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Is Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox plotting a name change for something bigger? Let's find out.

Is Machine Gun Kelly changing his name to cover up sexually assaulting Megan Fox?

Machine Gun Kelly, the flamboyant artist known for his rapid-fire lyrics and punk rock attitude, might be pondering just that. It all began with a simple yet intriguing change in his social media behavior, sparking a wave of speculation among fans and followers.

Lately, MGK, as he’s affectionately known, has been sprinkling hints like breadcrumbs on his Instagram and Twitter feeds. The artist, who’s always been more ‘machine’ than ‘gun’ in his musical approach, seems to be favoring a new nickname: “Machine”. But why the sudden shift? Could this be a new chapter in the Ohio native’s already eclectic career?

The scandal (?)

Rewind to a recent show, where comedy duo Chad and JT unfurled a banner with a bold request: “Change your name!!!” Initially, MGK seemed baffled, but when the duo clarified their stance against glorifying machine guns, the audience erupted in support. Fast forward to today, and Chad and JT proudly claim victory on TikTok, but has MGK really ditched the ‘Gun’ from his persona?

At the GQ Men Of The Year event, MGK threw another curveball. While strutting his stuff on the red carpet, he casually asked photographers to just call him “Machine”. It’s a bold move, but not entirely out of character for someone who’s never shied away from reinventing himself.

Amidst this name-changing saga, MGK also made headlines for an ‘awkward’ encounter at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Approached by Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle for a quick chat, MGK’s response was anything but typical. The rapper’s offbeat humor and air guitar request left Brundle and viewers alike in a state of amused confusion.

Defending The Vibe

Social media was quick to label the interview ‘awkward’, prompting MGK to defend his stance. He expressed frustration over being thrust into a random interview, citing overwhelming anxiety and the roaring car engines as factors in his curt response. It’s a reminder that even stars have their off days, especially in the high-octane world of Formula One.

Amidst these personal and professional whirlwinds, MGK’s fame continues to grow. Recently, he found himself in a slightly tense moment when a fan invaded a panel event. MGK’s reaction? Protective and assertive, showcasing a different facet of the ‘Machine’ persona.

So, is Machine Gun Kelly ready to officially become just ‘Machine’? The jury’s still out, but it’s clear that this artist is no stranger to evolution and surprise. 

Whether it’s a full-blown name change or just a whimsical phase, one thing’s for sure: MGK, or Machine, knows how to keep us talking. Could this be the start of a new era for the ‘Machine’, and what might that mean for his music and image? Only time will tell. What do you think?

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