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Since new documents have come out about Ghislaine Maxwell's time on Jeffrey Epstein's island, it looks like Maxwell is just as guilty as Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell couldn't stop the release of documents from her 2015 lawsuit, and so a lot of Jeffrey Epstein facts in the news have been proven false.

With the release of numerous documents thanks to the Ghislaine Maxwell case, we now know that Jeffrey Epstein got less jail time thanks to Prince Andrew.

The Jeffrey Epstein saga continues with more salacious unsealed court documents. Investigate what this news could mean for Ghislaine Maxwell and others.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been fighting to keep the sealed documents regarding her relationship with Epstein. Here's how it will affect her now.

With all her connections, Ghislaine Maxwell must have the most expensive legal team in the US on her side. But is her net worth that big?

Jeffrey Epstein's net worth was over $577 million – but how he got there is still a mystery. Here are theories about how Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune.

We can’t include every person who Jeffrey Epstein negatively affected, but here is the latest news from some of Epstein’s most outspoken victims.