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10 Netflix Shows To Watch During Having HHC Gummies

If you want to know why shows on Netflix are becoming more interesting and unique, then we also have no factual answer to satisfy you. But what we can do is far more helpful. We can help you find something outstanding Netflix shows that you can watch while having your HHC gummies. Most cannabis users prefer to binge-watch Netflix while having cannabis to relax and unwind. According to many pro-cannabis users, it helps them to relax and enhance the experience of cannabis high. 

Although, the reason behind this practice is subjective but it is an excellent way to spend your weekend at home while enjoying cannabis or HHC infused gummies online. Here we will list 10 must-see Netflix shows that you can enjoy with HHC gummies. 

What is HHC? 

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is popularly known as Delta-9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is the primary psychoactive compound present in the cannabis plant. The main purpose of this psychoactive compound is to make cannabis users feel high. 

HHC is mostly found in the resin produced by the cannabis leaves and flowers. People often use the resin or flower bus in the form of edibles (HHC-infused gummies, food, and beverages), smoke, or vape.

What are HHC gummies? 

HHC gummies are edibles made with HHC concentrates. HHC gummies are technically plain gummies infused with HHC concentrates either resin or HHC oil. HHC gummies are available in various interesting and fruitful flavors. The gummies are an excellent option for getting the benefits of HHC without the unpleasant taste and bitterness of cannabis. Be sure to purchase gummies from reputable sources to maintain the product quality and smooth experience.

10 Netflix shows to watch with HHC gummies 

Getting high with HHC is incredible indeed. And when you combine some cool Netflix shows to enjoy with your favorite HHC gummies your experience multiplies giving an ultimate feel of high and relaxation. Below is a list of the top 10 must-watch Netflix shows while flying with HHC gummies-

  • Big Mouth

Big Mouth (comedy and animation) is a popular offering of Netflix was premiered in 2017. It explores the various problems of teenage life. This show is an ideal option for you if you want to take a nostalgic trip to some relatable awkward, hilarious, and painful teenage experience (with your HHC gummies). The star voice cast of this show includes Maya Rudolph, Nick Kroll, and John Mulaney. 

  • Disenchantment

Another essential adult cartoon series you can watch on Netflix while enjoying HHC gummies is The Disenchantment by creator Matt Groening. Matt Groening is famous for producing several iconic shows such as ‘Futurama’ and ‘The Simpson’. Disenchantment is a story of alcohol addict Princess Bean, who travels in the Dreamland with her sidekick elf and a personal demon. 

  • Our Planet

Our Planet is hosted by famous British naturalist David Attenborough. He has previously hosted ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Planet Blue’. Our Planet is a meritorious docuseries that can leave sobers with the mesmerizing documentary on rare species of the planet. So, when you incorporate some HHC gummies the show will take you to another thrilling world.  

  • Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a fun and engaging show available on Netflix that will make your HHC time more fun and engaging. The story revolves around three  Nova Scotia trailer park residents – Rickey, Julian, and Bubbles, who attempt to get rich quickly. But with their every hilarious move, they only create trouble for their own residency.  

  •  Cooking On High

Love to see new experiments with weed, especially the ebibles. Then Cooking On High is the ultimate show to tune in before hitting your comfy bed/soft with your favorite HHC gummies. This cooking show focuses on cooking with various weed strains. Every episode offers new challenges and light hearted competition with master chefs and celebrity judges.   

  • American Vandal

American Vandal is one of the best shows to pair with your HHC gummies. The show satirizes true-crime documentaries. This bizarre parody includes car vandalism with phallic images of “Turd Burglar” mysteries. The second season of this show takes the bizarreness to the next level.  American Vandal is a must-watch with weed as your HHC gummies will only increase the fun experience of watching this show.

  • Black Mirrors

Another quite unique sci-fi show from Netflix that you can watch with HHC gummies is Black Mirrors. It offers a dystopian picture of the future which is a result of the modern generation’s obsession with technology and innovation. Your HHC gummies can double the mind-bending philosophies and eerie environment that this show generates.

  • BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman premiered in 2014 but the show has not lost its charm till this date. The story revolves around a humanoid horse who also happens to be a sitcom star of the 90’s. This animated comedy show has an all-star cast for voiceover and explores themes such as mental health and societal pressure on individuals. You will better understand the message that this show tries to convey when your mind is relaxed and elevated.

  • The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel is another interesting animatic offering of Netflix. Other themes of this show are fantasy and comedy. The story revolves around a spacecaster, Clancy who interviews space creatures from different dimensions. So when you are feeling high and philosophical with HHC gummies, you will enjoy the psychedelic visuals of this show.

  • The Inside Job

Netflix’s Inside Job falls under the genres of comedy, animation, and science fiction. It satirizes dubious government agencies. Viewers will be able to explore various conspiracy theories that are absurd and funny. You will surely love the wacky humor and trippy visuals of this show, especially if your mind is elevated.


HHC gummies are one of the most potent and effective forms of HHC that can give you a breezy high of HHC with all the essential benefits of cannabis. And when you dive in to explore the magical high of HHC, pick any of the Netflix show we have listed above and get ready for an enthralling experience on weekends.  

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