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Who was Jeffrey Epstein? Why is Ghislaine Maxwell on suicide watch?

Jeffrey Epstein’s atrocities should never be unspoken. His story is one of the main referents of white men who didn’t get away with it, or at least not publicly. According to official information, Epstein committed suicide inside of a prison in the year 2019. But, further, is this information true or a conspiratorial fiction about a scape, who was Jeffrey Epstein? In Film Daily, we’ll never get tired of solving that question. 

Jeffrey Epstein was an American financial tycoon and sexual predator. He was convicted of an elite world child trafficking network and is also known as a sexual predator and pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein was known for hosting several big parties where figures like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew were invited. In these events, several girls & masseuses were forced to have sex with the attendants. 

The main questions regarding Epstein are: who was Jeffrey Epstein: how was he so powerful and why was he so twisted? Despite the truth of his death, officially he’s no longer here, so the next step is to keep an eye on the living. His ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell just like Prince Andrew is the main figure handling the weight of his relationship with Epstein. 

Who was Jeffrey Epstein 

 To have some context, Jeffrey Epstein began his career as a financial officer at the investment bank Bear Stearns, before founding his own firm, J. Epstein & Co. However, he was indicted for sex crimes in 2008. Before that event stained his reputation, Epstein was known as a billionaire with enormous political and social influence

Anyway, this induction started in 2005, when  Palm Beach, Florida police began investigating him after a report of harassing his fourteen-year-old girl. Epstein pleaded guilty. Also, a Florida state court convicted him in 2008 of soliciting prostitution and enticing minors into prostitution. As the white filthy rich man he was, he made it out of prison but went back in 2019 for federal child trafficking. 

On August 10, 2019, it was reported that Epstein had allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. According to official records.

Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell 

There are iconic crime couples in the world, but Epstein & Maxwell were definitely not Bonnie & Clyde nor Tokyo & Rio from  Money Heist. Crimes are not romantic material when several innocent thirds become emotionally damaged for their entire lives.  Virginia Roberts Guiffre just established a settlement with Prince Andrew after more than twenty years of being abused by him and Epstein. 

His events were always full of interesting people, as well as undesirable sex-trafficking crimes. One of Epstein’s & Ghislaine’s modus operandi according to Netflix Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich was hiring young girls as masseuses. Sometimes they would even pay for the girl’s studies as well as invite them on paid trips to Europe and exotic Islands.

By making personal connections with the girls, it was harder for the victims to identify what they were living as abuse. But as time passes we’re collectively each time more prepared to point at abuses and name them as a crime. Hopefully, this case might help other victims and stop white rich men who abuse minors. 

Is Ghislane Maxwell suicidal? 

Epstein had several suicide attempts weeks before, committing suicide. But will this door be a way out for Ghislaine too?  The former socialite has been recently placed on suicide watch. According to Maxwell’s lawyers, they would move to postpone her sentencing for sex trafficking only if she remained in isolation. The truth is only time will dictate if Jeffreys’s end would be Ghislane’s too.

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