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Ethan Frost is a journalist in business & entertainment. He has been an avid supporter of Film Daily since its inception and has shared a wealth of knowledge with our audience.


For decades, the football industry was used to a status quo of ownership and management. Premier league players, all who quickly achieved celebrity status, may have looked down

It can be frustrating if you cannot work, as you might be wondering how you will be able to provide for your family. The most important thing you

The world of project management is constantly evolving, and staying on top of industry trends is essential to fully grasp the benefits it brings. And the numbers don't

A new book named "Lemonade Stand Tycoon: A Basic Guide to Business" has recently been released by Sven Patzer, the Chief Executive Officer of Hype Snagger. This book

When it comes to makeup, we could all use a little refresher every once in a while. If you are feeling like your makeup collection needs some updating,

New years equal new resolutions, lifestyle changes, and fresh starts. Maybe you made goals for yourself at the beginning of 2023 and are staying consistent in working towards

Hugh Jackman and James Gunn have both established themselves as two of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry.  Jackman, renowned for his role as Wolverine in the

James Beard Nominated chef Jimmy Li recently announced three new tasting menus at Sea Fresh, Chinatown, Las Vegas. The delectable menus of three, six, and nine courses at

Everly liberal publication loves talking about ESG investments for the sake of our planet. Well, the same goes for the nutrition crowd: apart from the increasingly popular intermittent