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These ten drinks are as iconic as the movies they come from. But can you recognize them just by a few pictures? Take a look and see how

Our fun ShadowhuntersChat competition in December found the best loglines for the 'Shadowhunters' episodes you want to see. Here are the semifinalists.

Film contests are organized by different players in the filmmaking industry. Here are some benefits filmmakers can get once they enter film contests.

Send us your best Killjoys concepts, and you could be in with a chance to see your story turned into a professional screenplay.

What better way to protest the untimely death of one of your favorite shows than to write your own Dark Matter story?

'Everything Sucks!' is over, but we believe there are still so many stories left to be told within the walls of Boring High School.

We want the network execs to sit up and listen this year, so we’re calling on you to carry on 'Colony’'s story for our fan-fiction contest.

A consolatory special attempted to satisfy fans & wrap up some loose ends, but we think there is still so much left to tell within the world of

Unleash those innermost dark thoughts. We want to see your most disturbed ideas for the 'Hannibal' episodes that never were.