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Does Kevin Spacey's net worth give him enough to make it through all of this? Let’s take a dive into and see what can be found.

Exploring the impact of Kevin Spacey's abuse history on his net worth. Discover the financial repercussions of the scandal.

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Who climbed aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane the Lolita Express? Here are all the celebs who were exposed.

Movies with James Franco have done more than entertain fans and win awards. Here's how they've apparently been used to excuse his history of sexual abuse.

'Lolita Express' was the nickname for the jet used to fly to Little St. James, Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. Here are the flight logs.

Recently Kevin Spacey joined the Polanski-Allen club. Find out the recent charges against the actor and if he was a predator with co-stars in these movies.