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Dive into the enigmatic silence of Brian Laundrie's parents. Did their lips seal secrets? Decode the mystery behind their stoic stance and catch this intriguing conspiracy ride.

Casino robbery, which is usually associated with the movie industry, is in reality a rare and complex crime. Here are five real cases.

We will explore various strategies for fighting sex crimes and fostering a safer environment for everyone.

The buzzed-about independent feature film INSIDE MAN (formerly known as Gemini Lounge in our previous articles) directed by Danny A. Abeckaser is currently climbing the charts, currently in

The Engineer, directed by Danny A. Abeckaser, coming off its worldwide premiere and festival award wins at the 2023 Mammoth Film Festival, is set to hit select theatres

If someone confesses to a crime, that means they did it, and we can lock them up and close the case, right? Are false confessions a crime?

It may sound like the plot line from a soap opera, but plenty of people experience false criminal accusations. What do you do if falsely accused of a

In a criminal case, the prosecutor is responsible for proving the defendant’s actions were unlawful. Here are the common legal defenses in criminal law.

Crime in the D is a continuous struggle. Here's a breakdown of the worst crimes in Detroit history.