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Prince Andrew's latest news is related to dead sexual predators. But what was Prince Andrew's relationship with Jimmy Savile?

Prince Andrew’s latest news: Bribes, Jimmy Savile, and lawsuits

Will there be a day when Prince Andrew stops bringing the latest news? or when he at least starts bringing prosperous news? Prince Andrew just arrived at a settlement with Virginia Roberts Guiffre, the woman who charged him and Epstein with sexual assault in February. By the first week of April, Prince Andrew & Prince Charles were related to Jimmy Savile, who was accused of pederasty. 

The new Netflix documentary on the BBC presenter Jimmy Savile’s A British Horror Story has settled the public eye on Savile again. Yet, he’s dead, and his living relatives & friends are the ones who’ll really hold the weight of his accusations. This happened to Prince Andrew before when Epstein committed suicide and he was suddenly left with all the crimes over him to explain.

However, the documentary has caused multiple opinions, even though it shows how horrifying Savile acted, as well as his relationship with the Prince of Wales. Yet, for many, it isn’t a faithful portrayal. But which was the relationship between Prince Andrew & Jimmy Savile? Prince Andrew’s latest loss was his military titles due to his sexual assault accusations, what’s next for Prince Andrew now? 

Who was Jimmy Savile? 

We’ve talked about Prince Andrew several times because he always brings the latest news but let’s explore who Savile was and why he caused such a scandal. Jimmy Savile was one of the most known British T.V. presenters in the decades of 1970 & 1980. He was in charge of Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, and for forty years, he sexually abused dozens of people, including several minors.

Savile was also a DJ as well as a radio personality. The BBC was the corporation that made him famous and it’s now involved in a controversy for having paid a tribute to Jimmy Savile after his death in 2011. Yet, let’s keep in mind there were other times, fortunately, the media is now allowing anyone to denounce publicly & make a statement. 

However, it looks like kids & women weren’t Savile’s only sexual target, it gets worse, apparently, he was a necrophile too. He also stole glass eyes from hospital morgues to wear them as jewelry. 

Although he was a rapist & a pedophile, that’s not what his latest news is about, nor his bond with Prince Andrew, even though they have several things in common. Then, why’s everyone talking about Jimmy Savile ten years after his death? 

Savile’s relationship with the Royal Family 

If you think Savile was twisted you know nothing yet, his relationship with the Royal Family is definitely something to fear of. Don’t ask why, but Savile was a wise figure to Prince Charles. He frequently asked for advice from Savile, not only for his problems but also for Prince Andrew’s and even for Sarah Ferguson’s. Maybe that’s where Prince Andrew got the inspiration to commit his own crimes.

Yet, Savile wasn’t only Prince Charles’s unofficial advisor, he also developed a PR handbook for the royals, including the Queen. This occurred in 1989 and it was a handwritten document titled “guidelines for members of the Royal Family and their staff”. 

Prince Charles also maintained communication through letters with Savile. In 1987, one of these letters would say: “Perhaps I am wrong, but you are the bloke who knows what’s going on”. Followed by: “What I really need is a list of suggestions from you. I so want to get to parts of the country that others don’t get to reach.” In 1991, the prince thanked him for his advice in a speech he gave in Guildhall.

Yet, what became most questionable after the latest Royal scandal, which was Prince Andrew’s, is the fact that their crimes might be related. If you think about the whole situation, it’s just unbelievable that a figure like Savile could have advised both Princes without letting his true colors out. Honestly, the best thing Prince Andrew could do now is stay away from the public eye.

What do you think of Netflix’s new documentary about Jimmy Savile? Tell us in the comments below!

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