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Are you still a devout fan of 'Dark Matter'? Here's what fans of the sci fi series are saying about the preemptive TV cancellation.

Save ‘Dark Matter’ 60-second fan-fiction contest

Science fiction is still alive & well, but the decision-makers over at America’s top networks would have you believe most spacefaring adventures are suffering from dwindling ratings. We at Film Daily know that’s not true, so we’re joining the support for cancelled shows like Dark Matter to prove the fans are still out there.

What better way to protest the untimely death of one of your favorite shows than to write your own story? Work within the sprawling sci-fi world with a cast of misfits, weirdos, and badasses and prove to the top brass over at SyFy that Dark Matter fans are passionate as hell.

We’re taking a stand for fallen shows like 'Dark Matter', cut down in their prime before getting a chance to unleash their full potential.

How it works

  1. You write your concept for an episode of Dark Matter in five sentences or less.
  2. We choose the concept we think would make a great teleplay.
  3. The writer of the best teleplay concept receives a $100 Amazon gift voucher (to spend on more Dark Matter merch, of course).
  4. Just for fun, we’ll work with a professional screenwriter to punch up your concept as a 15-minute fanfiction teleplay script.
  • Contest opens NOW.
  • Contest closes May 30th, 2019


  • How will the team defeat the Black Ships?

  • Is Two corrupted for good?

  • How will the Android rebellion go down?

  • Could there be a new member of the Raza crew?


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