did Prince Andrew fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane Lolita Express?

How twisted does someone need to be to give particular names to their exploitation tools? Jeffrey Epstein all kinds of sexual exploitation of young girls that got initially hired as masseuses. Epstein would fly them to his private island in the Caribbean, which he called Saint Jeff’s in his private jet, which was known as the “Lolita Express”. But who else flew in it? Get ready for this name-dropping!

When we’re ethically judging a certain situation an important thing to consider is if aggressors were aware of the harm they were doing. Nonetheless, Epstein was not only aware of his darkness but proud of it to the point of making very bad jokes about it. However, he was not alone and that’s where things get even more convoluted since several of his literal partners in crime are important figures in politics. 

Lolita the literary masterpiece of Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov is currently a pedophilia symbol certain people constantly romanticize. Having a romantic or sexual relationship with an older man is always a  delicate situation since they’ll always be more powerful. Yet, it’s possible to have a healthy relationship of this type if both sides are aware, nonetheless, what Epstein did is far from healthy!

The Lolita Express list 

The so-called “Lolita Express” was used to fly underage girls to several international destinations where Epstein and his friends would “have fun”. Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who is one of the most famous Jeffrey Epstein victims, has opened up about this trip. Massages weren’t the only things happening at Epstein’s parties & properties, there, girls were basically sex slaves to Epstein and his crew.

Ex-workers at Epstein’s Caribbean island have mentioned that naked girls were always seen walking by the pool. This Island was a sexual exploitation paradise for these men, and maybe the higher job opportunity these underage girls could even imagine! The Lolita express was a fundamental piece in Epstein’s twisted plans, since it saved him several trials, how could you justify this image? There’s no way.  

How can you explain at an airport that you’re traveling with important male public figures and hot underaged girls? For this reason, the Lolita express was so important in Jeffrey Epstein’s plans, yet, he never traveled alone and we’re not talking about Ghislaine. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Kevin Spacey,  and Prince Andrew are just some of the names on this list who have also been accused of sexual assault. 

Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein 

These two men could perfectly share matching bracelets, their friendship became iconic, and not for the right reasons. Prince Andrew has denied exhaustion to having ever witnessed or been part of any sexual exploitation behavior around Jeffrey Epstein. But victims and Epstein’s ex-workers have different data, according to Roberts Guiffre, she was obligated to have a threesome with the royal.

On the other hand, regarding the Lolita Express, Larry Visoski, who piloted the Boeing 727 for nearly thirty years, dropped Prince Andrew’s name on the list.  Nonetheless, something we do need to mention is that according to Visoski, he never saw any sexual activity during flights. The Lolita Express pilot made around 1,000 trips between 1991 & 2019, which makes him a legitimate source.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if the sexual activity happened during the flight, before, or afterward. What’s really sad and makes Epstein and his friends unforgivable human beings, is the fact that they treated women as merchandise. These underaged girls would fly from one place to another with the only purpose of satisfying these terrible men, with no voice nor consciousness to stop the situation. 

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