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'Des' is ITV’s three-part miniseries about Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilson. Here's information on how 'Des' lines up with the true story.

NXIVM’s inner circle awaits lengthy sentences for racketeering & human trafficking. What's happening with the NXIVM cult and its members?

How did the NXIVM cult convince so many people to buy into their scheme? One almost-member shared what NXIVM's recruiting process is like.

Jeffrey Epstein's ex-staffer claims Ghislaine Maxwell actually hated Epstein. Here's the latest development in the story.

Will Tessa Majors get justice for her murder? Discover if a confession could close the case for good.

Amy Locane, best known for her work on 'Melrose Place' has been arrested. Here's what we know about the alleged crime.

Speculation buzzed about whether Ghislaine Maxwell was going to rat on Jeffrey Epstein and his old contacts. Is Maxwell making a deal?

NXIVM had a lot of tricks up its sleeve to recruit and hold onto cult members. Here are some of the strangest projects branding NXIVM.

The ringleaders for the NXIVM cult have already been tried and convicted. How long could the leaders be sentenced to jail for?