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Is Berlin on Netflix a return to the glory days of Money Heist?

The beloved and charismatic criminal Berlin is making a sensational solo return in a brand new Netflix spinoff. Titled Berlin, this series delves into the backstory of the suave thief, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, offering a tantalizing prequel adventure. 

Set to hit the streaming platform on December 29, Berlin promises to be a thrilling ride into the character’s “golden age” as he gears up for a grand heist in Paris. But what does this new adventure hold for our favorite thief?

A Glimpse into Berlin’s Lavish Lifestyle

The first trailer of Berlin dropped, and it’s everything fans could hope for. We see Berlin, ever the dapper criminal, navigating the high-stakes underworld of Paris. His life is a whirlwind of champagne, romantic escapades, and extravagant parties. 

But this lifestyle isn’t cheap. To maintain it, Berlin finds himself drawn to the adrenaline and danger of a massive heist. This isn’t just any heist; it’s a high-stakes game where the stakes are as much about survival as they are about the thrill.

True to Money Heist fashion, Berlin can’t pull off this audacious plan alone. He assembles a team of equally savvy criminals, each with their unique skill set. There’s Keila, the cybersecurity whiz; Damián, an academic and Berlin’s close confidante; the unpredictable Cameron; Roi, the loyal locksmith; and Bruce, the weapons expert. Together, they form a formidable force, ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

New taglines

“Berlin says there are only two things that can turn a bad day into a great one: love and a million-dollar payday,” the show’s logline tantalizes us. This is the fuel that drives Berlin, keeping him laser-focused on his ambitious goals. He’s planning an audacious heist – the theft of $44 million worth of jewels.

Joining Alonso in Berlin is a star-studded cast including Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Michelle Jenner, Julio Peña Fernández, and Joel Sánchez. Fans of Money Heist know Berlin as the Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) older brother, a character who, despite his terminal illness, chose to sacrifice himself for the gang’s escape. This prequel gives us a chance to explore Berlin’s character before these dramatic events.

So, how does Berlin connect to Money Heist? Is it a sequel, a prequel, or something in between? Here’s what we know: Berlin is a prequel to Money Heist. It takes us on a journey through Berlin’s prime, showcasing his adventures across Europe, filled with white-collar crimes, romance, and a dash of comedy. We’ll see Berlin at the peak of his criminal career, pulling off heists that are nothing short of spectacular.

Diamonds revisited

Pedro Alonso returns as the charismatic Berlin, and we’ll also see a younger Raquel Murillo, played by Itziar Ituño. Alongside these familiar faces, new characters will add fresh dynamics to the story.

The upcoming Money Heist prequel, officially named La casa de papel – Berlin, is set to release on December 29, 2023. It focuses on Berlin’s past exploits, as he leads a team of skilled criminals to execute a heist in an auction house in Paris. The show promises to bring back the thrilling dynamics of the original series, with characters like Alicia Sierra and Raquel Murillo returning to lend their detective expertise.

New images from Berlin offer intriguing glimpses into the series. We see the crew in full-blown PPE, likely coordinating a complex part of the heist. Raquel and Alicia appear ready to tackle the heist, likely called in by French authorities to deal with the Spanish thieves. Other images show Roi and Cameron on a stakeout, hinting at potential romantic chemistry, and Berlin himself, partying in true hedonistic style.

What’s next

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Berlin, one question remains: How will this prequel reshape our understanding of one of Money Heist‘s most beloved characters? Will this journey into his past reveal new facets of his personality, or will it simply reaffirm the enigmatic charm that fans have come to love? 

Berlin is back, and it’s time to see if he can once again captivate audiences worldwide. Are you ready to join him on this thrilling new adventure?

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