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Jeffrey Epstein may no longer be with us, but his impact on the world is far from over. Here's what we know about his private island.

Jeffrey Epstein Island logs: Everyone who allegedly flew on ‘Lolita Express’

Jeffrey Epstein may no longer be with us, but his impact on the world is far from over. His right-hand woman Ghislaine Maxwell has only recently been arrested, and more and more information is beginning to come out about not only what went on at Epstein’s private island, but the people who visited him there.

The private island, Little St. James, was not always called by its proper title, no, it earned the nickname Pedophile Island from some. The nickname clearly hints at the seedy actions which took place there.

The background

Epstein is believed to have trafficked underage girls for sex with the help of Maxwell, however Epstein died before he could go to trial. The FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell on July 2nd for her suspected role in Epstein’s crimes. And anyone who visited Epstein on his island or flew on his private jets (one of which is nicknamed the Lolita Express) is under major suspicion of having taken part in the crimes committed there.

Epstein is known for his wide swath of famous, influential, and powerful list of associates, friends, and colleagues. However, the list appears to be much bigger than anyone could have ever guessed.

In 2015 the internet got its hands on Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. The list of contacts was incredibly long and filled with well-known names – some of which surprised and some of which definitely didn’t. The book included Mike Bloomberg, Tony Blair, David Blaine, Chris Brown, and Naomi Campbell just to name a few. There were a total of 1,510 names which included royalty, politicians, celebrities, and more.

Flight logs

However, the internet now has the flight logs for Epstein’s private jets. The document is extensive and rather hard to read as it was scribbled out by hand. It is believed Epstein’s jets had a total of at least 1,914 flights between the years 1995 – 2019 before Epstein’s arrest.

Most notable and unsurprising is, aside from Epstein himself, the most frequent flier on his jets was Ghislaine Maxwell with 520 trips.

Sarah Kellen

After Maxwell Sarah Kellen with 350 is the next most frequent flier. Kellen has been described by Epstein victims as Maxwell’s assistant. Kellen is said to have kept names and numbers of girls who gave Epstein erotic massages and occasionally showed them to the massage table or coached the girls on what to do.

It’s also been said that Kellen would call girls to see who was available to “work” when Epstein wanted a massage.

Emmy Tayler

Emmy Tayler, a British musician, and actress is believed to have flown on Epstein’s jets 190 times. Tayler has also been named as allegedly helping Maxwell with organizing Epstein’s illegal actions with underage girls.

She has even been referred to as Maxwell’s “slave”. One of Epstein’s victims also named Tayler as having shown her how to please Epstein.

Other notable names

Some of the more notable names flew on Epstein’s jets fewer times. Former president Bill Clinton is believed to have taken 26 trips, well known lawyer Alan Dershowitz 12, actor & comedian Chris Tucker 11, actor Kevin Spacey 11, model Naomi Campbell 4, and Prince Andrew 4.

Current president Donald Trump and tech billionaire Bill Gates are believed to have taken one flight each on the Lolita Express. Former reporter Walter Kronkite is also listed as having taken one flight.

Where did Jeffrey Epstein come from? Here’s an inside look at Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious family.

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  • Do we know who flew to Little St. James Island? I don’t think everyone who flew on the plane was in the know, but the people who flew to the island definitively know.

    July 15, 2020
  • Trump took one flight on his jet. He has his own ;)

    July 16, 2020
  • “Believed to be” is nonsense. Do some actual reporting.

    August 9, 2020
    • They have to say believe to be or alleged or they could be sued for false information if it was to come out, they are not the storytellers they are just the story spreaders

      August 11, 2020
      • Exactly!

        September 9, 2020
    • Totally agree. “believed” by whom? Then he follows with Kronkite “also” “listed” as having “taken one flight” to bolster the lie.

      August 24, 2020
    • “Belived” to me means not credible…my opinion

      September 19, 2020
  • From what I read there was to be “belived” that Clinton and trump were in volved..other well known peeps have tho

    September 19, 2020
  • Why not tell the complete story. Bill and Hillary Clinton flew it at least 26 times, Biden 5 times, John Kerry twice, etc.

    October 8, 2020
  • Have to consider some of the people who went on his flights may have been not involved with human trafficking. but may have been used as cover. Much like people who are involved with child porn. they will send say 30 emails to random people and 1 or 2 to person intended.

    October 12, 2020
  • Did Bill Maher go to his island?

    October 13, 2020
  • Maher isn’t on any of the logs, and at one time, complained that he was never invited to any of Epstein’s escapades. Trump, per David Wilcock and Ben Fulford, went to the island, and admitted to this. He did not go back to the island after he saw what was going on. This did not happen at Mar-a-lago, actually happened at little st James. There are much more evil doings that happened, which I will leave for your research from Fulford’s pentagon contacts. Trump is being blackmailed for something he may have had no control over (drugged at island, common tactic of Mossad to gain control of influential people to use them to further their causes and usher in the last days/Revelations prophecies/Armilus/the Antichrist). The signing of the “fake” Middle East and Israel peace agreement signed by Armilus (antichrist) and Israel, begins the Messianic period per the Jewish midrash. The next step is rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. Remember how Solomon fell out of favor with God? His two wives were worshipping Moloch in the temple, sacrificing children. This all fits together rather neatly.

    October 28, 2020
    • Remember Epstein always bragged that he introduced Trump to Melania. Could Trump have actually rescued Melania from Epstein’s sex trafficking as suggested on several blogs and websites? If he did save her, God bless him!

      October 28, 2020
  • So what I’m getting from this is Biden keeps going back to the island and Trump doesn’t. Wonder who we should vote for… :/

    November 2, 2020
    • Haha that’s what you got from that?

      November 17, 2020
    • I heard that bidens brother owns part of a island lives actually next to epstein

      July 14, 2021

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