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List of celeb names involved with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein

There’s an unbelievable list of celebs that not only knew Jeffrey Epstein but attended his parties! According to Prince Andrew, who is definitely part of that list of questionable people once mentioned at an interview that Epstein’s parties were full of interesting people. Politicians, artists, celebs, UN members, a whole universe of  well read & famous people attended his parties. 

Let’s be optimistic and think that many of that list of  people weren’t aware of the damage Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew and Ghislane Maxwell were doing to the world. Anyway, it’s hard to look at certain names and suddenly start having all these questions in mind. Nonetheless, when it comes to these kinds of judgments, we should stay very critical. 

Numerous respectable celebrities like Oprah Winfrey & Ellen Degeneres were wrongly associated with the pedophile at one point. For this reason is that we shouldn’t assume that all people who knew him automatically form part of his rapist list. Nonetheless, we should keep pointing our fingers towards the figures that have been related to his crimes officially and haven’t got any sort of damage repair. 

There is few, but enough evidence to think that Bill Clinton's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein past business affairs. These photos prove it.

List of names ever mention in Epstein’s court

There’s a long and unbelievable list of famous people that got mentioned at Epstein’s court, even Stephen Hawking & Naomi Campbell. Nonetheless, as we mentioned before this doesn’t mean they were automatically abusers too. Although some of them were and we’ll talk about that later. Aside from Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, many other figures were related to the disgraced financier. 

Alan Dershowitz, Emmy Taylor, Eva & Glen Dubin, Sarah Kellen, Jean Luc Brunel, Nadia Marcinkova, Henry Jarecki, Marvin Minsky, and Ron Eppinger are some of the names that came up at court. many of them were testimonies or simply mentioned to have attended one of his parties, which honestly they should regret. In case you don’t know, Epstein parties were sex paradises of exploitation. 

Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who is one of the most known Epstein and Prince Andrew’s  victims has spoken up. According to Guiffre, she once saw former president Bill Clinton with “two young girls” at Jeffrey Epstein’s island. In order to arrive there, Epstein had the “Lolita Express’ ‘ which was a private jet where he would transport women to be sexually exploited. 

Epstein twisted trips 

As it is known, Jeffrey Epstein was a powerful man that used to travel a lot. He had several real estate properties in different countries, including Paris. However, he’s mainly known for a private Island in the Caribbean where workers have confessed twisted things happened. There are official records of Epstein traveling to his private Island with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and also Les Wexner. 

Nonetheless, there are other less known profiles that also traveled with Epstein, who knows if they contributed to Epstein’s sexual exploitation, you’ll judge yourself. According to records, actor Kevin Spacey & comedian Chris Tucker traveled with Epstein. In 2002 all of them spent a week touring AIDS project sites in South Africa. 

But don’t let this cheap activism fool you, remember Kevin Spacey is currently canceled due to violent sexual assault declarations. We don’t know about you, but we’re convinced those trips weren’t an AIDS campaign exclusive. Anyway, other names strangely related to Epstein are Elon Musk, since he received advice from Epstein, and Bill Gates, who eventually collaborated with him. 

No matter which circumstances we’re talking about, it should definitely be embarrassing to be associated with Jeffrey Epstein. Unfortunately, it looks like the list will only get longer. 

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