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Film Daily are standing with cancelled shows this year in hopes of saving what deserves a second chance.

Among the reboot mania engulfing the entertainment industry, one cry can be heard from deep within the tumult: Bring 'Hannibal' back for another serving.

Here are some of the most macabre meals ever served in film and TV history that’ll make you feel sick and hungry all at once.

We’re still yelling as loudly as we possibly can for a fourth season of 'Hannibal' to come to fruition and goddammit we think it’s about high time that

In an odd trend that we’re going to go ahead and call the rise of the non-limited series, 'The Alienist' is getting a sequel season despite S1 being

Everyone loves presents, right? So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or heck, you just want to show your buddy or relative how much you love them, here are

2018 has proven to be a divisive year. Socially, politically, and within the barb-slinging Wild West of the internet, everything seems to be defined by bold disparate opinions,

While we may have moved on from these conventional cliches, there is still a number of lazy tropes present in even some of the most complex of female

After three beautiful, savage, and wickedly horny seasons of gourmet cannibalistic delights, Hannibal was cancelled by NBC in June 2015 due to low ratings. At that time it