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'Dark Matter' had lots of potential before it was cancelled. What did the cast members have in mind for future storylines?

‘Dark Matter’: If it wasn’t cancelled what would’ve happened to the cast?

11Dark Matter has only been off our screens a scant year and a half now, but we’re still mad we won’t get the closure the series deserves. A fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi romp through alternate realities, dreamscapes, and AI intrigue, Dark Matter was a must-watch for SyFy diehards every week it aired.

Sadly, the decision-makers over at SyFy didn’t agree with its legion of fans. Despite steady ratings – undoubtedly boosted by its streaming availability on Amazon for overseas viewers – and a dedicated community, the execs decided showrunners Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie’s innovative vision wasn’t quite up to scratch.

We’re taking a stand for fallen shows like 'Dark Matter', cut down in their prime before getting a chance to unleash their full potential.

If you’re still reeling from that season finale, Film Daily shares your pain. Season 3 dropped a major bombshell on its unprepared fans, and to leave us hanging like that is borderline criminal. Don’t get us wrong: it’s happened before and it’ll happen again, but we still think abandoning a series like that, without so much as a last-minute finale to wrap up loose ends, goes completely against everything a TV network should stand for.

Today, we want to celebrate the wild imaginations that were sparked by the show with some of the craziest fan theories we’ve come across. From speculation of what was to come, to insane pontificating that changes the entire outlook of the series, here are the best and wackiest theories we’ve managed to find.

It was all in Five’s head

This is one of the most out-there theories we’ve come across, from Reddit user falling into_fate, who lays out a surprisingly logical thought process as to how the series could actually all be one shared fever dream.

It sounds like a deranged conspiracy theory but makes for an interesting read, and is worth it simply for the response from showrunner and active Redditor Joseph Malozzi, who retorts that the theory could be a convenient way to bring back One, long-dead since the beginning of the second season.

The Android was modelled from the DNA of a deceased person

Here’s a theory that was shared with the showrunner nearing the end of season 2 that actually came pretty close to the money. Of course, we now know the Android was modelled after Irena Shaw, who suffers from a brain tumor and is now in stasis but not, thankfully, completely passed on.

There’s enough material for more than five seasons

One of the biggest revelations in season 3 was the Android’s wave of prophetic visions of what’s to come in the Raza crew’s future. Some have speculated that, with everything else going down, there’s no way the writers could have fit all of her insight into just two more seasons and still deliver a satisfying conclusion. There’s every chance that the writers could have been keeping some ideas locked away for season 6 and beyond.

One could make a comeback

The first character to wake from stasis was a fan favorite throughout the first season of Dark Matter before being unceremoniously killed off by his lookalike Jace Corse, a lowlife hitman whom One impersonates to gain access to the Raza. Despite his shady history as a billionaire CEO, after the memory wipe One becomes the moral center of the Raza, leading the way with his natural authority and sharp sense of humor.

Redditor Wuped suggests that, in a universe where creating clones or android replicas is common practice, there shouldn’t be any issue bringing him back if the crew finds itself short of company.

Season 4 might be finished in a comic book

Before Dark Matter was realized as the live-action SyFy series we know and love, co-creator Joseph Malozzi and fellow ex-Stargate writer envisioned the concept as a limited comic book run with Dark Horse.

Although Malozzi has since released his outlines for what was set to happen in season 4, fans have been wondering whether the duo could continue the comic run, at least to give us some closure. It would certainly be easier than going through the arduous and expensive process of filming an entire season of television.

Two finds her daughter

Here’s one that’s almost a no-brainer but has been driving fans crazy since the revelation in the last season that Two has a daughter with Shaw. There’s no doubt this shocking twist eventually would have played a part in the series, but how soon and to what significance we’re not sure.

If you want to check out Malozzi’s “Virtual Season Four” then be our guest, but we’re going to keep avoiding potential spoilers in case the fans eventually win this battle!

Five’s hair color is a genetic mod

While this theory isn’t particularly life-changing, we thought it was a pretty cool aside that particularly highlights the crazy creativity and attention to detail the fans display for this show. Its jumping-off point derives from Five’s travel through a Transfer Transit pod, when her hair remains the same blue-green color despite the pods only duplicating organic matter.

Maybe this pontification from the eagle-eyed viewer would have been addressed later by the writers, but, thanks to Dark Matter’s cancellation, we can only theorize about this cool little tidbit.

The Android will eventually betray the Raza crew

The die-hard fans over at the The Workprint keep a keen eye on the secrets and hints in each episode of Dark Matter, and one writer thinks there could have been a huge development for the Android some time in the show’s future.

Outlining which crewmember is the most likely to develop nefarious ulterior motives, Jen Stayrook singled out the Android thanks to her problematic upgrades, emotional limitations, and a desire to become human. Maybe season 4 could have featured a HAL-9000 situation somewhere in the folds of the oncoming war.

Dark Matter could return after all

Obviously we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. As far as we know, Dark Matter is dead and gone, never to return again – but an occasional glimmer of hope does shine through here and there.

From whisperings on cast members’ social media accounts to showrunner Joseph Malozzi’s relentless dedication to keep the hype for his show alive, there are still some hopeful signs that the next season could eventually see the light of day. Until then, keep campaigning, tweeting, and bingewatching, and maybe this will be the year we #SaveSaturdays.

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