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According to Prince Andrew, his bond with Jeff Epstein wasn't intimate, but pictures show something else. How did Prince Andrew meet Epstein?

Who exactly was on the list of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s island?

Jeffrey Epstein was bad news. The details of his life and activities have been public for several years now, but the shock over how it was allowed to go on for long remains. Epstein’s reprehensible behavior is embodied by Little Saint James, the financier’s private island. He was essentially free to do what he wanted there, without much bother from authorities.

The Little Saint James stories, of which there are many, are made worse when you realize that beloved celebrities visited the island and spent quality time with Epstein. Singers, actors, politicians and former presidents were among the most frequent guests– some of which have since been accused of similarly heinous behavior, others who have been able to skirt controversy and maintain their reputation.

Let’s run down the list of celebrities who were said to have been Epstein’s most consistent visitors.

There is few, but enough evidence to think that Bill Clinton's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein past business affairs. These photos prove it.

Royals & Presidents

Two of the most notorious people who were said to have been attendees were Prince Andrew and President Bill Clinton. The former was confirmed to have visited Little Saint James at least once, though ex-staff members claim that Andrew was there multiple times and had sexual relations with underage girls. Similar accusations have been leveled at Prince Andrew beyond the island, effectively ruining his reputation within the Royal Family.

Epstein was said to have 21 different phone numbers for President Bill Clinton, and the two of them were seen dozens of times together between 2002 and 2005. Clinton flew Epstein’s private jet to multiple locations, including, of course, Little Saint James. It has been alleged that Epstein arranged orgies for the ex-President while on the island.

Despite having ties, representatives for Clinton deny that the ex-President ever visited Little Saint James. Epstein’s flight logs support this stance, suggesting that Clinton never flew near the location on a private yet, but one of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, claims that she remembers seeing Clinton on the island in 2002.

More news about the dismissed lawsuit against actor Kevin Spacey was released recently. Let’s dive into the news about the allegations against Kevin Spacey.

Celebrities & singers

Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker reportedly toured AIDS project sites in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and Mozambique for the Clinton Foundation in 2002. They traveled with Clinton and Epstein, using the latter’s private jet as means of transportation. Spacey, of course, is a two-time Oscar winner, and Tucker rose to global fame through the Rush Hour franchise. 

Neither man is believed to have been on the island, but the association has led some to look closer at both of their personal lives. In the case of Spacey, the closer look proved damning. He was accused of sexual misconduct by fellow actor Anthony Rapp, which led to an outpouring of similar accusations from others. Spacey is currently facing sexual assault charges, and his trial will be underway in June 2023.

Another name that was linked to the island was comedian Chelsea Handler. The latter made it very clear that she hadn’t been to Little Saint James during a Rolling Stone interview. “I’ve never been on his plane, or a flight, or anything like that, so everyone can just shut up about that already,” she said.

In her first interview since their split, Melinda Gates finally disclosed why she divorced Bill Gates. His relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is revealed.

The Gates controversy

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. He would also be the wealthiest man on Little Saint James, if the claim that he visited the island a whopping 37 times are true. The logs do not show that Gates was in attendance, and the tech whiz issued a statement decrying his one-time association with Epstein after details of their friendliness came to light. 

“Meeting with Epstein was a mistake that I regret deeply,” Gates wrote. “It was a substantial error in judgment… I will always be sorry for the pain that I caused Melinda and our family. I admire Melinda and everything she does to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, and I’m grateful for the work we continue to do together at our foundation.”

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