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Here’s our ranking of nine of the sexiest ever Hannigram moments that continue to keep us pining for more from 'Hannibal'.

Among the reboot mania engulfing the entertainment industry, one cry can be heard from deep within the tumult: Bring 'Hannibal' back for another serving.

Ready yourself for some bingeable horror fun because Netflix has handed a straight to series order for Guillermo del Toro’s new horror anthology series '10 After Midnight'. Here’s

Could upcoming fairytale anthology show 'Fabled' be the fairest of them all? Judging by the first trailer of Zosia Mamet’s upcoming Refinery29 show, it’ll at least provide a

Make no mistake, we all love the holidays. But what none of us enjoys is when our fave shows stop airing and we’re forced to wait for their