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Netflix renews 'Firefly Lane' for season 2, but these cancelled series deserve to be saved as well. Delve into shows that Netflix should renew ASAP.

Netflix renews ‘Firefly Lane’, but what about these cancelled shows?

Netflix has an odd track record with show renewals. Honestly, since we only get the metrics for when series do well, then it leaves us questioning when some things got a renewal while others didn’t. Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigel & Sarah Chalke, scored a season 2 renewal on Wednesday. Given that it looks like the plan was to split the series into two seasons? Not that surprising.

According to metrics from both Netflix & Nielsen, Firefly Lane wracked up plenty of eyeballs in its first 28 days, almost 50 million. The renewal for Firefly Lane season 2 does make sense, but, also, it’s frustrating considering other great Netflix shows that got the kibosh. Whether because of only limited fan engagement or limitations due to COVID-19, maybe these Netflix series should get another chance.

I Am Not Okay With This

Starring Sophia Lillis (IT) as Sydney Novak, I Am Not Okay With This follows Sydney as she struggles with her father’s suicide, realizing that she’s in love with her best friend, and the pains of being a teenager in high school. Also, she’s possibly developing superpowers, which are majorly freaking her out. The series is excellently written & acted, but was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19 after one season.

Considering that I Am Not Okay With This ended on a pretty big cliffhanger? It’s definitely maddening that we’re not getting more of the series. With more people, however, vaccinated and a push for things to return to normal, however, we’re begging Netflix to reverse the cancellation and bring back the series for a second season. It was so freaking good.

The Society

Another beloved teen series cancelled due to COVID-19 that, maybe, could get a new life on Netflix. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? In The Society, a group of teenagers return home from a cancelled field trip to find that everyone else in their town is gone. Of course, they have to build a new society from scratch because, well, they need to survive with limited resources.

What really stings is that The Society was renewed for a second season. Then COVID-19 happened and Netflix reversed the decision, which drove fans insane. Now, however, maybe Netflix can reverse the reversal? Bring us back to The Society? We need to see if things really devolve into full on Lord of the Flies. More importantly, we need some serious answers.

Prodigal Son

For variety, let’s talk about a show that wasn’t cancelled by Netflix, but could do well on the streamer. Fox cancelled this beloved series after two seasons. In the show, we follow Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) a former FBI profiler who helps the NYPD solve cases. Bright has a fairly unique insight into the criminal mind because his father (Michael Sheen) was a serial killer known as the Surgeon.

Prodigal Son follows Bright as he deals with his trauma stemming from childhood while also trying to solve cases. Payne delivers a stellar performance as Malcolm Bright. When you bring Sheen in? Forget about it. Season 2 of Prodigal Son ended with a cliffhanger. Given the success that Netflix has when it acquired the rights to Hannibal? Well, they can definitely give this series new life.

Look at what happened when Netflix scooped up former Fox series Lucifer from the cancellation pile? It brought the show to dazzling new heights.


C’mon Netflix. You acquired the rights. The fans want it. The actors want it. We want it. We’ve written multiple articles about why we want Hannibal to finish up its run. We have nothing left to give you, cruel corporate overlord. So please? Please? Give us more of this series. Please.

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