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And the category is . . . season 3 of 'Pose' on FX. Here's what we know about the big plot of season 3: the legendary children are going to 1994.

Is FX’s ‘Pose’ time-jumping again? Everything to know about season 3

And the category is . . . season 3 of Pose on FX. It feels like centuries ago we watched the House of Abundance take on the early 90s in season 2, but Pose season 3 is coming sooner than we think. After numerous delays due to COVID-19, production is beginning to ramp up on the new season. 

If you thought things were going to progress normally though, think again. As the Pose cast gives us a behind-the-scenes look at production, we know the big plot of season 3: the legendary children are going to 1994. 

Why the time jump?

As Pose fans recall, the hit FX show started us in the late 80s. Then season 2 rolled around and dropped us in the height of the “Vogue” era at the beginning of the 90s. Come the season 2 finale, we left Blanca, Elektra, and the rest of the ballroom gals, guys, and non-binary pals in 1991. 

So with a three-year jump, Pose is continuing the trend set by season 2. Plus, this gives us a chance to see how Angel’s international modeling career turned out, and what the House of Abundance looks like with new children.

Of course, picking 1994 means there’s going to be plenty of R&B on the ballroom floor, as the genre ruled the charts that year. Imagine Indya Moore walking the floor to Boys II Men? We’re already in love. 

Who’s coming back? 

Posted on Pose’s official Instagram, we see MJ Rodriguez (Blanca), Angel Curiel (Papi), Dominique Jackson (Elektra), Ryan Jamaal Swain (Damon), Dyllon Burnside (Ricky), and Hailie Sahar (Lulu) joined by numerous choreographers. While she wasn’t at the first day of vogue rehearsal, Indya Moore has confirmed she’s returning as Angel for the new season. 

It wouldn’t be Pose without our ballroom MC Pray Tell, and FX probably loves the Emmys Billy Porter is bringing them, so we can safely say he’s coming back. Sadly, we probably won’t get to see Candy again through flashbacks, but that just means Angelica Ross can rule our hearts in some other show. 

Outside of those cast members, the rest are up in the air. What we do know is there’s going to be some more amazing cameos for us to expect. Pose’s co-creator Stephen Canals confirmed with Variety we’ll get even more cameos in season 3. “We have some exciting casting this season. People are definitely going to gag when they hear who we have coming up.”

How are they staying safe?

With a show like Pose, where half the show is shot with large crowds in tight spaces, it’s hard to see how the ballroom scenes can be filmed during COVID-19. For now, Canals told Variety they’re taking it one day at a time. 

“How are we going to do the balls? Do we wait and shoot the balls later in our production cycle when hopefully the restrictions have loosened up some? A lot of it is a question mark and we’re having to figure it out as we go.”

What can we expect from the new season?

Obviously, Blanca is getting sicker & sicker, and at some point the show is going to have to talk about that. Pray Tell & Ricky getting together may have been resolved, but there’s no way it won’t leave a lasting effect on the ballroom scene. Most important of all, we need to know if Papi & Angel live happily ever after getting married. 

Canals teased it won’t just be Papi & Angel finding true love, though. “One big thing is Blanca finds love. A large part of Blanca’s arc for the season is the push and pull of being both a partner and a mom. How do you balance all these multiple roles? Blanca has always been so devoted and focused on her children…She’s finally focusing on her herself and going for her goals in a way we’re really never seen for her.”

As production continues to ramp up for Pose, we’ll learn more from the cast and FX about what to expect for season 3. We’ll keep you updated as that information drops.

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