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Help us #SaveSaturdays with our fifth rewatch challenge

If you didn’t follow the Twitter discourse, let us quickly clue you in. One Day at a Time, an innovative and fairly recent sitcom taking cues from black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat, was unceremoniously kicked by Netflix after just three seasons. The show follows a Cuban-American veteran, divorcee, and mother of two coping with PTSD and the demands of parenthood in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

One Day at a Time takes the title and rough premise from the long-running series of the 70s and 80s, but transposes the story for a modern, Latinx-focused update. Starring Justina Machado (Jane the Virgin) and the legendary Rita Moreno (West Side Story), One Day at a Time was praised for its delicate and timely handling of heavy themes such as mental illness, racism, and homophobia.

In the same tweet announcing the series’s cancellation, Netflix had the brass cajones to call for “more representation” in media, and people are rightfully royally pissed. We’ve added One Day at a Time to our bid to #SaveSaturdays. We’re hoping it gets the Brooklyn Nine-Nine treatment soon, with another network quickly realizing how dumb Netflix were to cancel it.

In light of this news, we’re bringing back our rewatch challenge after a short break. This time, let’s shed light on why these shows are the best of the best. We’re talking critical gems and watching the episodes with the highest iMDB ratings.

Of course you just might disagree, so tweet @FilmDailyNews with what you think is the best episode of your fave series.

One Day at a Time “Not Yet” (S02E13)

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iMDB Rating: 9.4

In this heartwarming Christmas finale, Lydia is hospitalized and the whole family gathers to appreciate everything she’s done for them. Perhaps an episode decorated with Xmas lights and good cheer isn’t the best thing to watch in March, but keep your good spirits up and you’ll find this a poignant gateway into the underrated sitcom.

Shadowhunters “Erchomai” (S03E10)

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iMDB Rating: 9.6

It’s no surprise the last episode before season 3’s thrilling return last month received a surge of ratings from passionate Shadowfans. If life got in the way of watching your favorite crew take down demons and vampires, take this as a hint to catch up and join us on the other side.

Timeless “Chinatown” (S02E10)

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iMDB Rating: 9.3

Hardcore fans only with this one, as if you’re not up to date on the Lifeboat’s time-hopping adventures and the mystery of Rittenhouse, this penultimate episode before the thrilling finale is apt to shock and confuse. But it’s a humdinger!

Wynonna Earp “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers” (S02E05)

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iMDB Rating: 9.2

This show is so good that there were plenty of episodes with this rating to choose from. We’ve gone with this supernatural take on the rare snowy Western, blending its signature action with the claustrophobic tension of The Hateful Eight. Wynonna and Waverly are trapped by a huge snowstorm and are forced to confront their demons, in more ways than one.

Midnight, Texas “Patience is a Virtue” and “Yasss, Queen” (S02E09/E10)

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iMDb Rating: 8.6

It’s crazy the last two episodes were so beloved by fans and yet the series is still trapped in cancellation limbo. If our last rewatch challenge got you hooked on a new fave, go bingewatch the second season asap!

Colony “Seppuku” (S02E12)

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iMDb Rating: 8.7

Colony’s action always puts other sci-fi shows to shame, but this episode is known for its particularly taut set pieces. Revelations abound when an attack on the Red Hand’s base goes horribly wrong. We dare you not to throw on the next episode immediately when you get to that twist.

Hannibal “Mizumono” (S02E13)

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iMDb Rating: 9.9

Yeah, you read that rating right. Near-perfect scores are a rarity outside the iMDb top 250 and universally acclaimed shows like The Wire, but if you needed any more proof Hannibal is genuinely among the best series of the last decade, look no further than its season 2 finale.

Mixing gory thrills with impeccable style, Hannibal Lecter unleashes his masterplan. What this episode is missing in food porn it makes up for in aesthetic, twists, and shocking reveals.

Everything Sucks! “We Were Merely Freshmen” (S01E10)

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iMDb Rating: 8.1

Kate and Emaline’s romance finally starts to flourish amid heartbreaks, betrayals, fixed wounds, and reunions. As the kids’ first film is on its way to completion, the students of Boring High realize more than ever that life is complicated, and sometimes the only way to fix it is with a slice of pizza.

Sense8 “You Want a War?” (S02E11)

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iMDb Rating: 9.5

What we thought of as the last episode before the Wachowskis’ serene and emotionally cathartic sci-fi series was saved at the last minute for one last finale to say goodbye. The penultimate episode sees the Sensates facing off against a terrifying new threat that has the power to drive them apart.

Dark Matter “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose” (S02E12)

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iMDb Rating: 8.8

Things get serious for the Raza crew when Four has his memories restored. Now as Ishida Ryo, he enlists the help of the crew to overthrow his corrupt brother. A simple plan goes terribly wrong when Ryo is caught and sentenced to death with no chance of escape.

Scorpion “Arrivals and Departures” (S02E10)

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iMDb Rating: 8.8

As Megan’s condition gets worse, the team is threatened by a toxic outbreak of fungus, separating Walter from his sister and putting everyone at risk. Think of this as throwing on a great B-movie that’s half as long and features characters you actually care about.

Ash vs. Evil Dead “The Mettle of Man” (S01E010)

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iMDb Rating: 9.2

This is technically the highest-rated piece of media related to the franchise, and it’s certainly the closest you can get to reliving the glory of the original trilogy. The Dead are terrorizing the world, the military are out of control, and only Ash and his amateur tank-driving skills have a chance to save the day.

The finale to Sam Raimi’s cult continuation is just as groovy, madcap, and gory as ever, but leave it to the Evil Dead series to open up its biggest can of worms just before cancellation.

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