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Nick! Did you read that in Schmidt’s voice? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Here are Nick Miller's most iconic moments from 'New Girl'.

Is Nick Miller the best part of ‘New Girl’? These iconic moments say yes

Nick! Did you read that in Schmidt’s voice? If yes, then you’re in the right place. New Girl has become a comfort bingewatch for many around the world and it’s easy to see why. Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is an iconic character that’s beloved by many. It’s no secret we all want our own Nick. (Lucky Jess). 

Here are all the reasons why we think Nick Miller is the best. Check out his iconic moments!

“Cotton-Eyed Joe”

Fist pumping to this disco classic proved to New Girl fans everywhere that Nick Miller is an icon. Everyone needs to get pumped and Nick happens to use “Cotton-Eyed Joe to do that.

Julius Pepperwood

Nick’s alter ego may be in the running for the best character from New Girl. His detective skills are unparalleled especially when he teams up with Jessica Night (AKA Jessica Day). We want The Pepperwood Chronicles and we want them now!


“Give me cookie got you cookie, man.” To pay Schmidt (Max Greenfield) back, Nick brings a cookie that he shaped into the Star of David. 🍪 Unfortunately, Schmidt didn’t approve which lead to one of the most hilarious monologues from New Girl

Meeting Prince

*Screams then faints* This would be our reaction if we ever got to meet the late music legend Prince in the flesh. Nick Miller is a mood and this episode features a cameo from Prince? What more could you want?

Kiss or death

Ever risked your life to escape an awkward situation? Nick Miller has. Before Nick & Jess (Zooey Deschanel) admitted they were in love things were awkward. During a game of True American, Nick had to kiss Jess (don’t make us explain the rules), but Nick had other ideas. To escape the situation, he climbed onto a ledge and nearly fell to his death. Sadly . . . we get this.

Gay Nick

“Friends call me gay Nick.” Of course, we had to mention when Nick pretended to be gay to save Jess’s date. Unfortunately, Nick Miller is terrible at lying and always takes things a step too far. Kissing Schmidt almost seemed too natural though . . . .


Singing Fleetwood Mac is the only way to avoid unnecessary stress. Jess & the gang had to hide a “bag of meth”, but Nick is their weak link. Avoiding any involvement, Nick Miller covered his ears and began singing “Landslide”. Excellent choice. This whole episode is iconic. Don’t believe us? Watch S4,E6 then come back!

Drunk Nick

Have you ever been so drunk that simple tasks are a struggle? Nick Miller has. After fleeing from Russell’s car, Nick had to go vomit. Unfortunately, he was facing away from the car and ended up losing sight of his friends. This scene happens to be our favorite moment and another reason why he’s the best part of New Girl

Nick & Tran

Any moment between Nick & Tran is iconic. This ship is arguably stronger than the Nick & Jess saga! The first moment that Nick found Tran on a park bench, we knew that this was the start of something new. (High School Musical stans!) All we wanted was more air time for Tran! Can we get a New Girl spinoff all about Tran?

“Green Light”

The climax of the Jess & Nick saga was when we all heard the opening chords of Lorde’s “Green Light”. If you’re a true New Girl fan then you already have this song in your playlist. This list is filled with Nick’s blunders, but this moment between him & Jess is perfect. The way they chase each other around until the elevator opens . . . goosebumps

Which Nick Miller moment was your favorite? Which New Girl character do you love the most? If you want a second Nick Miller appreciation post then let us know in the comments or @FilmDailyNews.

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