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Binged everything on Netflix they have on true crime? Sometimes, fiction is stranger than truth. Here are some crime movies to binge next.

What would lead a man to do that to his own family? Does he accept his indictments? Here’s the gist of what’s gone on with Tony Todt so

Corpsewood Manor has a dark history that lives up to its creepy name. Delve into the murders that took place there and learn about the mansion's dark past.

Want to learn more about 'And That’s Why We Drink'? Watch our exclusive interview with the podcast hosts, Em Schulz & Christine Schiefer, here.

Between January 1974 and September 1975, a man terrorized the gay community in San Francisco. Why was The Doodler never captured?

Two brothers murdered their family and killed themselves. Read about this true crime case about depression, "The Office", gun control, and more here.

Who could’ve figured an argument over french fries could lead to murder and a life sentence? Let’s dive deeper into this deep-fried true crime.

Ever wondered about the stories behind serial killers? Venture into the minds of some infamous serial killers through these films & docudramas on Netflix.

The Metropolitan Police are currently in hot water, as it has just been revealed they might be hiring neo-Nazis. Here’s what we know about the situation.