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Is there anyone who still believes in anything Prince Andrew says? If you still do, let's see after you get to look at these photos.

Do these photos of Prince Andrew prove he’s guilty?

Is there anyone who still believes in anything Prince Andrew says? Over the last few years, Prince Andrew has denied several situations he’s been accused of, yet, you can’t deny a photo. Although we inhabit the era of image alteration, photoshop can’t magically be to blame for all of your accusations. And it looks like the more he makes an effort to stay away from cameras, the more pictures from his past pop up. 

Besides, there are so many different photos in different contexts that just make Prince Andrew look so bad, that excuses are each time harder to believe. First, he was associated with Jeffrey Epstein and accused of sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Guiffre whom he has a photo too. He’s also denied being a wild party-goer when well, photos all over the internet make it hard to believe. 

With the release of the Netflix documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, now Prince Charles is the one under the spotlight. However, although Savile’s pictures are mostly related to Princess Diana & Prince Charles, his sexual abuse scandal record directly relates him to Prince Andrew. But is he really guilty? Are the pictures faked or simply don’t mean anything? Here’s all you need to know. 

The classic picture 

When Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in 2019, Prince Andrew decided to give an interview to the BBC with Emily Maitlis. In this interview, he was asked about his relationship with Epstein which we’ll talk about later on. Yet, he was also punctually asked on a specific photo where he’s grabbing Guiffre’s waist and Ghislain Maxwell smiles in the back.

Maitlis directly asked him when this photo was taken, and Prince Andrew only rambled on about the clothes he was wearing there. He also mentioned having “no recollection of ever meeting that lady” and that he couldn’t say if that photo was real. How convenient is living in the image alteration era to Prince Andrew, yet even if that photo was photoshopped, how could he explain all the other ones.  

Fortunately, things have changed for Guiffre, and for better or worse at least now she owns a big amount of money in pounds yet, things weren’t always that way. In 2015, Buckingham Palace denied Giuffre’s declarations on Prince Andrew, perhaps that picture did say something else. The prince will never admit his guilt, yet, he was taken away from his military titles in January and had to arrive at a settlement.  

Lovely walk in the park 

This is probably Prince Andrew’s second most problematic photo, here we can see him having a lovely walk in the park with Epstein in New York around 2010. This picture was taken when Epstein left prison for the first time, and that’s not even the shadiest part. Starting with the fact that supposedly nobody knows how this picture was taken because both Epstein and the Prince had security.

During the interview, Maitlis suggested that perhaps Epstein wanted to make public a figure like the prince was his friend to clean his name a little or make the prince’s dirtier. Nevertheless, the prince denied that possibility. Another questionable thing in that picture is, why was he visiting Epstein after he was incarcerated and publicly declared a criminal and sex offender. To this, the prince responded that he had to cut his friendship with him in a face-to-face encounter. 

Yet, none of this makes sense if you realize the prince not only stayed at Epstein’s home the whole time but was his guest of honor at his out-of-prison party. Also, if the prince was staying at Epstein’s house why couldn’t he talk to him there, comfortably sitting on a couch? To that he responded Epstein was someone difficult to treat, again, photos say otherwise. 

What do you think about Prince Andrew’s photos? Do you think he’s guilty and lying? Share what you think with us in the comments below!

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