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Here’s our ranking of nine of the sexiest ever Hannigram moments that continue to keep us pining for more of Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen in 'Hannibal'.

Hugh Dancy and Mads: Ranking Hannigram’s hottest moments in ‘Hannibal’

We’re still yelling as loudly as we possibly can for a fourth season of Hannibal to come to fruition and goddammit we think it’s about high time that we’re listened to.

We’ve recently been rewatching the show as part of our annual Hannibal highlights reel (something that we treat ourselves to when everything else on TV seems a little disappointing by comparison). And we’re once again mesmerized by Hannigram.

The f***ed-up psychosexual bond between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) is one of the darkest and most complex relationships ever seen on screen. Their odd love affair is also legitimately canon, which adds even more weight and intrigue to their tense desire and respect for one another.

The chemistry between them has always been undeniable and whether romantic, sexual, intellectual, or professional, it’s always been hot AF too. Here’s our ranking of nine of the sexiest ever Hannigram moments that continue to keep us pining for more from the show.

9. When Hannibal pines for Will after he misses his appointment

Hannigram don’t even need to be in the same room for their electric chemistry to be evident. When Will fails to show up for his appointment, Hannibal’s reaction is devastating and relatable for anyone who’s ever been stood up.

He touches his phone longingly and he checks his calendar. There’s a misty-eyed expression on his face that suggests he fantasizes about Will 24/7. The precise manner with which he pulls himself together also suggests a man full of a controlled, fiery lust.

8. When Hannibal draws fanart of him and Will as Achilles & Patroclus

Achilles and Patroclus shared an intense and loving intellectual and occasionally sexual relationship together that accurately reflects the one shared by Hannibal and Will. But with about twice as much bloodshed.

The sketch is essentially Hannibal’s Greek art equivalent of a thirst trap for Will and it’s adorable AF.

7. When Hannibal bandages Will’s hands

By all rights those bandages should be reduced to cinder by the end of Hannibal’s care for Will. We’re almost certain that tenderly stroking the skin of a patient while tending to their wounds isn’t exactly standard practice for doctors.

6. The time that Hannibal sniffs Will

In S1 the strange Hannigram connection is built up slowly and with great subtlety – a touch held a little too long or a glance that lingers beyond what should be appropriate between a doctor and a patient.

And then there’s this scene in which Hannibal loses complete control of himself and leans in to grab a sniff of his “beloved”. Will’s not into it (or at the very least, he doesn’t know that he’s into it yet).

5. When Will discovers Hannibal is in love with him (duh!)

Hannibal isn’t even in the room for this scene and yet it’s still hot as hell somehow. Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) tells Will that it excites their mutual lover that Will “is marked in this particular way” by Hannibal’s inflicted scars.

It’s interesting because the line mirrors the one said by Hannibal to Clarice in Silence of the Lambs after a fellow hospital patient flings his semen at her.

Add into this equation Bedelia asking Will if he “aches” for Hannibal and his loaded silence that follows her line of questioning and you’ve got a majorly hot scene full of the unfurling of unspoken truths.

4. When Hannibal holds Will’s head in his hands and stares into his eyes

Hot damn! Is there anything more romantic in the world? True Fact: Approximately 92% of Hannibal fans screamed “Kiss him!” during this S2 moment and were greatly disappointed when no such lip lock transpired.

3. When Hannibal embraces Will after mortally wounding him

The S2 finale is one of the most breathtaking, exhilarating, and violent season finales ever committed to television. And the scene in which Hannibal suddenly jolts a blade into Will’s body (he does say he wanted to “surprise” him) is extremely difficult to watch.

But the way that Hannibal embraces Will afterwards and holds his head lovingly as he drips blood all over the kitchen laminate is disturbingly romantic. Hannigram are fucked up, y’all! Yet there’s no denying the chilling, desperate, and dysfunctional love between them.

2. That freaky ass threeway (that didn’t really happen)

S2 served up a fantastical sex scene that both pushed the main story forward while delving deep into the psychic bond shared between Will and Hannibal. The result was a psychosexual threesome involving Hannigram and Alana that “crossed boundaries” as acknowledged later on over dinner.

Their bond is all-encompassing and present, even when they aren’t literally connected in a physical manner. The resulting scene is one of the sexiest in the entire show.

1. When Hannigram embraces after killing Dolarhyde

After a whole season of psychological foreplay (what the hell else can you possibly call it?), Hannigram join forces to take down Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) together – and they both pay for it with massive quantities of their own blood.

After slaughtering the killer, the two share an exhausted and fatalistic embrace where Hannibal tells Will: “This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For both of us,” as if they’ve finally clasped hands over a romantic meal rather than ripped a man’s throat out together.

It’s true love, ladies and gentlemen. Ugly, deranged, and delirious love, but true nonetheless. Now can we have S4 already so we can see more of these two developing this relationship? Please!

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  • i really love to see them again…damn i just have this feeling that we fannibals were patiently waiting to see them kissing and brayn fuller just turned off the tv that time.

    June 12, 2020
  • But… the ladder scene!

    September 2, 2020
  • Love your comments, Amy Roberts … it was as if you opened my brain and put to words my thoughts and feelings about the Hannibal series that I’ve watched at least eight times … so far!
    Guess I’m a fan, but each time I watch … something “new” is discovered!
    The creativity of all the production elements and the undercurrents of the “almost” in relationships are truly mesmerizing and deserve many more seasons of this excellence in edgy programming … because … after all …

    November 1, 2020

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