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"Unmask the underworld of the opiate crisis with the documentary 'All the Beauty and the Bloodshed'. A harrowing exposé that makes 'Breaking Bad' seem toothless. Brace yourself for

"Dive into the chilling story of how the 'Slenderman stabbing' blurred lines between fiction and reality, turned innocent girls into criminals, and shook the Internet."

Discover "Irish Wish," your next binge obsession. This Oscar-nominated masterpiece marries grit and grace, diving into the heart of Irish sociopolitics. Its authentic storytelling will leave you craving

Catch the unexpected thrill ride in Montgomery County Police Reporter's latest story: a high-speed tractor-trailer pursuit. Texas reality uncensored – meth, chases and all!

Dive into the chilling mystery of Star Stowe's unsolved saga. Can Netflix crack the case? Hang on every twist in this grim, glamorous tale that's begging for justice.

Dive into the enigmatic silence of Brian Laundrie's parents. Did their lips seal secrets? Decode the mystery behind their stoic stance and catch this intriguing conspiracy ride.

Casino robbery, which is usually associated with the movie industry, is in reality a rare and complex crime. Here are five real cases.

We will explore various strategies for fighting sex crimes and fostering a safer environment for everyone.

The buzzed-about independent feature film INSIDE MAN (formerly known as Gemini Lounge in our previous articles) directed by Danny A. Abeckaser is currently climbing the charts, currently in