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'New Girl' is a perfect show to binge over and over. One reason we never grow tired of the sitcom is Schmidt. Here's why he's our favorite character.

Schmidt’s the sage of ‘New Girl’: These quotes prove it

Hey girl, whatcha doing? Well, if you’re like us then you’re probably rewatching New Girl for the millionth time . . . this year. This comedy provides some hilarious moments and we’re constantly referencing some iconic quotes in our group chats. One person that stands out amongst the rest is Schmidt (Max Greenfield)!

Need even more reasons to stan our beloved character Schmidt? Take a look at these iconic quotes during New Girl

Let’s start off strong with: “All day!”

We can do this all day! New Girl’s Schmidt is out here becoming our very own motivational speaker and we’re here for it

“The economy sucks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now.”

The build up to 2020 summed up in one quote.

“I love mango chutney.”

This is one of those quotes that you can hear. Chut-e-ney. That’s right, we can hear Schmidt saying this too!

“Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?”

That’s what we’re doing Schmidt! We all need to take a moment and celebrate ourselves.

“Nick is delicate. Like a flower. Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.”

Anyone else relating to Nick in some painful way? Sometimes honesty is the best policy, but Schmidt proves once again a filter should be used!

Schmidt: “No sig oths.”
Cece: “Just say ‘significant others.’”
Schmidt: “Maybe you have that kind of time, but I’m on a tight sched.”

Why waste time saying a word in full? Sometimes, it’s best to leave them wanting more. G2g!

“I can do anything I put my mind to. I once figured out Alyssa Milano’s phone number just by randomly choosing numbers.”

Alyssa Milano, is that you? Schmidt’s proving to us that anything is possible even calling actress Alyssa Milano by using a series of random numbers. 

“This is a horrible neighborhood. There are youths everywhere!”

Youths! Youths everywhere! Sometimes a young person can be intimidating, but so can a middle-aged man shouting youths.

“Schmidt happens.”

What happens? Schmidt happens. New Girl out here giving us some new life mottos. 

Schmidt: “Here’s another tip, don’t ask a guy out on a first date on the least sexy holiday in America.”
Jess: “What are the sexiest holidays in America?”
Schmidt: “The most sexy holidays are the 4th of July — Independence Day, obviously. Women’s History Month. Christmas.”

Struggling to find the perfect time to take out your special person? Well, Schmidt is here to help provide you with a list of the sexiest holidays. You’re welcome.

Let us know your favorite Schmidt quote from New Girl in the comments!

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