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Lolita Express: All the celebs who flew on Epstein’s private plane

Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t alone in his crimes. Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly helped recruit young girls for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring which a few notable names were involved with. A lot of the crimes were committed on Epstein’s private island which was reached via the Lolita Express.

Who climbed aboard Epstein’s private plane the Lolita Express? Here are all the celebs who were exposed.

Little black book

Jeffrey Epstein is believed to have trafficked underage girls for sex with the help of Maxwell, however, Epstein died before he could go to trial. The FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell on July 2nd for her suspected role in Epstein’s crimes. And anyone who visited Epstein on his island or flew on his private jets (one of which is nicknamed the Lolita Express) is under major suspicion of having taken part in the crimes committed there.

Epstein is known for his wide swath of famous, influential, and powerful list of associates, friends, and colleagues. However, the list appears to be much bigger than anyone could have ever guessed.

In 2015 the internet got its hands on Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. The list of contacts was incredibly long and filled with well-known names – some of which surprised me and some of which definitely didn’t. The book included Mike Bloomberg, Tony Blair, David Blaine, Chris Brown, and Naomi Campbell just to name a few. There were a total of 1,510 names which included royalty, politicians, celebrities, and more.

Lolita logs

Bill Clinton

One of the most famous names in the Lolita Express flight logs is that of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In all the twelve times Clinton appears in Lolita Express flight logs, there is no sign of Hillary Clinton coming with him.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, claimed Bill Clinton visited Little St. James. This was further explored in the Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich docuseries on Netflix. Moreover, photos of Clinton aboard the Lolita Express, together with the logs, make it hard to believe the former U.S. president wasn’t aware of Epstein’s crimes as he continues to claim.

Naomi Campbell 

Supermodel Naomi Campbell appears in the Lolita Express log four times, but has stated she was unaware of Epstein’s crimes. She claims she was introduced to Epstein by her ex-boyfriend Flavio.

One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, has claimed Campbell witnessed how Giuffre was abused. Giuffre allegedly recalls seeing Campbell numerous times; photos of Campbell & Giuffre in the same room seem to confirm Virginia’s account.

Prince Andrew

The UK’s Prince Andrew’s only entry in the Lolita Express logs is from May 12th, 2000. However, Virginia Giuffre accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse, as they allegedly had sex when Virginia was only seventeen. A famous photo of Virginia Giuffre & Prince Andrew has been disseminated widely along with footage of Prince Andrew leaving Epstein’s NYC mansion. 

Prince Andrew said during a now-infamous BBC interview that he doesn’t recall meeting Virginia. However, a former employee of Epstein claims he saw Virginia topless in a pool at Little St. James with Prince Andrew. Although he said he doesn’t regret his relationship with Epstein, Prince Andrew has since been pushed to step down from public duties as a British royal.

Kevin Spacey & Chris Tucker

In 2002 actor & comedian Chris Tucker took a flight to Africa with Bill Clinton & Kevin Spacey. The trip was planned to tour HIV/AIDS project sites. It was confirmed that this trip wasn’t related to the pedophilic activity of Epstein by one of his victims who also travelled with them.

However, Kevin Spacey has recently been accused of sexual harassment & assault. After the accusations, Spacey published a couple of videos in his role as Frank Underwood from House of Cards. Spacey delivered a bizarre monologue that has been speculated to address his accusations. Aside from these videos, suspicious deaths have surrounded the case against Spacey.

Which celeb shocked you the most? Were you surprised by the Lolita Express flight logs? Let us know in the comments.

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