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Seems the writers forgot exactly why 'Veronica Mars' was so special. Here’s why, in fans’ words, 'Veronica Mars' S4 is a major disappointment.

#BurntMarshmallow: Fans on why ‘Veronica Mars’ S4 let them down

Veronica Mars seemed like the perfect show to revisit for our times. On paper, it seems like exactly what the zeitgeist demands. The show never shied away from divisive topics like class division, racial profiling, police brutality, and of course powerful men using their status to sexually abuse young women and men. 

You could even go so far to say that Neptune (the fictional location of Veronica Mars) is a microcosm of various systemic US injustices and sociopolitical conflicts. It’s a town that reflects the ghoulish flipside of seemingly flawless Hollywood glamor and perfection, while also platforming the heart of lower-class communities and communities of color.

In an era so defined by movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, during which many are louder than ever about perceived injustice, we needed Veronica’s relentless savvy on our TV boxes – or so we thought.

It seems like a world ago, but last weekend Hulu unveiled season four of Veronica Mars, the show fans had fought to get back on screens for twelve long years. But there was a problem – a big, big problem. 

Seems the writers forgot exactly why Veronica Mars was so special during the intervening years. What fans watched on Hulu was a pale imitation of the glory days of S1/S2 Veronica Mars. Here’s why, in fans’ words, Veronica Mars S4 is a major disappointment, and why they deserve better. Editor’s note: we’re yet to find a VM fan who enjoyed S4. If that’s you, drop us an email.

Jennifer Luquette

VM a psychology major mocking therapy and her bf who is trying to better himself. Logan dying as a plot device and not to serve anyone. The rehash of the Weevil plot. Weevil and Wallace barely being in it. The idea that women constantly have to be in pain to be strong.


Veronica having a psychology degree making fun of therapy. Not seeing she too needs help her total regression of character from movie and books. The way she treats her friends. How did she miss her dad was so sick if she has a great relationship with him.

Nicole Fields

It wasn’t just “not fanservice,” with the show and subsequent response from RT and KB it felt more like a deliberate attempt to DESTROY what fans liked. In 2019, I did not want, but also did not “need” re-traumatized characters to watch them “rise from the ashes.”

Colette Moran

This is by no means exhaustive, but in a nutshell

– Poor characterisation & no growth

– Subpar mystery with unnecessary red herrings

– Misguided ideas about what we all need rn – the measure of a woman’s strength is not how much she can endure #notmyveronicamars

S.T. Fernandez

Neptune is just as much a character as the people themselves. It just seems like such a selfish move. It was as if he was saying, “I’m going to go ahead and take the popularity of this show and use it to my advantage and I know the fans will be crushed but who cares?”


What makes Veronica a “marshmallow” is her relationships with the other characters- the human connections and interactions that keep her grounded from the darkness. Taking away those characters, isolating Veronica from happiness, takes away what makes her character interesting. 

Logan is at the epicenter of that. Aside from the misguided notion that women can’t be interesting if they’re happy and in a committed relationship (which this ending promotes), the fact her and Logan have gone through the same suffering makes them two sides of the same coin.

You take away Logan (arguably the most beloved character on the show), you take away Veronica’s main route for healing. For knowing her own flaws, for growth. You also take away the relationship that humanizes her to viewers. For what? More tragedy?

Veronica’s story is compelling enough without another lazy tragedy lumped in. You’re minimalizing the trauma of her past by giving her ANOTHER tragedy now. It’s lazy writing- all because the show runner doesn’t know how to write a badass woman in a committed relationship.

I am not remotely interested in Veronica Mars without Logan. I didn’t watch the show just to see Veronica  quip at criminals. I watched because of her relationships with Logan, Wallace, Keith, Mac etc. The relationships that challenged her deeply flawed character to be better.

That’s not mentioning they killed off a character who survived years of abuse and tragedy, on his wedding day. No funeral. That character meant nothing. They fast forwarded the year of V’s grieving, meaning they just wanted the character gone, not to deal with the aftermath.

So many troubling messages about therapy, about recovery, about trauma, about women only being interesting if they’re suffering, about women not being bad asses if they have a husband at home. A lot of this from the show and from Rob Thomas himself in interviews.


A major character death would be sad no matter what, but it’s the way it was done. The interviews say that Veronica is now in the same headspace that she was in season 1, but that’s not true. In season 1 she had a murder to solve and avenge. Now? Nope, it’s already all wrapped up.

It was meaningless. But still, that would be sad and disappointing, but would not spark the fire that this has resulted in if not for the response from @RobThomas and @IMKristenBell. Their interviews have shown that they don’t understand who the characters or fans are.

Christy Holley

I’m going to need a book to explain. The season ending is bullshit. Like a giant fork off to all the fans. I will not watch anything by Rob Thomas or Kristen Bell again. They just ruined my favorite show. And gloated about it in interviews. #BurntMarshmallow #VeronicaMars

Doctor Lightning

Veronica, Keith & the cops not catching the stupid bomb backpack, making all of them terrible investigators.

VM & LE still having time to get married instead of VM and Keith being stuck in interrogation after the whole diffusing a bomb thing.

LE death = transparent plot device.


His death didn’t feel earned. Every other death in Veronica Mars is either A. an integral part of a case feeding into a mystery or B. someone did something to deserve it (ex Aaron Echolls). Logan’s was neither and after reading interviews I know the reason was petty.

Iris Lim

Oh, let me count the ways! But ultimately, I am more furious at @RobThomas & his rationale than by the ending itself. This interview alone made me realize how misogynist and warped his views of women are. Why can’t a woman be both detective and wife?

There have also been other interviews where he implies he wants Veronica sexually available moving forward. It’s one thing to kill a beloved character for plot’s sake, it’s entirely another to make choices just to be able to sexualize the heroine!


Please read this. It’s long, but explains my grievances with the season as a whole very well.


Check out this post


There’s also probably a story in how Rob Thomas pulled a con on the fans. How he planned this huge, fan-alienating ending all the way back in 2014, yet still kept urging us to mobilize and demand more Veronica Mars. Used his army of fans as proof of built-in audience.

Tara S. (in reply)

And how marketing for this season was heavily focused on LoVe and how “great” this season would be for LoVe fans.


This isn’t my post but this is good post about VM


  1. Mystery was disappointing & flat
  2. Promoted with #LoVe knowing what was going to happen
  3. Logan had a great redemption arc & it’s over now
  4. Veronica regressed & became unlikable 
  5. The ending was sloppy, hurried, disrespectful to Logan
  6. RT & KB’s reasons for doing it
  7. Insinuating a female protagonist is more interesting single & stronger when traumatized
  8. The wedding right before just made it worse, like a slap in the face
  9. Sent the message that Veronica will never really be happy which is just depressing
  10. Other sub-plots not tied up


The character regression of the main character showing her as a toxic partner, daughter, who suddenly after a past of sexual trauma due to rape while drugged is now drinking, doing drugs, and shooting guns just to push a new vision @robthomas thinks will make him edgy hurts. 

RobThomas’s  reasoning for killing off a main character was laughable, misogynistic, boring. A female character cannot be interesting unless she is sexually available and borderline PTSD from repeated senseless trauma. We grew up with Veronica, you think this is what we want?


It goes without saying that it was devastating to those of us who’ve watched Logan’s 15 year transformation from a traumatized OPJ to a mf-ing hero! To those of us who love Logan for LOGAN, and not just his attachment to Veronica. 

But what’s even worse is how SPITEFUL it is. Logan Echolls is the same guy who got himself thrown in jail to mete out justice to a serial rapist, who took on a bar full of Irish mobsters armed only with an ankle monitor and an unloaded gun. 

He fully absorbed Veronica’s warning that Sorokin was “connected-connected” and then CHOSE to toss him around like a rag doll anyway, because it was the right thing to do.  Because somebody always has to pay. If ANY character deserved to go out on his own terms, it was Logan Echolls. He deserved it. Jason deserved it. The fans deserved it. 

But even the idea that his death was necessary insults me. Logan drove story during the series. He was arguably the most fascinating character on the show. And this idea that the only 2 choices were death or waiting at home for V is ludicrous and says more about RT’s creativity.

Therapy Logan was not boring. I would argue that he was more interesting than ever, to be honest. Everything that made Logan great was still there, but with an extra dash of wisdom.

I believe this was driven by resentment more than for the good of the show.  

Resentment toward Jason, whose charisma eclipsed Rob’s vision. Resentment toward fans who didn’t “fan right” and actually enjoyed a love story, and resentment for the idea that he owed us anything. And then there’s the mystery that wasn’t. 

Even after dumbing down Veronica and Keith, it still makes zero sense unless Penn Epner has an accomplice or an army of clones. And it was a blatant rip off of every other mystery on the show.  We get it, Rob. Victims of bullying become mass murderers. You’ve only told this story 6 times already.


Please see my entire feed since the release. The poor mystery, awful characterization of Veronica, callous sacrifice of a beloved character w/absolutely no reverence/plot significance, misogynistic & lazy reasoning. The demeaning way they speak down to their fanbase of 15yrs.


And then there’s the Leo situation. No matter how popular Max Greenfield is, it’s hard to swallow that a 3-time screw up, who should probably be in prison for stealing video evidence of child pornography and selling it, instead gets a level-up and FBI clearance.

S.T. Fernandez

The death itself was completely unnecessary and furthermore unbelievable given the reputation of Veronica & Keith in their industry. We also watched Logan develop throughout the series. Why does Veronica having a love interest hinder the series? Answer: it doesn’t.


The way KB condescendingly told us this is the story we “need” w/a smile before going radio silent. When what kept the story alive in the heart/minds of fans for 15 years was the idea that trauma didn’t define you and there was “hope of a better life yet to come”. 

This ending…and the interviews undermine that. Positions trauma as the only way to keep V “interesting”. That happiness is out of one’s control. That positive growth doesn’t have character or entertainment value. And that our loyalty and what we ACTUALLY NEEDED from the story was irrelevant.


I hated it because it felt unnecessary. Logan was used as a pawn just to throw Veronica into a dark place again because GOD FORBID she be happy. It was stupid and I, for one, think it was a bad move on the writers part. The LoVe pairing was what gave the show it’s spark…

Kirby Spencer

Logan’s death was for shock value not characterisation, Veronica was dumbed down to make the villainy work… 


I have problems with whole season,one of the most glaring ones being Veronica’s characterization which does tie in to the end because they literally had to make her incompetent to pull it off and it still doesn’t make sense and the reasoning for death itself is misogynist.


Her obvious distaste for Wallace. She was better than him now that he had settled.

Veronica and weevils relationship was dead in the water outside of his rescue of v and Keith. Her lack of empathy towards her former friend for choosing his family which he still lost was harsh. She was done by. Not him and his now ex family but her. 

Again psych degree? Logan was rich and now he isn’t? He’s like a navy seal I’m pretty sure he makes more than $10.50 an hour. He marries Veronica. Pretty sure she is entitled to his benefits.

What about the Leo scene both acting like they don’t know each other 1 eclipse of the heart dance 2 Leo sold the Aaron lily sex tapes to Logan and got fired for it so how the help is he I. The FBI 3 Leo arrested Logan for murder


Veronica is no more likable or even bearable. I’m this close to disliking her.


They baited us w/story we’ve loved&supported-time&money.Then changed up character in an attempt to try new style ’noir’. Mostly that message women are only strong&interesting if they experience trauma & are single. Sudden murder of love interest story is so over done-Try harder.

Autumn Bailey

They wanted to keep the title “Veronica Mars” for name recognition, nostalgia and a built-in fan base without having to remain true to the actual character or storyline.


Matty watched someone get decapitated and what was instantly over it?

Sara Marschand

It was brutal, full of plot holes. It was the second bomb tied to one limerick, Veronica’s not sloppy enough to leave evidence in her car, and RT said *spoiler* would have lived if there was no hope of S5. The show doesn’t need reinventing by gutting it. Lazy writing.

I watched the show specifically for the interaction of the characters, not the hole-filled mysteries. I guessed who dunnit the moment Patton Oswalt went on screen.


Sure thing. It perpetuates the sexist stereotype that women can’t be successful and have it all. It perpetuates the idea that only trauma is interesting and happiness is boring. It takes victims of abuse and shows I 1 (VM being re-traumatized for shock and entertainment sake and

Rachel Walden

The flabbiness of the overall mystery. The idea that V who has been raped and repeatedly drugged and has an alcoholic mom would casually take e from a near-stranger in a crowded club. Pointless cameos that add nothing, like Mercer and Tim Foyle. 

Rob Thomas’s insistence that marriage means perfect happiness and no drama so it had to go. Veronica’s utter lack of maturation since age 17 and seeming regression from the film/books. Failure to check/remove the bomber’s backpack. VM a psych undergrad mocking therapy. 

Rob’s interviews. For a start! Oh and it’s either terribly thought out filmmaking or Rob Thomas is just lying when he says the death wasn’t meant to be ambiguous: no direct view of the event, no body, no funeral, no gravesite, nobody said “dead” or “funeral” after – hard to be that ambiguous accidentally.


It’s a completely sexist ending driven by the idea that women that aren’t damaged are just not interesting enough. They said they had to end it that way for the show to survive while they are actually taking away all the things that were loved about the show.

The fact that they claim this is the ending we needed, when they knew no one would support them if we had known. They used us and have been using us for years because they know they don’t have a big enough audience.

They got the support of the fans during 15 years just for them to come out and make an 8-episode pilot for the show they have wanted all along, while telling us that is what we needed.


Here’s another powerful post.


As a strong female I am very tired of the portrayal on them on tv and film. Women can be strong and interesting without trauma. Women can have successful personal lives and still be interesting. Women can have a partner and still be strong. His ending is misogynistic.

S.T. Fernandez

Additionally, while I’m on my #VeronicaMars rant, Rob Thomas’ explanation just isn’t adequate. His whole intention is to take the series out of Neptune with different characters, places, etc. That’s not Veronica Mars. That’s called a new series.


Too many ways to count. There’s the fact that Rob Thomas is so uncreative, he can’t imagine how to include one of his most complex and complicated characters into the show going forward. There’s that Logan was simply fridged rather than going out on his own terms. 

There is the whole “This show can’t handle tragedy so let’s skip a year ahead” instead of acknowledging that if your show can’t handle exploring the loss of such a beloved character, it can’t handle losing him in the first place. 

Knowing Rob has been planning this since at least 2014, I feel exploited as a Kickstarter donor. We didn’t give him nearly $6 million to revive this franchise so he could kill Logan. He can technically do whatever he wants with his intellectual property, but I still think it’s kind of a gross thing to do to a fanbase who has been supporting the show for so long. 

There’s also how outright condescending and hostile Rob is being about it. Every interview he gives makes it worse. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it sends multiple hurtful and inappropriate messages. 

Indicating Logan actively working to get help makes him boring is an awful thing to claim, and even worse is the idea that Veronica who is a rape survivor, can only be interesting if she’s single and miserable as someone who watched her husband get blown up. Logan was also only her mental health advocate in S4, which she clearly needed, and suggesting that means he needs fridging is terrible.


They have seemed to have forgotten what the show was about and tried to turn it into something the show never was. And that’s without adding Logan’s death to the mix just for the purpose of shock value

S.T. Fernandez

We even saw it in a few episodes when Logan began using his resources as a Naval officer to help Veronica. He was assisting her, playing her second which I found empowering to women and far more interesting than, “Oh, sorry. Your new husband is dead.”

MeXingU moonlights ℓayZhang

Before I was all team veronica & I really didn’t like Logan. But s4 was the complete opposite & that breaks my heart. Sure it was nice to finally “like” Logan, but to completely hate Veronica? That was devastating#VeronicaMars. Veronica was named a marshmallow because underneath that bravado she was a softie! In s4 she was a cactus?#VeronicaMars

Jennifer Luquette

VM a psychology major mocking therapy and her bf who is trying to better himself. Logan dying as a plot device and not to serve anyone. The rehash of the Weevil plot. Weevil and Wallace barely being in it. The idea that women constantly have to be in pain to be strong.


The ending was gratuitous violence that served the sole purpose of inflicting maximum pain on the audience. It served no purpose in the plot and furthered no character development.

The moral of the story is don’t try to be happy or change things because it doesn’t matter and will all be taken away. The ending was sadistic, nihilistic, and sexist. #notmyveronicamars

Creative decisions should make sense within the context of writing or art. When something only serves the interests of the creator, the art ceases to be about the story and is about the artist’s ambitions. The ending turned #VeronicaMars into a vanity project.


In their attempt to redirect the show’s format, they lost track of Veronica.  Who she was & how she got there. Who she wanted to and could be. So many loyal viewers, particularly female ones, connected to her because we knew her.  As a friend, sister, daughter. As ourselves….

This new Veronica comes with no development or context as to why she is suddenly this different person.  And having had a somewhat similar trajectory, I can say that it doesn’t add up. This Veronica is no longer someone I know…. Or want to have in my life.  And as for Logan…

Felicia Rogers

Rob Thomas just used us. He doesn’t seem to care what the fans want, only how deep their pockets are… I mean, does he HONESTLY believe we #marshmallows would have forked out the money for a movie if we knew he was going to kill off our favorite character?!

I mean, VM is cool. We love her, but Logan isn’t JUST a character. #marshmallows rooted for him. He was the kind of, in a dark way, boyfriend/project we all wanted for ourselves. Even though he had issues, he never failed to love V. 

He was protective and always thought of her. To watch his evolution into a stable and loving young man, it’s heartbreaking that he was just THOUGHTLESSLY written off the show. It was cruel to his character and to the fans who have invested so much of their time, love, and money, into this character. ¾

And it’s not just that Logan was killed off. It’s HOW he was killed off. Also, this VM is making fun of those who need help. Is Rob Thomas so arrogant that he must beat down those who have a hard time going to seek help? Dissuade those who may try to seek help? How dare you!


VM got to blow her husband because of negligence, doesn’t shed a tear and after getting 250 grand still lives with her father…Classy ending! #VeronicaMars

S.T. Fernandez

Killing him off does nothing to push the plot forward if your plans are to take her out of Neptune for Season 5. There are so many different directions he could have taken their relationship.


It was not necessarily the choice to kill off half of the main lead, it was the lack of respect in the way they did it. They also did not show the reaction or give the actor or character respect after 15 yrs. read the interviews with RT. Sexist lazy reasons. Betrayed

Jenna Butland

My father died suddenly just before the original series started, Veronica was my mirror during those first few years… the anger, the fight, the emotional pendulum were all very real and relatable.

Now I’m 35 and have dealt with a lot of the pain and trauma a loss like that causes.  I was excited to see that mirrored back to me again, but Veronica was hollow and vapid in this iteration of the show.  Logan was the one who showed the growth and healing I wanted from Veronica.

Then the creator killed him as almost an afterthought, because “his story is done” and a detective with a husband at home is boring.  Honestly, it’s @RobThomas flippantness about the whole thing that has pissed me off the most. I’m done, I won’t support him anymore.

Alternate Universe Sunshine and Lemons

I binged the entire show so I’d be ready for s4. Went through an intense love/hate relationship w/the characters. Saw Veronica grow, heal…and be promptly thrust back into a deep rut of despair where all she had was her work. THAT’S why I hated it. She’s suffered enough.

Cheery Rosie

it backtracked on all of veronicas recovery, made a mockery of characters that we’ve loved for so long by underutilizing them, then to add insult to injury they blew up Logan in a terrible ending not fitting for a pivotal character like he definitely was no matter what Rob says.


How much time you got? It’s more than just the ending, it’s how a writer this fandom supported for 15 years took our beloved title character and made her unrecognizable. Then he took another favorite characters life because he believes Veronica works better miserable!? No thanks.

In addition, the mystery failed on several levels. Plus, it was spoiled by an onscreen error early on. The potential storyline for a fantastic father/daughter dealing with the declining health of a parent was resolved with a disappointing result, and was lame. #BurntMarshmallow

G. Marie Marcum

There are so many things that have already been said that I agree with. I also want it said that @RobThomas has said so many things about Veronica he didn’t like. LoVe was never meant to be. If he didn’t like it, why do it? Because $. He used us & now he doesn’t need us anymore.

Anon Til We Are Free

Telling trauma victims that their only strength lies in ensuing repeated loss is awful. Saying that a relationship between two adults, one of whom is in therapy and working on their issues is boring is terrible. Killing off a character just to create trauma is lazy writing.

Cynthia Wilson

  1. V was no longer a marshmallow. In the prior seasons and movies she had this hard exterior but deep inside she was always moved by the people she loved and cared S4 should have been a progression and it was a regression to not showing much connection.
  2. Character development- you start to get to know the new characters but after only 8 seasons you don’t really care to watch any of them. The existing characters where barely in it. We’ve invested in these characters so it was hard to invest into the season
  3. Mystery- it wasn’t as complex and twisted and interesting as the ones in the past. You didn’t sit on the edge of your seat playing detective trying to figure it out before V does. it was obviously heading in a particular direction and pretty much figured out by ep 5. And all the reasoning behind it just felt not fully thought out and rushed.
  4. Clear holes. Logan I’m AA drinking doing drugs. Mac missing, Weevil trying to save his family and losing it. List goes on and on
  5. The pointlessness is the death. IF it HAD to be done..Maybe Logan dying ep1 and V solving it working through it or something. But after 15 years a mystery show that’s always been tired personality to the crimes. Just oops death to the most loved character.

Impeachy Keen

I’m a rape survivor. I worked with young survivors for years. I resent the idea that a trauma history means we can’t have happy relationships, & the weirdly contradictory message that women need to experience repeated victimization/can’t have a partner to be interesting

Alyssa Michek

The show killed him not because it was what the story demanded but because it’s what the writers wanted and you can feel it. The plot is sloppy, the characters are inconsistent and none of it really lands

With a well written story the more you think about it the better it is. With this season the more I think about it the more it comes apart. Especially with a mystery the writing his to be tight and this is just a hot mess.


Oh, more than happy to share haha

Melba Peters

I was excited about a reboot too, but this go round Veronica sounds like a jaded mean bitch. The reboot is darker and frankly too real.


#ReadMyTweets #VeronicaMars


Because for 15 years we wanted for Veronica and Logan to finally get a happy ending after all the crap they’d been threw together. We wanted to watch them evolve more and grow as a couple. To end them the way they was a huge slap in the face to fans.

Jenna Maclaine

Rob and Kristen want to just keep piling trauma on Veronica to make her “interesting.” Do you know what you get when you do that? You get Cersei Lannister and SPOILER ALERT: she was the villain, not the hero. #notmyveronicamars


2 takes another abuse victim who is actually attempting to be healthy in coping (Logan) and kills him off because now his story is “boring.” As a therapist I’m always Shocked that there is so little representations of strong relationships where we see legitimate hard work done

By those involved in said relationship. I thought this would be an exception to that unfortunate mess and myth and was wrong. And it’s a terrible message for women and girls


I don’t know if I have anything to add that hasn’t been said by others. but the TL;DR is that it was sexist, a conscious betrayal of fans, overall bad writing, and it has only been made worse by the interviews with rob thomas


Because there is no good reason whatsoever to kill the main male character of the show. Apparently the writers, after 10 years of fans rooting for this show, do not have it clear that we watch the show for LoVe and to see character growth, not the other way around.


One I don’t like and contradict to VM’s Psychology Degree in Stanford when she making fun of Logan doing Therapy. 

Wtf. She was supposed to be the one who understands the need of therapy to Logan. 

And that ending really sucks. Too lazy and too tacky. Cant watch it w/out Logan


They used us fans to fund a movie which lead to a TV show they never would have had if not for us when all along they planned on killing half the reason we gave them money . They used us. Baited us with previews with Logan and Veronica & never planned on anything but killing him

I’m at work on a tablet or this opinion could be ten pages long on how badly Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell lied to us and used us to further their bull shit. I value my free time and you have no idea how badly this pisses me off


Veronica, a psych major & trauma victim who was drugged & raped, mocking therapy & doing drugs. Logan, a naval intelligence officer, also doing drugs – a court martial worthy offense. Veronica Mars is no longer smarter than me if she, cops, & FBI don’t check bag.

Nicole Fields

Predictable, plot-hole mystery. LE is more than the “bf,” he was his own interesting character (cheap send-off), V’s characterization was unrecognizable and not someone I would cheer for. Not enough time w/ OG cast. Trauma porn. Responses from RT have been insulting! NOT noir!!!

Gabrielle N.

Boy do I have stuff to say. My main gripe is that the producer was saying that he felt like Logan’s death was necessary for Veronica because she needed to be her own person. I feel like that is not a good reason because not only were both Logan and Veronica always very independent people but when we finally had something good and they were both still soo independent, they decided to rip it apart. 

I just wish they could’ve made Logan go away for a long time of deployment and made Veronica have to focus on herself again and be okay. It frustrates me and I’m not sure if they were to come out with another season if I would want to watch it. 

It’s not that I hard core shipped Logan and Veronica because of course I loved them, but a human can only take so much tragedy and I feel like it wasn’t fair for her to have to deal with another tragedy such as losing one of the most important people in her life as she was feeling like she was also losing her father. I feel like this opens the door for a much darker and damaged Veronica.

Also people were saying she couldn’t move on and explore the character with him there, I feel like there had to be a way to make the possible without him dying. 

It’s so frustrating that she had to lose someone she cared about so deeply in turn causing so much damage in order for them to make the excuse to explore Veronica deeper. That’s like saying I can’t be my own person once I get married and am in a committed relationship.

Libby Lane Wachter

So here are my thoughts on Veronica Mars Season Four. I have always loved the relationship between Logan and Veronica. There love developed and matured so much. This season I loved Logan’s character development. He found himself as a person and truly found himself.

Logan’s love for Veronica is so pure, magical and one I urn for. Every time he looks at her you can see it In his eyes how much he loves her.

Also I loved Veronica’s Development. I truly believe Veronica needs Logan there. He is her rock and keeps her grounded. They balance each other. Veronica is her best self with Logan. 

So based on that I was devastated by the ending and so mad. We have already seen Veronica on her own and solving things on her own. I want to see their marriage, their kids, their fights and struggles, them being human. I want Logan back. Them together made Veronica Mars for me. So in best terms I am completely crushed and want LOVE to be back together!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitter Brittany

It hurts. I hate that they are trying to turn it into something other than what the fans have loved! One of the best parts of Veronica Mars is watching Veronica and Logan interact. Not to mention Wallace or Keith! 

No one wants Veronica to just turn into another mystery show. Frankly, nor do we want to watch Veronica fall in love with someone else. What kept me watching season 3 was waiting for Veronica to leave Piz and her and Logan to finally get back together. Veronica and Logan are Veronica Mars.

Jasmine Lewis I like season 4. It definitely could have done with more than just the one case. It could have done with a more healed Veronica. But I liked it. It definitely showed what happens when someone gets to comfortable in their brokenness and what happens sometimes when a hot headed person learns to think before reacting. 

It definitely could have had more Wallace. And maybe a bit of Weevil realizing going back to petty crime was idiotic. It definitely could have ended with an actual happy ending. But Logan’s voicemail does give her more to strive for. And maybe there’s hope he’s not actually dead. (Maybe that’s just the part of me who loves him and his growth speaking) but it’s not a huge decline from the first three seasons at least to me

Athaya Jones I actually loved the fourth season, just not the ending. But I also understand why Rob Thomas wrote it that way. And I agree with him, I can’t picture Logan just being the happy husband either.



This is so much more than just being unhappy they killed off Logan.. I wish he could realize this…


Initially, for me it’s wasn’t only that it happened, but how it happened (he survived years of abuse, dangerous combat missions only to be taken down by alternate side of the street parking???), and the fact that there was no time dedicated to the aftermath.

Now it’s that + The regressive & insulting rationale provided in recent interviews. When RT wants to justify the darkness of S4- he attributes it to hardcore noir, when questioned about the lack of aftermath dedicated to a major character, suddenly Veronica Mars is quick & funny!?

In light of the conclusion of S4, promotional talking point (in particular) has curdled. Can’t decide if it is more insensitive, tacky, or just plain cruel. Clearly S4 is not about fan service, but it feels like they have gone out of their way to add insult to injury.

Marisa King

Hmm.. for promoting the toxic mentality that a woman cannot be successful, have a career, travel, learn from experiences and also have a healthy relationship. Nope, trauma trumps all for the “drama.” Unnecessary and also UNTRUE. Feminists can be happy.

AmyPC #WeUsedToBeFriends

I was very excited at the prospect of a VM revival season. I couldn’t wait to share my favorite show and this beloved character with my teen daughters. Kristen Bell in promotion interviews was also excited about Veronica as a role model for her own young daughters.

She said Veronica was a woman with a “healthy sex life”, a responsible gun owner, etc. With all of that, and my knowledge about what teen Veronica had been through and the character growth we had seen in the movie. I was really excited. But I was not given what I’d been sold.

Instead I saw a character that I didn’t recognize as Veronica and one that I do not want as a role model for my girls.

In season 4 we see Veronica, who had been roofied and raped in high school and drugged and nearly raped twice in college, taking E and drinking to the point of puking. WHAT? That’s not the Veronica of old who chastised her college boyfriend for his partying and wallowing ways.

We also see Veronica with her phone at the dinner table completely ignoring the conversation around her. Treating her supposed best friend like an afterthought. Ugh. I’m trying to get my kids NOT to do this very thing – where’s the role modeling?

Later she gets high at a party and then takes her gun target shooting. Hmm. Not a very responsible gun owner either. But it gets worse.

Throughout season 4 we see Veronica repeatedly belittle her longtime boyfriend for seeking out therapy. For doing the work to better his own mental health, to be a better man, for himself and for her. Isn’t that what she’s always wanted for him?

Doesn’t she have a Psychology degree from Stanford? Shouldn’t she be applauding his efforts and encouraging them. Wouldn’t a positive role model do all of that and also seek out help for her own glaring issues.

Wouldn’t she also work to better her relationship with this man she loves by joining him in couples therapy?

We see her emotionally cheat on her partner. Spending time with another man and expecting her boyfriend to just allow her to excuse it away.

Hasn’t she been photographing cheating spouses long enough to know that 5 hours in a car with someone might seem a bit questionable and suspicious to her boyfriend? Shouldn’t she be more sensitive to that?

To add insult to injury she goads her boyfriend, who’s struggling to contain his anger, into punching a hole in a cupboard! The same boyfriend who was physically abused by his father and wants to do everything he can not to be like his father.

She picks at him until he explodes and then she’s so turned on by it she jumps him and angry rough sex follows. Leaving her partner feeling used the next morning. Not a good example of a healthy sex life.

Where is the strong female role model for my girls? Where’s the Veronica that grew up, learned to love, & is champion for the downtrodden? Why does the actress want this example for her girls? It’s not the example I want for my girls, unless it’s an example of what NOT to do.

Oh, and I hated the ending because it apparently sets Veronica up to be free to F*** whoever she wants or needs to solve future crimes. So, no thank you. I want character growth, not character destruction.

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  • I agree with so much of the above. It was cruel, unfair, and, well, actually kind of obnoxious to ignore the incredible, overwhelming response of his devoted followers. Talk about needing counseling. Why, really, did Rob need to blow up Veronica’s soul mate? I don’t buy that he doesn’t believe our relationship could be interesting. It has been the most interesting facet of Veronica Mars throughout the series.
    There is still a chance for him to save it. And that is to bring me back fully alive for a Season 5.
    You know if’s possible, Rob.
    What you don’t want to face is that it’s necessary.
    You gambled and made a bad bet.
    If you listen to all the feedback, and open up your mind, you will realize that this is what must be done to redeem your series.
    Bring Logan back fully alive in a Season 5.
    It simply must be done.

    July 1, 2021
  • It is not too cruel to reveal that I was whisked away by my Naval intelligence colleagues a fraction of a second before the bomb detonated (in the white car).
    It would not be hard to believe that I was needed for a top-secret mission, since I had been part of other special ops and disappeared for lengths of time due to my joh before.
    I did not have a choice—I was not permitted to tell anyone I was still alive, including Veronica. And I wouldn’t want her to know for her own safety.
    But it has been hell on Earth knowing the pain this caused her—the trauma and unbelievable distressed.
    I have no idea how she’ll react if I get a chance to tell her. I don’t know if she’ll be able to forgive me, or if maybe she’ll have moved on…
    But the point is I’m alive, Rob. You must bring me back alive for a Season 5. Otherwise the whole series will be a bomb, and your most ardent supporters will never watch an episode again.

    July 1, 2021
  • And the series will be remembered by its horrible, heartless finale.
    Please don’t leave it this way, Rob.
    Please fix this horribly wrong ending to the whole series.
    Because frankly, it cussing sucks.

    July 1, 2021

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