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Elizabeth Meriwether’s sitcom 'New Girl' first aired on Fox in 2011. Which 'New Girl' is better: Megan Fox or Zooey Deschanel?

Megan Fox vs. Zoey Deschanel: Which ‘New Girl’ is superior?

Elizabeth Meriwether’s sitcom New Girl first aired on Fox in 2011. Almost immediately, it became one of the most popular shows on the network, and those ratings kept up for a majority of the show’s seven-year run. New Girl stars Zoey Deschanel as the quirky-but-loveable Jess, who’s breakup with her longtime boyfriend forces her to move into an LA loft with three single men. 

The exploits of Jess, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston (Lamorne Morris), and Nick (Jake Johnson) are perfect sitcom fodder. Deschanel was the obvious star power attached to the show, but since New Girl began, her costars have been launched into fame of their own. 

New Girl ended in 2018, but, like with many shows before it, Netflix has given the series a new life. New fans are discovering the hilarity & heart New Girl has to offer. They’re falling in love with Jess & Nick, who are set up early on as romantic interests for each other. Some are more enamored with a romantic pairing set up in season five of New Girl, when Megan Fox became a temporary cast member.

Nick & Jess

Years before Megan Fox showed up on New Girl, Nick & Jess were the obvious power couple of the show. At first, the two seemed an unlikely pairing. Jess is a kindergarten teacher who lives for singing, painting, and bringing vibrancy to the world. Nick is a bartender who’s greatest ambition is to (maybe) become a long haul trucker. 

Despite their differences, the two grow close and realize that they get along quite well. After more than a season of “will they or won’t they”, Nick & Jess started dating near the end of season 2. It seemed their relationship would last forever.

Eventually, their differences caught up to them. Nick & Jess broke up at the end of season three, but they kept living together. The possibility for a refreshed romance was never far from the show or its fans’ imaginations. Then Megan Fox’s Reagan became the new, new girl. 

Nick & Reagan

New Girl introduces Megan Fox as Reagan in season 5. Jess has to serve a long jury duty, and her friends end up renting her room to Reagan. Nick is interested in Reagan from the very beginning, in part because she’s so different from Jess.

Reagan is a very successful pharmaceutical representative. She has a no-nonsense attitude and knows exactly what she wants out of every situation. She comes off as aggressive to the other roommates, but Nick is infatuated with her.

The two begin a romance that’s complicated by Reagan only living part-time in LA. Nick is able to mature by developing his relationship with Reagan. He finds a true ambition (becoming an author) and starts working to make progress in his life. For her part, Reagan learns to open up to people. Ultimately, they decide they’re incompatible romantically and part ways. 

The Final Word

Diehard Nick & Jess fans were ecstatic to see the two come back together at the end of season 6. Many were sad to see Megan Fox leave New Girl, but few could deny that the relationship between Nick & Jess was the real heart of the show.

The seventh & final season of New Girl picks up three years after the season 6 finale. The last season checks in with all our favorite characters, but it mostly revolves around Nick proposing to Jess and the two of them deciding to leave LA. 

While Reagan served an important role in New Girl, Jess is the main character, and she was always going to come out on top. It’s bittersweet to reach the end of such a fantastic series, but thanks to Netflix, New Girl will keep us all laughing for years more. 

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