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The hit Spanish series on Netflix has finally come to an end in part 5, but audiences are divided. Is the finale for 'Money Heist' just too good

All good things must come to an end, but why does this hurt so much? Check out what happened and who died in the finale of Netflix's 'Money

Now that 'Money Heist': Part 5 is out, the pressure is on for the show. Or, wait . . . is it Part 5: Part 1? Let’s back

'Money Heist' part 5 has arrived and it has been incredible to watch so far. Will Tatiana join the gang once again?

Fans are nothing but eager to binge this show. What do you think Alicia Sierra has next in store for 'Money Heist' part 5? Here's what we think!

What can we expect with the upcoming season of 'Money Heist' when it comes to the character of Tokio? Read about all the fan theories of the show

Are you devastated with Tokyo's untimely end in the new 'Money Heist' episodes? Cry over it with Twitter.

Why is The Professor in "mourning" over 'Money Heist' ending with part 5? Learn the details of the explosive final season of the beloved Netflix series.

We love us some more 'Money Heist', and while we don't want the show to be rebooted, we can't help but dream what the cast would be for