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Sohag Hosen always loves to help others only to please Allah. He always tries to walk on the right path. In his free time he likes to play football, cricket, kabaddi, and more sports.


Specifically created to treat common neck and back discomfort issues, Neck Relax massager is a revolutionary approach to pain management. With massage treatment techniques, this unique gadget is

Skin tags are a common problem affecting most women. These benign, non-cancerous skin growths are attached to the skin surface via a stalk. According to health experts, skin

Most people are fond of storing their files, documents, videos, and photos on mobile phones and laptops. However, keeping your documents on a mobile phone or computer is

The Ice House Portable Air Cooler is an innovative air cooler and humidifier designed to provide cool, fresh, clean air everywhere, every day. The 4-in-1 portable AC delivers