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In her first interview since their split, Melinda Gates finally disclosed why she divorced Bill Gates. His relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is revealed.

Despite Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell finally being removed from society, accomplices and sex trafficking predators still roam free in the U.S.

What is the latest news on the lawsuit against Prince Andrew from Virginia Roberts Giuffre? Find out why Prince Andrew may be a free man now here.

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Looks like TMZ needs to look for new proofreaders. Check your grammar again and dive into these reactions to “Bill Epstein”. 

Perhaps it was a friendship with Bill Gates that made Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich. How does Bill Gates feel about this relationship now in hindsight?

It’s official: the divorce of billionaire duo Bill and Melinda Gates has finally been approved, but now what will become of the successful Gates Foundation?

If Jeff Bezos gets richer, one analytics company predicts he'll be the first trillionaire. Analyze whether he's actually going to reach that milestone.

Could the newest Windows system Windows 11 boost Bill Gates? Calculate how much the billionaire is worth.