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Recently Carole Baskin has had another experience as comedic fodder for a fake interview. Here's everything you need to know.

All the fake interviews Carole Baskin has been tricked into

Carole Baskin needs to get herself an agent – or if she already has one, a more competent agent. Recently Carole’s had another experience as comedic fodder for a fake interview. After the Jimmy Fallon interview debacle just earlier this year, all we’ve gotta say Carole is, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice – stop taking interviews!”. 

Since the Tiger King mania that swept through the nation, Carole Baskin has become a certified meme. From her non-ironic use of the phrase “hey, all you cool cats and kittens”, to her flower headbands, to her unapologetic obsession with all things cat-related, it’s been wild just getting to know Carole. 

As Carole was unhappy with how Tiger King portrayed her, she rarely gives interviews but the few times she has have all been disastrous for her. Let’s take a look at the times Carole Baskin has been tricked into doing a fake interview. 

An overdue interview

The first time Carole Baskin was tricked into a phony interview was fresh off the heels of her Tiger King fame. After she spoke about how she felt betrayed by the way the Netflix docuseries colored her story, especially the not-so-subtle insinuations that she murdered her second husband, Carole staunchly refused any interviews related to Tiger King. 

Two YouTubers by the name of Josh Pieters & Archie Manner had already successfully tricked several UK stars into doing fake interviews as well and even got Katie Hopkins to accept a questionable award in Prague. Pieters & Manners decided to accept the challenge to convince Carole to interview with them. Manners told CBS News that, “. . . we wanted to see if we could trick the one person nobody had managed to speak to.”

Setting the whole thing up

Pieters & Manners approached Carole through email with the pretense of being producers for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It took several emails & phone calls to get Carole to come around, she was eventually convinced to participate by her daughter. Carole demanded that she be asked no question about Tiger King and Pieters & Manners assured her the interview would be exclusively about cats. 

To make the whole thing appear authentic, Pieters & Manners spent hours combing through Jimmy Fallon’s old interviews, finding cat-related questions to feed to Carole. The YouTubers carried the whole thing off without a hitch and posted the interview on their YouTube channel. 

The video was met with hilarity by fans of Tiger King and Pieters & Manners were surprised to find that Carole also found the prank to be humorous. Carole stated that, “It gave us a very welcome good laugh. I appreciate their cleverness and that they created their video in a way that I don’t feel was in any way mean spirited.”

An unfortunate cameo

The next interview that turned out to be false had Carole doing a shout out rather than answering questions. Australian comedian Tom Armstrong decided to play a prank on an American celebrity with this idea: “Surely I couldn’t get another American celebrity to shout out Australia’s most notorious sexual predator – bonus points if they mention the UK’s most notorious sexual predator.”

Armstrong managed to get a video of Carole which he posted to his Instagram with the caption: “If this doesn’t break the internet I give up”. In the video, Carole wishes a happy birthday to Rolf Harris & Jimmy Savile. 

Of course, what Carole didn’t know is that Harris is an Australian entertainer convicted of assaulting underage girls and Savile was a TV personality and Britain’s most prolific pedophile & sexual predator. 

The clip did not go down well with Carole who insisted she would have never filmed the video if she had known who Harris or Savile were. Carole said in a statement to “‘I am amazed at the lengths (and expense) people will go to in order to trash my reputation. Of course, I have never heard of Rolf Harris, or Jimmy Seville and would not have done the Cameo had I known.”

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