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Start rewatching your favorite shows and join our campaign to #SaveSaturdays! Here's our list of where everything’s available to bingewatchers in the U.S.

How you can help us #SaveSaturdays by rewatching the best cancelled shows

You’re probably well aware by now that Film Daily has been on a crusade this year to raise awareness on our favorite shows cancelled way too early. From Hannibal to Shadowhunters, networks have been cutting down a slew of creative, compelling shows just as they got to their juiciest season finales – and we’re demanding closure.

We want to reach out a hand to you, loyal fan, and invite you on our campaign to save our favorite shows. We’ve already outlined how a network of fans can reignite support for a show in danger of extinction. Series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expanse rose from the ashes precisely because of the tidal wave of fan outcry following their cancellation.

If you have a community of friends & fans, whether online or in the real world, who are mourning the loss of Dark Matter or Timeless and will be watching the season finale of Shadowhunters the second it drops (then over and over again for the next ten years), start setting up your meetups and watchalongs. We’re calling for you to get back on the bingewatching train by taking our episode-by-episode rewatch challenge.

You’ll either be watching some of the best episodes of shows you’ve already seen and loved, or taking our advice and sampling an episode of a show we think you should be watching right now. So, get tweeting @FilmDailyNews, grab some buckets of popcorn & your most dedicated friends, and get rewatching! Here are our picks for the best episodes to check out – but don’t be afraid to freestyle.

If you’re outside the US and stuck trying to find the best shows, we’ve compiled a handy guide right here to help you out. Otherwise, we’ll list where everything’s available to bingewatchers in the States.

Shadowhunters “By the Light of Dawn” (S02E10)

Find it on Amazon & Hulu

This mid-season finale is beloved by fans for being packed with shocking reveals and some of the best action in the series. Newcomers might be a little lost, but the twists & turns are definitely crazy enough to get you hooked. This episode perfectly showcases the unrivalled action set pieces and choreography that became a staple for the series. We guarantee you’ll keep watching the following episodes until you’re caught up again for the return of Season 3.

Timeless “The Capture of Benedict Arnold” (S01E10)

Find it on Amazon & Hulu

Timeless is as gripping as it is educational, a race through time & space with spectacular visuals and plotting. “The Capture of Benedict Arnold” is no different, offering a slick and exciting take on one of the less-explored turning points in American history.

Colony “Yoknapatawpha” (S01E06)

Find it on Amazon

If you’re introducing a newcomer to Colony, the sci-fi adventure that combines the dirty oppression of a Neil Blomkamp film with Kathryn Bigelow’s brutally real action, look no further than “Yoknapatawpha”. Just don’t bother trying to pronounce the title. The action really starts stepping its game up here when an ambush goes horribly wrong and the LA team finds themselves surrounded on all sides.

Hannibal “Tome-Wan” (S02E12)

Find it on Amazon

The most disastrously beautiful show on television, Hannibal combined luscious camera work and production design, almost convincing us that being a cannibal maybe wouldn’t be so bad. We love a creative use of gore here at Film Daily, so we think the episode in which the titular sadist convinces Mason Verger to tear off chunks of his own face is so hideous that it demands another viewing.

Everything Sucks! “Sometimes I Hear My Voice” (S01E06)

Find it on Netflix

Everything Sucks! was praised for its ensemble cast and sprawling narratives that encourage inclusivity and empathy in teen drama. We were most impressed with Peyton Kennedy’s glorious performance as Kate, an awkward, punchy 15-year-old who’s starting to discover her own sexuality. We think the sequence in which she attends a Tori Amos concert and gets her first glimpse of her community is absolutely essential, and it’s worth watching the whole episode just for that.

Sense8 “Amor Vincit Omnia” (S02E12)

Find it on Netflix

Stunning, satisfying, transcendent, cathartic, draining. The finale to Sense8 runs long at two-and-a-half hours, but you won’t regret a single second spent with one of the most engaging television ensembles in recent memory. Give it another watch to remind you of the culmination of the Wachowski Sisters’s frenetic and unpredictable career, or let this be a reminder to set aside an evening and throw it on if you’ve been putting it off since its release last summer.

Dark Matter – “Episode Seven” (S01E07)

Find it on Amazon

A fan favorite thanks to its explorative backstory and an early guest appearance from Ruby Rose, entice your friends with the guest star (who sadly didn’t come back for later seasons), and get them hooked on the show’s fabulous cast and intriguing sci-fi world in E07.

Killjoys “A Glitch in the System” (S01E05)

Find it on Amazon

Killjoys suffered from the classic slow start, but most fans agree it picked itself up and got intense around the middle of the first season. The show introduced the world to Hannah John-Kamen, now a talent to be reckoned with, and episode 5 is guaranteed not only to get newcomers addicted, but remind current fans long overdue a rewatch to get back on the Killjoys buzz.

Scorpion “Chernobyl Intentions” & “Toby or Not Toby” (S02E23+24)

Find it on Amazon & CBS All Access

You can throw pretty much any episode of Scorpion on and have a whale of a time, but for us it doesn’t get much better than the thrilling finale of season 2. If you’re short on time you can get away with cutting the first part, but we’d recommend watching both in one go for the full gripping experience.

The Mayor “Pilot” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

We’re betting you probably haven’t seen this underrated comedy, as it was completely screwed in its first year of production. Initially airing on ABC, it was shopped around other networks before being dumped on Hulu with little-to-no fanfare, where it was left to die. We’re encouraging you to give the first episode a try and, if you’re lucky enough to have already seen it, go right back to where it all began and bingewatch the whole series!

Ghosted “Sam” (S01E06)

Find it on Amazon

Somehow a supernatural comedy series starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, two of the funniest people on screens big and small, was axed after just one season. We think “Sam” is probably the best showcase of the double act’s comedic chops. Plus, there’s the bonus of special appearances from Dax Shepard and Sonya Walger as well as the honor of being directed by LGBTQI film & TV extraordinaire Jamie Babbit.

Ash vs Evil Dead “Ashy Slashy” (S02E08)

Find it on Amazon

The long-awaited return to Sam Raimi’s roots was a dream come true for slasher horror fans. Featuring Bruce Campbell reuniting with his signature chainsaw hand, as Ash he battles the scourge of the underworld while struggling to maintain his day job. For us, “Ashy Slashy” is the closest the show gets to reliving the same magic of Raimi’s classic trilogy.

Good Behavior “Your Mama Had a Hard Night” (S01E04)

Find it on Amazon & Hulu

Pick pretty much any episode of Good Behavior and you’re guaranteed a slick & sexy time, but if you’re introducing someone new to the show then you can’t go wrong with giving them a little taste of the tension that starts to build midway through the first season. You’ll be devastated the show never got to season three by the end – trust us.

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