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What is the real reason Megan Fox and MGK split up?

Whatever the reason, the Megan Fox & MGK split should be a very good one! Around a month ago Fox deleted her Instagram pictures with MGK and a tsunami conspiracy began. Breakups are complex phenomena and usually happen due to more than one reason, nevertheless, rumor has it that this particular breakup has to do with cheating. Don’t get fooled by celebs, they have the same romantic issues that you. 

Further, the more than evident toxicity that this couple showed to have in their dynamic, we can’t deny that they were truly iconic. Yet, there are certain things in a relationship that is way more important than good Instagram pictures together or becoming the icons of the red carpet. Let’s not forget about the engagement ring MGK gave Fox designed to harm her if she took it off. 

It looks like whatever made Megan Fox take that ring out of her fingers hurt more than the scrap on her skin. But what was it? Was it a single and completely delimited action? Were they a series of uncomfortable situations that made the relationship unsustainable? Let’s take a closer and more critical look at all we know regarding the couple’s break up!

Mysterious DMs

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly have been compared to Bennifer & Brangelina due to how iconic & hit they are together. But even IT couples get to an end and cheat on each other. According to The New York Post, Megan Fox found serious DMs on Kelly’s phone that are responsible for turning off their flame, yet, there are not any other details. But who needs actual information when we have fans with a speculative minds right?

According to fans’ speculations, MGK had cheated on Fox with his work partner musician Sophie Lloyd, who has been his guitarist since last year. Nonetheless,  Lloyd’s representatives soon released a statement denying “any romantic involvement” with the musician. They also pointed out to be completely unprofessional & unethical to involve this girl in gossip she has nothing to do with. 

Although there have been notes with official information, Instagram has been the true newspaper for fans. A broken heart is hard to hide, and Megan Fox hasn’t been discrete at all since she posted lyrics from Beyonce’s “Pray You Catch Me.” In case you don’t have it fresh this song makes reference to Jay-Z’s cheating allegations . . . “You can taste the dishonesty all over your breath.”

With this last post coming directly from Fox it is hard to find another explanation for the breakup further than cheating. Nonetheless, it can be anyone, the truth is that there’s nothing quite sure involving Sophie Lloyd so maybe we should keep those particular speculations off.  Something interesting is that Fox followed Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, and Eminem, who has a major situation with MGK. 

Is the Twin Flame on again?

Some relationships are really hard to end, but is this the case for Fox & MGK? The thing with celeb relationships is that not only do they get break-up rumors but also reconciliation suppositions. How hard is it to put out the twin flame? Just to have a small recap, the couple fell in love while filming Midnight’s in 2020 and engaged last summer 2022. But it looks like things have changed in the last month.

According to other speculations, the couple is picking up the pieces of their relationship. All these rumors began when the ex-couple was seen on Valentine’s Day out of a building that’s apparently full of therapists. Anyway, how can somebody know if they attended couple therapy? And if they did, it would be impossible to know which matters were discussed. 

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