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There’s no doubt that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are fiercely protective and loving parents. Look at the latest bigotry they're facing!

Thumbs down: Why is Megan Fox fighting for queer representation?

Are you ready for some intense parental love in action? Megan Fox, the stunning starlet who stole hearts in Jennifer’s Body, ain’t got time for haters, especially when they come for her kids! The ever-so-gorgeous actress recently put former Republican Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck in his place after he tried to take a jab at her and her little ones.

Let’s take a look at what the latest episode in Republican bigotry made the actress stand up and speak out instead of twiddling her thumbs. 

Social media upheaval

Hold up, what did Mr. Starbuck tweet to irk the mama bear? Apparently, he claimed to have seen two of Fox’s sons have a meltdown, allegedly being forced to wear girls’ clothes. Starbuck blasted this on Twitter, calling it “pure child abuse.” Woah, slow down there, buddy! So, here’s how the fierce Megan Fox responded: like the queen she is!

Megan’s clapback was one for the ages. Taking to Instagram, she highlighted the screenshot of Starbuck’s tweet and eloquently schooled him. She put it straight: don’t mess with children for some social currency! 

Megan emphasized that using kids, particularly by exploiting her child’s gender identity for political attention, was downright evil. And trust us, she didn’t mince words – ending her message with a stern warning that Starbuck messed with the wrong witch. Snap!

Let’s shift gears and celebrate the Fox fam for a sec! Megan shares three adorable boys, ten-year-old Noah, nine-year-old Bodhi, and six-year-old Journey, with her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. And guess what? They’re both awesome parents.

Brian wasn’t about to let this slide with just a thumbs down. Talking to TMZ, he came forward to back up Megan, confirming that Starbuck’s allegations were bogus. He reaffirmed that the kids are doing just great, and folks should keep their nosy opinions in check.

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Redressed for success

Megan’s parenting style is both inclusive and empowering. She’s been vocal about her support for her son Noah’s love for dresses. In an interview with Glamour UK, Megan opened up about how Noah started wearing dresses at the age of two.

She took it as an opportunity to educate and support her children with more than a thumbs up, buying books that address a spectrum of gender expression and identity. Some of these books are even written by transgender children. Fox explained how she incorporates this into her kids’ daily lives, so they never feel like they’re weird or strange. Parenting goals, right?


So, this Transformers diva is a transformer in her own right – turning this nasty social media debacle into a chance to shed light on inclusive parenting. There’s no doubt that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are fiercely protective and loving parents.

Will the haters take a hint and back off? One can only hope! But let’s end with a question: Isn’t it high time we all embrace and celebrate the beautiful diversity that makes us human? That is more than deserving of a thumbs up in our eyes.


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