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We’ve been campaigning to save some of the best cancelled shows this year, and we truly believe it would be in the streaming giant’s best interest to renew

As fans get ready to say goodbye to Shadowhunters, one sentiment has remained on every fan’s lips: Malec forever.

Throughout Film Daily’s journey to save our favorite shows from the ashes of cancellation, we’ve had the immense privilege of reading some incredible, life-affirming stories from fans around

Wash away the hangover of your Academy Award-themed watchparty, and get ready to bingewatch with another week of prestige dramas, and promising new comedies.

Win tickets to Film Daily and Fancity's Shadowhunters Season 3B exciting premiere screening and party!

We couldn’t be less interested in a Marvel TV landscape populated by PG-13 prequels and sequels; here’s why the street-level heroes deserve a second chance.

We’ve spoken to dedicated Dark Matter fans to find out how much the show means to them, and why they think the show deserves a second chance.

In celebration of the final ever season of Shadowhunters, we thought we’d pick out some of the craziest theories and predictions of what’s to come.

To celebrate the prematurely axed sci-fi extravaganza, here are some of the craziest Timeless theories we’ve managed to dig up.