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Make friends & influence people: How your network can save your show

Make friends & influence people: How your network can save your show

Got a sprawling circuit of friends & followers willing to team together to make a difference? Then we’ve got a mission for you, bingewatcher!

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably pretty peeved one or more of your fave shows got the boot in the last few years. Sure, some got lucky and managed to find a new home with another network or streaming platform, but not every show can be Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


This year, Film Daily is rallying behind our favorite lost shows to #SaveSaturdays. We want to get fans trending & talking to make the top decision-makers sit up and take notice. Networks like NBC and Fox have been blind to anything but the outdated Nielsen method of tracking ratings for far too long. It’s about time we made a change.

The TV landscape has completely changed since streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have taken over and vastly improved the way we watch our favorite shows. Most prefer to bingewatch an entire season in a weekend, or wait for that perfect moment to host a viewing party for an anticipated episode. Still, in 2019, networks are relying only on that first overnight figure to decide the ultimate fate of our fave series.

The internet is the best tool in our arsenal to defend our beloved series, and possibly even bring back some lost gems from the brink of death. Fans now have more power than ever to change the minds of network execs.

We saw last summer how fandoms launching online campaigns and trending hashtags could turn the tides, and shows like The Expanse and Lucifer managed to gain enough traction for different networks to save the shows from an untimely demise.

Earlier this month, Syfy announced it had decided not to renew sci-fi series 'The Expanse' for a fourth season. The show – beloved by many for reasons that continue to evade us – is now reportedly in line to possibly be saved by Amazon Studios.

Are you desperate to give your favorite cancelled show a shot at redemption? We believe there’s time to give the best series another chance, but we need your help to rally the forces.

If you’re still not ready to say goodbye to Malec, get everyone you know watching the upcoming Shadowhunters finale this year to give it a shot at a fourth season. If the season finales to Timeless, Dark Matter, and others asked more questions than they answered, it’s time to load up that pilot and get your bestie hooked.

Want to show your support, but unsure how to gain access to these lost shows? We’ll give you a comprehensive guide how to find series if you’re living outside of the US. We understand that torrenting is sometimes the easiest option but, for those that can afford to, we want to provide the best methods of getting your voice heard. The quickest way to do that is by logging your viewing time on a legit platform, so here’s where to catch the shows we’re campaigning for this year:


Available on Hulu & Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the UK, Australia, Europe, and Brazil


Available on Amazon & Hulu

Watch it on Netflix in the UK & Canada

Dark Matter

Available on Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the US


Available on Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the UK & Australia


Available on Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the UK, US, and Brazil


Available on Amazon

Watch in on Netflix in the UK, Canada, Europe, and Brazil

Everything Sucks!

Available on Netflix everywhere


Available on Netflix everywhere


Available on CBS All Access & Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the UK & Europe

The Mayor

Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Available on Amazon

Watch it on Netflix in the UK

Good Behavior

Available on Hulu & Amazon

What are you waiting for? Get busy streaming and join our fight to #SaveSaturdays in 2019. While you’re at it, sign up to our newsletter for exclusive info on how to start your own fan meetups to show your support for unjustly cancelled shows. We can’t wait to see you there!

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