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Come and look at the newest links to Epstein in the latest document. If that's not enough, they are also the most famous.

Was Prince Andrew just a “useful idiot” in Jeffrey Epstein’s plans?

There are “friends” that leave no room for enemies. The relationship between Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein has always been shadowy and is an excellent example of insincere twisted relationships. According to Prince Andrew’s interview by Emily Maitlis for BBC in 2019, he was never a close friend to Epstein, but all his actions indicated the opposite.  

Several influential figures were related to Epstein, such as Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, who has compromising pictures with Guiffre, Prince Andrew’s accuser. Still, none of the other figures was as close to Epstein, nor did they have to face legal consequences. On the other side, Prince Andrew even lost his military titles at the beginning of the year thanks to an Epstein-related demand.

From the outside, it’s clear that Prince Andrew is hiding several details about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, starting with their favorite activities together. They say two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, and Prince Andrew is trying as hard as he can. Prince Andrew has denied being in places where there are pictures that confirm his presence, what is he hiding about Jeffrey Epstein?

Fake it till you make it 

No matter how hard  Prince Andrew tries, it looks like there’s no way backward for him, all the opposite, his reputation is each day more insurmountable. There’s a before and after Epstein in the prince’s life. Also, don’t forget recent accusations against Jimmy Savile through a Netflix documentary, where a close relationship with both prince Andrew & Charles was evident. 

There’s clearly no other way for prince Andrew to keep going with his life, that fake dementia each time he’s asked about Epstein, but was this Epstein’s plan? According to Prince Andrew’s interview, he went to visit Jeffrey Epstein the first time he went out of prison, but this visit was to give the friendship an end. Instead, the prince was a guest of honor at Jeffrey Epstein’s welcome back party. 

It was during this same visit, that Prince Andrew stood for almost a week at Jeffrey Epstein’s house in New York, why would someone stay at an “ex-friend’s” house? Especially a prince with all kinds of resources to stay wherever he wants. It looks like the party lasted days and it counted with all sorts of twisted entertainments Prince Andrew has the fame of linking. 

The mysterious photo 

This time we’re not talking about the picture where Prince Andrew holds Roberts Guiffre’s waist, apparently The Prince has a  list of uncomfortable pictures. We refer to the picture of Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew having a walk in a park. According to Prince Andrew, this was the moment when he ended their friendship, but the relevant fact is no one knows who took that picture. 

A prince with a millionaire ex-convict having a lovely walk in the park, for obvious reasons both parties brought security with them, so who took the picture? This photo was definitely threatening for Prince Andrew, but could instead be convenient for Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein had already gone to jail over this crime, he had nothing to lose, yet, Prince Andrew’s reputation wasn’t as stained as it is now. 

To be honest, the only person that could have planned that picture was Epstein, but why? What was Epstein planning to do with those pictures? Sink Prince Andrew with him? The walk in the park clearly wasn’t the end of whatever their relationship was about, but it changed the whole game for Prince Andrew instead. 

It might have been useful for Epstein’s reputation to make his friendship with Prince Andrew public by that time, but who knows. What do you think of Epstein & Prince Andrew’s friendship? Tell us in the comments below!

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