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In a criminal case, the prosecutor is responsible for proving the defendant’s actions were unlawful. Here are the common legal defenses in criminal law.

Crime in the D is a continuous struggle. Here's a breakdown of the worst crimes in Detroit history.

MSN is a popular online news and entertainment platform and has recently been used as a powerful tool to track local crime. Here's how.

The main difference between a lawyer and a solicitor is that a lawyer is qualified to represent clients in court, while a solicitor is not.

Now that there’s no way for Jeffrey Epstein to pay the price for his crimes on his island, it’s worth looking into those that stood by his side.

Why did murderer Chris Watts kill his pregnant wife? Here's everything we know about Chris Watts and the tragic true crime story.

American Aileen Wuornos, after a childhood of abuse and abandonment, went on a killing rampage and became a serial killer. Here's Wuornos's story.

After watching and reading about cannibal Albert Fish, you may find he becomes regularly featured in your nightmares. Here's why.

NXIVM’s founder, Keith Raniere, saw Allison Mack's young age and naivety making her an easy target for his celebrity sex cult. Here's what we know.